What Did You Get for Christmas?

Time to share what you got for Christmas.

I'll start, I'm getting old so I got clothes only.


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    ozbargain platinum membership

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      Shh. You won't have it long if you don't obey the first rule.

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      So did I, but it has already been revoked for conduct similar to yours :( (first rule about platinum membership…..)

    • Down voted as this will give scott ideas.

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        Scotty knows all about this (see below).

        I've been on Platinum since 2015. It's by invitation only.

        scotty on 07/09/2015 - 10:11

        $19.95/month premium membership.

        Unlimited neg votes
        Get out of penalty-box for free card, one use per month
        Automatically get +10 votes on every comment you post
        Integrated "Broden" button to grab all the stocks you want from participating retailers

        $59.95/month corporate membership.

        Bypass Store Rep posting limit so you can spam share as much as you want
        Nuke any negative review with additional $1/invocation in-app purchase

        ps - Xmas drinks were awesome this year! Thanks Scotty and welcome to the club al!!

        • You. You don't talk about this just like fight club.

        • Reported to mods

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      For those that wish to join..


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        Looks like I joined just in time before the page was removed.

    • Pfft. The cool kids get the OzBargain Diamond membership package.

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    I got a Homer Simpson present…wife bought me a drill set so I can fix a few things around the place she's been waiting for me to do for a while…😂

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      Never leave your wife waiting for a drilling. She might find someone else to do it.

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        Well, that puts a new spin on things.

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      Home dentistry?

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      I bought my wife a slow-cooker and got a drilling (not the type the poster above is thinking of).

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        Did you sleep on the couch?

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    A lovely warm feeling that flowed over from Christmas Eve dinner with friends and their family and friends.

    • So booze or a #$*@?

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        Only 1 glass of red, and with 2 little ones to put to bed late, definitely no #$*@.

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          It's a miracle anyone manages to make more than one!

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        por que no los dos?

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      Looking for deals on incontinence pants?

      • But then you don't get the full warm experience.

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    Hubby and I got a couch. We love it & it was a bargain. Merry Christmas

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      Given your choice of sandwich spread, I hope it's not white.

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  • Karl and Peter Stefanovic and their inlaw and puffy faced Richard Wilkins and anyone who ever shared a coffee with them getting boned while on his honeymoon. Thank you Santa.

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      That took me too long to understand. I thought there was a new sex tape doing the rounds.

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    Fat. I got fat for Christmas.

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      Did you get it early, or have to wait until today?

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      Gung hei fat choy,

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      Me too, although in my case I'm cultivating mass.

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      Oh two days of non stop eating and drinking got me stuffed like a fat turkey.

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        Did you get roasted afterwards?

        • Nah, but he did fly to Constantinople.

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    Anyone reading this post has already won life's lottery - you've probably got internet access, a roof over your head, food on the table, drinkable water out of the tap, use of your limbs, freedom of speech. I don't begrudge anyone for coveting material things (there's plenty of materials things I'd love to have too!) but be thankful for what we have, on this day when 95% (more?) of the world's population would love to have what we have.

    On that note, if anyone is feeling generous, please support healthinkind.org.au or whichever charitable organisation really speaks to you.

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      I won life's lottery by making it to the egg!

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        And then to become a white male! Bonus!

        • I know not what you've been told, but that's all locked in once you make it to the egg.

          • @Scrooge McDuck: Lol, I'm pretty sure only half is locked in.

            • @DisabledUser225214: I'm sure you're wrong. But I'm curious to hear your reasoning.

              • @Scrooge McDuck: I assume by egg you mean the unfertilised egg? If so no specific genes is locked in until sperm fertilised it. You may even become a twin.

                Also you may end up with different father, rich or poor, adoptec, etc.

                What was your reasoning?

                • @DisabledUser225214: I wrote:

                  I know not what you've been told, but that's all locked in once you make it to the egg.

                  And by "you" I meant to personify the sperm. Ergo, once the sperm makes it to the egg, the genes are all locked in.


                  • @Scrooge McDuck: I see agreed then

                    • @DisabledUser225214: Isn't locked in before then?
                      A sperm can't change its own X/Y chromosome load even when it's in the ballsack.

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          Are there any males that aren't white? Cause I've heard girls gossiping they've yet to come across any male genitalia that shoots black semen..

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      freedom of speech? Not where I live?

      • Victoria?

    • 95%? really?

      • More like 50%

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    Santa didnt make it here… he got done big time at a RMS checking station…

    "Got some bad news for you people waiting for Santa . 🎅 🚚🚨

    Just had a coffee with him at the BP and he's pissed off. He was supposed to do a changeover with his new sleigh there but apparently it's been 200mm over length, Rudolph 🦌 was defected for a Red nose out front instead of Amber, Prancer and Dancer were knocked off for being 200kg over on the drive, Comet has been grounded cause his speed limiter has been tampered with and Vixen has bought back a positive drug test so remember, whatever your flying or driving this Xmas be safe cause the RMS out there just waiting for anyone silly enough to do the wrong thing on our roads. 🤣"

    Merry Christmas one and all.

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      I heard Santa got done for not keeping in the left lane.

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      Don't forget the positive reading for amphetamine! It takes a lot to clock the entire world in a day. He was high as a kite over the Great Dividing Range.

      • Nah apparently that stuff is out of your system overnight.

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    Nothing, this is the price of being grown-up.

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    I got my present last night after finishing all the last minute gift wrapping :P Otherwise it's all about the kids for us… And the food… looks like I'm loosing my abs for a week lol

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    about 47 unread and un-answered christmas messages

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    Son got all the components for a new gaming pc.

    Daughter got a horse.

    Wife got a new house.

    I got a big ass bill.
    and food, glorious food.

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      Sorry to hear about your divorce. Hope the new year looks up for you.

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        hahaha, wonder if that would have been cheaper.

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      I got a big ass and a bill too!

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      Daughter got a horse.

      Don't forget to get yourself a $50k 4WD to tow the $15k float to transport your $5k horse.

    • Holymoly… Thats should have been a whopping million dollar budget you had for xmas.
      So what type of lowlife are you living? Selling something sniffable?

      • The house may have been more of a family upsizing kind of thing, but it sounds better when I say I'm building it as a gift for my wife.
        Both the kids have been exceeding expectations working hard for me. They don't get paid as such so they deserve to be spoilt.

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    Half price 3D printer at Aldi (technically only 49% off, stingy bastards). Used it to make more Christmas presents. Reminded me of the beginning of the Garfield Christmas special, it's the gift that keeps on giving! So far I've printed a set of Dalek and Tardis cookie cutters, , a 3DS stylus and circle pad, a beyblade top for my son (that was a pain to get the supports off of), and a joycon can holder (didn't really think that one through).

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      3DS stylus? You'd want to be super careful for the nib.

  • Lube

    • Low hanging fruit here but… username checks out!

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  • The honor of going to work.

    • if my work had OT I would be in the office right now doing just that. Shame we dont I guess. That extra cash could pay for some of the stuff I want to buy.

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        Overtime? Nah mate, normal working day. Pub manager.

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        That too.

    • Does honour come with penalty rates too?

      • Salary, so I think I get a day in lieu somewhere down the line.

        • Whoopee!!

          • @Scrooge McDuck: I know, right. I'm sure I'll get to take it somewhere in the next few months, probably on some week where I can't line it up with my RDOs.

        • Don't want to scare ya but your contract might state that your salary is inclusive of public holidays, unless you are on an "award" contract.

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    Bluetooth speaker, a cross body bag, cash, and gift cards.. Very thankful 🙏

  • ALCOHOL, Eternity collar, Fridge, Keyboard solar, mouse, did I say ALCOHOL, M&M's, Instant Latte' caramel flavour, Dan Murphy's gift card and a few other odds and ends. Santa and friends were very very good to me this year.

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    A donation was made in my name to the Human Fund.

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      hahaha maybe I'm the only one on here that gets it!

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    Got a $230 speeding fine and 2 demerits from the 2nd dec on christmas eve for going 68 in a 60 zone lol. 🤷‍♂️