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GoPro HERO7 Black $439.20, Silver $311.20, White $223.20, HERO5 Black $295.20 + Delivery (Free C & C) @ The Good Guys eBay


The best deals so far for GoPro Hero cam. Stack with your other eBay giftcards to save even more!

Thanks to TA for Original Deal

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    MATE!! You just made my day! I was so disappointed when earlier on the sale did NOT list the GoPro Hero 7 Black (Hero 5 Black only). Very glad I waited and did not pull the trigger on Amazon ($539 + 10% cashback from CashRewards) or try to negotiate with JB Hi-Fi. Much appreciated

    Edit: perhaps it was listed on the full site (was looking on my mobile phone earlier and I swear the Hero 7 dropped off from 10am). Either way, very happy that I get to physically wrap this substantial purchase up today as a Christmas as gift!

    • Just went to pick it up and 2 others has also clicked and collected theirs at the same time. Thanks again beetlebum!

  • Cracker of a price on the Gopro!

  • $439.20 - 10% Ebay AU Gift cards (via ebay UK) - 439 flybuys - 439 qantas - $49.09 (TRS) = Around $330. Will wait to pickup only around Boxing Day deals/catalogue are up to make sure of a Good Guys 110% price beat in case the prices goes down at Amazon or other retailers. $300 is what I expected to pay for a Go Pro Hero 7 Black almost there :D

    • TRS on this sale is $39.92

      Not sure how you arrived at $49.09?

      • TRS is on the pre-discount amount, so $549 x 1/11 = $49.90

      • Havent you bought on these ebay sales before. The invoice will be for $549

        • +1

          Yes. As it happens, I bought the HERO6 on an eBay sale at the beginning of the year.

          What's worse, I was only looking at the invoice for that purchase the other day.

          You were correct. My bad…

    • @regenade - Would you be able to share the 10% Ebay AU gift card? thnx

      • It’s on here. Just search ;)

        • Thnx Snagseb - it is expired now :)

          • @FS: Oh! Bummer! No GoPro for me then lol

    • If you buy something using the 10% off Ebay giftcard, but later need to return it for whatever reason, would they only give you a store credit/ voucher? Or will they refund it back to your credit card/ debit card?

      • Your refund will be in the same form as what you paid.

    • @regenade how do I link my flybuys account and qantas frequent flyer to this?

    • @regenade, TGG don’t price match eBay store items sell by themselves to any other store.
      Pls double check as well.

    • Hey I don't think you can get both Qantas points and Cashrewards, right? Because to get Qantas points, you have to start at the Qantas online mall, which would negate any tracking from Cashrewards?

  • Great deal, good find!

  • Ah so tempting…

  • Awesome, might pick up a couple spare batteries. Anyone know if the dual charger is worth it?

    • Have a look at the Wasabi batteries.
      Brief look online shows the reviews are pretty good.

      Anyone have experiences about them?

      • +1

        I've checked them out. Some firmware updates might not allow them though. From most online reviews the gopro batteries perform better than the wasabi ones, the wasabi ones arent THAT cheap either so thought i might get genuine gopro ones on sale instead.

      • Have Wasabi batteries for the Gopro Hero 4 Silver, Sony Rx100 and Sony A7

        I would say they're roughly around 70-80% of the capacity of the OEM ones.

        Still good to have spares though, since they are cheap and it usually comes with dual battery charger so you can just keep switching them out and charging them up.

    • I bought the dual charger + 1 extra battery which ends up being 3 batteries and a dual charger.

      It's only worthwhile if you're planning a LOT of shoots and a heavy battery user which I reckon most people won't be. I wish I didn't get it.

      • I just purchased the same, the dual charger with the extra battery then another extra battery on top. Will have 3 batteries in total. Was playing with my newly purchased GoPro Hero 7 Black last night, uses the battery fairly quickly. Going travelling next month and don't want to be limited to battery. No point spending $450 on a GoPro that you can only use for a couple of hours, what's an extra ~$35 per battery on top if you plan to use it heaps, just my 2 cents anyway.

        • i find that most people would shoot short clips of several seconds at a time. Even if its throughout the whole day, it's not that heavy on the battery. I definitely think a spare battery is handy to have on hand but I don't think a dual charger is needed.

          but yeah just my 2 cents.

          • @lawyerz: Nah I easily run it for much longer than several seconds at a time. Easily 5 mins each shot. Just think about a downhill ski or snowboard or a bike ride, wake boarding, snorkel or scuba diving or filming friends or children. You'll find you start the shot and end it when you finish. Then you have timelapse sessions. Not sure what you use yours for but I don't think it's indicative of how most people use it.

            • @bargainshooter: Fair enough. Haha. I've only used it a couple of times.

              I use it mainly as a dashcam while riding, leaving it on one hour continuously riding to work n back.

              And then I use it when I was at this water sports fair thing, where I needed to hold it.

              Either of way, I still think spare batteries def get some but not sure about the dual charger.

              • @lawyerz: You'll find you'll get good use out of it as you start to use it for more event type shoots, holidays, etc… Saves the hassle of charging individually.

                • @bargainshooter: Yeh could be absolutely true. GoPro newbie. Will be going Philippines soon with lots of water, so will get to put my GoPro to the test more then =)

        • Did you get the charger and battery from this deal?

          • +1

            @wittyusername: Yeah 1x Charger + Battery and 1x Battery. Came to $106 C&C.

  • I don't understand, they can do good gopro deals but not DJI? ugh

  • +2

    Thanks! Had previously been trying to get JB staff to price match the $450 on that sketchy gadgets site, but this is even cheaper and legit!

  • Just grabbed one with a left over eBay gift card, very happy!

  • Doh I forgot the coupon code and hit buy too soon. Anything I can do?

    • +1

      Contact ebay and they will refund or contact TGG and ask to cancel

  • Why do the different colours sell for such different values?! Black is almost twice the value of white?

    • +4

      The colour names are more relevant to different models(specs) as opposed to the actual colour of the unit.

      • +2


        I was gonna delete my comment after a quick google search. Cheers!

        • +2

          Haha. All good man. Pretty logical question if you’re not familiar with them.

  • Keep getting "This code can't be applied to your order" with a PTGGS20 code.
    What am I missing?

    • Just tried it and it’s still working. Maybe try copying and pasting and see how you go.

      • nah, same
        tried to type, copy/paste, also tried postage/C&C
        only GoPro HERO7 Black in my cart

        is it "Enter code:" box at the checkout, right?
        don't know what else I'm doing wrong

        • Yep that’s right. Is it from the Good Guys ebay store? Maybe close browser, copy code and click from this page again and try it once more. Definitely still working for me.

          • @snagseb: tried all that - didn't work, still not sure what that was
            my missus bought it with no issues
            thanks anyway

            • @bonpilot: That’s weird. Glad to hear you still got it. Enjoy.

    • I've been getting the same error on all the recent deals… I had an idea though which worked. I created a new account. It worked, codes are accepted again. The only thing I can think causes it is that I originally set up the account when I lived in England and even though I changed my address to Australia it may still think I'm an English person trying to access an ozy deal. Just a thought.

      • That's a good guess, same story here, though I've never got codes rejected before… they might've changed some policies.

  • Damn it I bought the Fitbit Versa from yesterday deal. Today deal is $21 cheaper :(. Does anyone know if I can return it and order a new one? I have already opened it but it’s not used or set up yet.

    • buy a new one and return the unopened one at the higher price?

  • +1

    For anyone who still trying to decide. Just got a CamelCamelCamel update on the GoPro Hero 7 for A$444.46
    Use Cashrewards for 10% and you got yourself the Hero 7 for almost 400 bucks!!

    • Perhaps a new post?

  • Why does it say "this code doesn't apply to this order"?

  • +1

    For anyone who does have Amex, can confirm Harvey Norman Online does price match Amazon AU, and will send you a unique offer code that lasts 6 hours.
    I decided to get mine through Good Guys Ebay as I prefer to deal with them rather than Harvey in case there are problems or need to return etc.

    • Thanks I did this

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