This was posted 3 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired [WA] 2x 250ml Coke Orange $1 @ Coles (Carousel)


Single can is $1.60.. 2 cans - $1.

Found this in local Coles (carousel); unsure if other Coles are having this sales.

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    It's sugar free, so not sure if the diabetes present is any good!

    I want my refund!

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    Coke Orange? Never heard of it XD

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    I dropped $1.50 for a 1.25l bottle on this earlier today. It's truly disgusting. Had a sip and tiped the rest down the sink.


    Still throwing science at the wall, eh Coke?

    I guess it was sticky enough.


      It's been around since July. I'm surprised people haven't heard of this drink.
      Coke own Fanta so I suspect it's just made from a combination, not really any science involved.


    Then drive over to NSW and deposit them at a Return and Earn location to save a further 20c :P

    I've had this before. My tastebuds have never been so confused in their life.

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    FFS just give us cherry coke


      I wish I could upvote this 1 million times. I would even take the watered down Aussie version they brought in years ago. (I know the US version is available at some stores but most charge way too much)

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    It doesn't have sugar.
    Obesity is what causes diabetes, not sugar or unhealthy food.

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      High blood sugar causes diabetes and obesity.


        High fasting blood sugar is a strong indication of diabetes but it doesn't cause it.

        High blood sugar regularly is likely to increase mid waist obesity which combined with a sedentary life, is the biggest contributor to diabetes.

        High blood sugar alone cannot cause obesity otherwise every athlete would be oozing out diabetes.


          No. If you disabled a healthy person's endocrine system, they would become diabetic well before they would become obese.


            @Frugal Rock: Whilst that is theoretically true, they'd also be dead before they are obese. I know obesity shortens lifespan but you wouldn't apply say obesity causes death in the same way you linked obesity to diabetes.

            You've presented a purely theoretical scenario that has little practical relevance.


              @tshow: It's hardly purely theoretical. There are quite a few cases of people injecting lethal doses of insulin into their partners and also cases of Munchausen by proxy. Blood sugar and insulin are key factors, obesity is not.


                @Frugal Rock: Insulin is the actual mechanism of the disease so it is obviously a factor, however, we are trying to establish why the insulin has stopped being produced or why the body has stop responding to insulin.

                Correlation =/= causation.


                  @tshow: Oh the correlation chestnut. Did you open your Christmas presents early? 101 overreaching smokescreens for a failing argument. You have to win the middle, factual part of a debate before self-celebrating the slay prematurely and bluffing.


                    @Frugal Rock: If blood sugar causes diabetes, I should go back to bulk billing and partner up with the pharmaceutical companies.

                    I'll wait at a food court and as soon as someone is done, take a blood sugar test and prescribe away.

                    Everyone has high blood sugar several times a day. If it causes diabetes, everyone has diabetes.

                    Anyway, this is not controversial and the AMA has a clear position on Diabetes and obesity. They are multifactorial.


                      @tshow: Why do you believe diabetics get glaucoma, if NOT due to the very obvious; blood sugar and blood pressure. The eyes have no idea about your waistline, cankles or bubble butt. Unused sugars in the bloodstream cause damage to blood vessels and organs in all people, not just the obese.

                      You should probably consider the case of Tom Staniford, who has lipodystrophy and diabetes. You think obesity is an issue there?


                        @Frugal Rock: You're conflating diabetes and high blood sugar. Uncontrolled diabetes causes high blood sugar. High blood sugar doesn't necessarily cause diabetes.


                          @tshow: You deflected answering either question and are using the technique 'if you can't be right, be annoying'. That wasn't a particularly constructive use of the 2+ hours you had to answer a straight question.


    Can confirm this was the same price at Footscray (VIC) Coles. I assume they are clearing out all stock.


    This stuff is horrible, first Coke product I've disliked, and I'm a die-hard fan.

    If anyone finds any in the Hamilton Harbor Woolworths (qld) I'll give it to you 90% off. I'm only here till 4 today, Tuesday-Friday 12:30 till close.
    Really want this stuff gone

    Edit: Ask the redhead

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