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Yamaha ATS-1080 $179.10 (Free C&C or $10 Postage) @ Bing Lee eBay (Excludes NT/WA)


Hey everyone,

Was browsing through eBay for some quality soundbars and bumped into this deal.
Looked through reviews online and these seems quite solid.
Not as cheap as the Black Friday deal few weeks back but still a good bargain for people looking for an audio system now.


Experience TV with sound that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This low-profile sound bar fits discreetly in front of your TV and can even be wall-mounted. Setup is a breeze with a single cable to your TV while Bluetooth(R), means you can wirelessly stream your favourite music from mobile and Amazon Alexa devices.

Enjoy sound like you ve never heard before with DTS Virtual:X compatibility.
This all-in-one sound bar immerses you in the thick of the action with virtual 3D surround sound.

Clear Voice mode brings the sound of narration and dialogue to the fore while keeping the overall sound quality intact. Movies, TV shows, sports commentary, newscasts all instantly more clear and audible.

Enjoy rich deep bass without the need for a separate subwoofer unit.
The dual subwoofers deliver exceptional low-end performance with the unique bass reflex port.

For a fast and simple setup, the ATS-1080 has an optical cable provided to allow single cable connection to the output of the TV.
For the ultimate performance, the ATS-1080 offers a HDMI input and output that can be used with separately-sold HDMI cables. It supports 4K Ultra HD and HDR pass-through, and HDCP 2.2 ensuring compatibility with the latest TVs and 4K Ultra HD devices.

NOTE Excludes: Northern Territory, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, SA Regional, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

Original PLASMA 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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  • Is this the 108??

  • Got mine from the last deal and love it!

    • Me too. Didn't use ARC hdmi as it annoyingly wanted to play every thing through the YAS, even the freetoair tv. So hooked it up with optical cable (included in the YAS) and now works flawlessly.

  • Not sure but when I try it says $199 and $10 postage


  • Won't post to my address.

    • I'm guessing it only ships to NSW. Many of the Bing Lee Ebay deals I've seen posted on ozbargain does this argh !

  • Thanks OP! I was hoping to get one of these at some stage and didn't think to check with the 10% off code.

    Anyone know how hard it is to split the HDMI out, from the Yamaha, to analogue audio, or even to optical? I have a Bluetooth transmitter (to my hearing aids), so would be handy to use this to process the sound then send to me - can't use headphone port on TV as then no sound for anyone else 😇 plus them I wouldn't benefit from that speech processing thing in the Yamaha…

    • This YAS only has a subwoofer 3.5mm OUT.

      The HDMI out is meant to be for ARC. Glad to be corrected by anyone.

      But I can suggest you do this :
      TV-optical-to-YAS (so others can hear the tv in the room)
      You might be able to use the TV-bluetooth or analogue out for your hearing aid.
      Might work!

    • You can get either an optical or HDMI splitter, so you have a cable coming out of your tv that splits into two cables, connect one to your sound bar and the other one to an analog converter. Prices vary from about $10 to a lot more (like hundreds) depending on the quality you are after. I use a cheap optical splitter and an optical to RCA converter to play my audio through a car stereo amplifier connected to outdoor speakers. They were about $10 each, but they can't play fancy audio like surround sound etc (you just get squelches). If you spend more for a proper analog converter it would work though.

      • Cheers mate. I had a bit of a look and there definitely seems to be quite a variety to be had. I'll wait until the Yamaha's set up, then investigate.

  • Great price. Reviews well, thanks profeeder55.

  • would be way better off with the Edifier 2.0 system posted earlier today (or yesterday?) IMO - better sound, better imaging, less money, no brainer.

  • Got this from last deal and it’s amazing for the price. The built in subwoofer is also pretty decent.

  • How does this compare to the Sony HTS100F?

    • I’m in the same boat i’m deciding out of the Yamaha and Sony also

    • The Yamaha retails for more if that’s an indicator.
      Yamaha gives you a built in sub (2.1ch vs the 2.0ch Sony), not as good as an external powered sub but probably much better than the Sony