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Nikon D750 - $1,636 (After $200 Cashback) at digiDIRECT


For those who missed the deal in JB Hi Fi 2 weeks ago, here’s a better one! And you can choose 24 months installment via Zip Pay.

Very tempting!!!

Also, X-T2 is 1,106 after cashback 😅

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  • Nice camera, would be good/ would expect 4k for a new camera at this price point though…

    • None of its immediate competitors have 4k either tbh

    • 4K video is overrated. Most users don't even have hardware + software knowledge to make use of it. My MBP struggles to edit 4K timeline sequences and even though I will record in 4K, I edit on a 1080P timeline and export to 1080P.

      • Maybe so, but if cheaper consumer level action cameras and drones can have 4K as an option, so should this. If people don't have the hardware available they can choose to record in 1080p but it would at least give the option.

  • That's an amazing price for local stock.

    I still love my D750. Fantastic bundle of features for the price. Still some of the best low-light performance you can buy.

  • Better than a6500?

    • Depends what you want to do.

      The D750 is a very capable photography workhorse (I've been using it for 4+ years professionally). The a6500 probably provides a little bit better video offering but it is slight at best (e.g., a6500 does 4K, D750 doesn't).

      The D750 is a lot bulkier than the a6500 but I would have more confidence in the D750 in all sorts of weather compared to the a6500.

      a6500 has EVF which makes life a whole lot easier. The D750 takes FOREVER to implement liveview.

      Sony lenses are very expensive. I've only just slowly replaced all my DSLR lenses with Sony FE ones. It cost a bomb! But one great thing about mirrorless, and in particular with Sony is that your keeper rate is going to be a lot higher than with even a high end DSLR. I compare the percentage of in-focus shots of moving subjects (e.g., bride walking down the aisle in a poorly lit backlight environment) between a D750 paired with 85/1.4G and Sony a7iii with 85/1.8, and I can tell you for a fact that the Sony outperforms in quantity of in focus shots any day of the week.

  • Damn, this sale will not help my reselling price on my 2x D750s.

    Great machine. A bit old but bang for buck for sure!

    • Why are you selling? Just curious what ship did you jump to 😅

      • I got two Sony A7iii back in late March and a bunch of lenses but up until now, cotinued to use Nikon as it was familiar. For run and gun event portraiture (mostly weddings), eye AF is a no-brainer. Plus the sensor tech in the D750 is dated compared to what I can push the current A7iii in post.

        • Gotcha. I haven’t tried the A7 series but I really like Nikon’s colour that’s why I’m sticking to it. Although yeah I agree with you that it’s really advantageous for events to have the eye-AF.

          • @jerome38: I loathe Nikon colours having shot on Canon for years prior. For me it has a yellow-green look that makes editing a bit of a chore. Perhaps it is because I shoot primarily Asian skin tones in less than optimal lighting environments. Or perhaps I just suck ;)

  • I love the ergonomics of my D750. Thinking of ditching my D810 for a new D750 at this price!

    • You’ll gain better high ISO performance (not really high in today’s standard) in exchange for a loss in that beautiful clarity from the non-AA sensor. Oh and the flip out screen does help albeit not great.

  • There's rumours of a D760 on the way, FWIW.

  • Price matched by Amazon Australia. Appears to be Australian stock, so the $200 cash back should apply.

  • $1,797.50 (After $200.00 cashback.)

    Am I missing something here?

    I love my D750 as well, ergonomics and performance is bang on.