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G-Force Powerg Self-Propelled Lawn Mower $489 (Save $210) + Free Post Syd + 5 Bonuses for Click & Collect Orders @ GYC Mowers


G-Force PowerG G1804S Self-Propelled Lawn Mower down from $699 to $489 - (Save $210 @ 30% Off)

Free shipping in Sydney for online orders.

5 extra bonuses (detailed below) for Click 'n' Collect orders placed for collection at any of our 5 Sydney stores.

  • We'll unbox your mower and dispose of packaging
  • We'll pre-assemble it before you pick-up (worth $29)
  • We'll run the engine up for you and show you how to use it
  • We'll include a free 1L bottle of Honda oil (worth $12.50)
  • We'll include your first service free (worth $50)

Key Features:

  • Self-Propelled Drive System For Easy Manoeuvrability
  • 4-Stroke 163cc OHV Briggs & Stratton 725EXi Engine
  • 18" Heavy Duty Pressed Steel Deck
  • 4 Blade Cutting Disk with Mulch & Catch
  • ReadyStart Technology: No Prime & No Choke
  • 3 Year Domestic Warranty

Ends December 28th or while stocks last.

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  • Never knew Nvida was in the lawn mower business and that graphics cards can power lawn mower!

  • This is a powerful card, but it's pretty noisey

  • Water cooled?

  • Fabric catcher [hello mouth/cloths full of dust] and non veri. speed on the self drive


  • might need to upgrade my case

  • Would be nice to have a price in the title OP.

  • LOL - what a very mediocre mower. Even at $489 it's grossly overpriced and I find it hard to believe that anyone ever paid $700 for it!

    Got to love the 'promise the stars' marketing speil:

    We swear by this mower, and stake our 30+ year reputation on the fact that it is the perfect amalgamation of high quality materials, ergonomic design and brute power.

    Haha ok well here's a start for your perfect design…18" in a mower isn't perfect for many folks. I will be all but certain this is just a generic yumcha mower just made with their own colours and branding.

    itself from the junk pile through a range of important features that are backed by decades of industry knowledge and experience from GYC's own R&D team

    Your own R&D team eh???? Really? So love to hear the specific feedback that your R&D team gave that was then incorporated into this mowers design?

    FWIW maybe before you start trumpeting about such a brilliant design etc - you fill the description out for the products on your own website - incredibly amateur looking:

    • You must be fun at parties.

      • Can you recommend a good mower for the price?

        • just get a 2nd hand honda. it will work forever. I had one with it's 1st oil change after 20 years, still works.

          • @max900: 20yrs use and you hadn't changed the oil????? As Chris Rock once joked, just because you can drive a car with your feet don't make it a good idea!

            It takes 5mins to change a mower oil - thats just stupidity with a healthy slap of sloth IMHO - if it developed a fatal engine flaw after a few yrs one would have felt pretty damn silly as it's so cheap, quick and easy to do.

            Hondas are good - I own 2 myself BUT you have to make sure you don't get an ex-commercial unit - as it'll have been flogged within a inch of it's life and often only sold off when it's about to become non-cost feasible to repair.

        • Subaru engined Ryobi at Bunnings or for a tad less the Yamaha engined one. Both good engines, ok chassis and in the $4xx prices.

      • And your point is?

        • It's a sarcastic saying, you wouldn't be very fun at parties.

          • @Lorindor: But I'm freaking loads of fun - just ask yo Mumma. ;-)

            PS. You seem into 'sayings' so thought you'd like the same type of obvious gag back. See I told you I was fun.

            • @Nikko: You'd probably critique your sexual partners during intercourse:

              LOL! What do you call that move? Whatever it is it's WRONG and should be done better!

              • @Lorindor: Ah thats taking a gag a tad far. I might not sound like a party starter but you sound 'great'.

                PS. They're doing good things in prescription meds nowadays, maybe ask your GP next time you're in to up your dosage. :-)

                • @Nikko: Someone points out the way you act and you refer to them to a GP? That's some next level reflection right there.

                  • @Lorindor: Hmmm riiiiiiiiight.

                    And I was giving meaningful feedback on the mower the thread is actually about.

                    You…well you are commenting on other's perceived party vibe, bedroom practices and being an amateur shrink. Maybe contribute something useful to the thread or go elsewhere eh.

                    • @Nikko:

                      And I was giving meaningful feedback on the mower the thread is actually about.

                      No dispute there, but your tone was…eh nevermind.

                      Merry Christmas.

  • Hi OP, can you please post us more mower deals if you see any?

    Thank you!

  • came here for the nvidia jokes, was not disappointed.