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[PC] [Pre-Order] Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice $38 @ EB Games


[Edit] Seems like Eb Games noticed and has since taken the page down.
Not really sure if this is a mistake on their website or the price has changed but I thought I’d post this because it’s the cheapest I’ve seen it anywhere. Also this is a download code.

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  • Never preorder!
    but good price I guess

  • why is estimated release date 01 May 2019?

    Pretty sure its out in March

  • Nice find op!

  • Thanks Op, I've preordered it anyway. I'm guessing EB games can change the price if it is a price error.

  • I went to post this the other day! Great find and you can definitely get them to honour the price (I did the same thing with Dark Souls Switch.) Screenshot your orders people! :)

  • Great find! Thanks for posting. I don't normally pre-order but I can't imagine finding it cheaper and I was after the steam code anyway. Selected store pick up on release day to save on shipping.

  • anyone knows if this preordered version is redeemed on steam?

  • Delivery fee?

  • digital redemption code and is physically shipped to you
    This is probably why.

  • Normally i don't preorder but fROM SOFTWARE is god to me so ahh well… that activision though

  • Is it steam version?

  • Will EB let you exchange or refund within their regular 7 day limit if the game is a download code only?

    Update: "Please choose carefully when purchasing the following merchandise as change of mind returns will not be provided on the below merchandise.

    Gift Cards, iTunes music cards and other digital cards
    Head phones and ear phones
    Online games or products requiring an activation code"

    If it's a poor PC port then you're stuffed.

  • Can anyone confirm website is having issues with checkout? It keeps declining my payments.

  • How does it work if this is a price error, can they do nothing after you have purchased?

    • Can only make a $10 deposit now with the rest to be paid at release.

      I guess they could technically say it was wrong and request the rest of the full amount, at which point I'll respectively show them the print outs of my order confirmation/receipt displaying the sale price; otherwise just ask for a refund of my deposit if they still don't follow trough.

  • FYI, if you choose to pick up in store then later want a refund, you need to go instore to get the refund processed. Bit of a shitty process to be honest.

  • Cheers op, hopefully they honor tge deal

  • Hmm bought it, hope they honour it or I'm refunding if it goes to $100

  • Hmmm, looks like they've removed the listing.
    Hopefully this doesn't mean they'll be cancelling orders.

  • Ahh, was tossing up on whether to get this or not. Looks like time has chosen for me

  • Looks like EBgames noticed. They've pulled the page down.

  • Ok so I checked my order status page today and the item how says Z:BANK DISN TOY STORY 4 HAMM….

  • Hi all, a friend got in contact with EB games customer support via phone and they told him that the Z:BANK DISN….order status could be a glitch - it was fine on EB Games' end and also that he (also possible everyone who pre ordered before the page was taken down, will be getting the game for $38 (according to the customer rep).

    When it does come out and for those choosing Click and collect probably best to bring your order email and product listing screenshot to the store just in case.

  • Looks like they have the page back up with the updated price at $89.95. Really hoping they honer the $38 price.


  • I managed to call them myself and unfortunately, I was told that it was a pricing error (a mix up between products - which was the reason of the order status update). As a result, they said the next steps would be to cancel the pre-order and get a refund or put it towards the correct price of the game (i.e. they most likely won't be honouring the price). Sorry to get your hopes up.

    I also called the store I chose to pick up and they confirmed it shows the Toy Stoy 4 Hamm item on their system.

    I'm not sure why my friend was given the info from the customer rep when he called.

    I guess last resort is to show staff screenshots and see if they will honour it when you go to the store.

    • Cheers for following up.
      Oh well.

    • Well not paying EB games $90 for a freaking download code lol, hopefully just gives the $10 back

    • I went to my local EB and they said something quite different. They said no guarantees but the higher ups haven't made a decision yet it seems (they said they have preordered the game as well at this time). They told me to just wait and see what happens because in previous instances eb have honored it.

      • Thanks for the update. Hopefully the higher ups will decide to honour it. Yeah probably at this stage it's best to wait. Does "they" refer to the Eb games store?

  • Will you guys be going to your store when the game comes out (March) or wait till you get the email saying that the Toy Story 4 Hamm item is ready for pick up in May?

  • Just spoke to EB support and the lady said it should be OK even though it shows "Disney - Toy Story 4 hamm Coin Bank - Loot" on my end.

    She wasn't sure why it showed that on my end so I asked if this will be an issue when I go pick up the game later.

    She advised it should be fine since the source data on my order number still shows Sekiro and will honor the purchase.

    Guess I'll see when the time comes.

    • I think you got the same customer rep my friend got when he called. It's strange how I got the opposite response.

    • No go guys. Knew it was too good to be true :(

      Got a call from my EB Games pickup point store today about the mistake they made. EB employees have been advised this was a mistake on the description as opposed to the SKU# which is the Toy Story item.

      I was given the option preorder the game, put the credit to something else or a refund at my EB pickup store.

      Decided on the refund, went to EB and got the $10 cash back.

  • Just recieved this email regarding the pre-orders.

    "Good Afternoon,

    We hope you are well and are having a great holiday season!

    You are receiving this email as there is an issue with an item you pre-ordered recently: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

    There was a mistake on the listing and the product associated is for a different item.

    Unfortunately due to system limitations we have no way to change it over for you but do not fear, there is stock available; you will just need to place a new order.

    Due to this we have had to cancel your existing order and refund your deposit for you. Refunds can take up to 5-10 business days to show back on your account.

    This is completely our error and we want to ensure that you will receive the correct item you ordered.

    We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

    If you have any enquiries please feel free to reply to this email or give our hotline a quick call.

    Kind Regards,"

    • Easy way of getting out of the order if we now have to reorder for the $90 price tag because of "System Limitations". Will call EB tomorrow and see what options are available. I was only going to purchase this game because of the $38 price tag, otherwise I would have waited for a Steam sale or for it to be in a Humble Monthy 2 years later. Most likely Amazon AU, JB HiFi or Gamesmen will have a $59/$69 preorder offer for this game in the week leading up to it's release like what happened with BLOPS4 and Destiny 2.

    • Haven't received that email-may get it soon though. Did you choose delivery or click and collect?

      • Chose Delivery and at $6.50 for standard AusPost a bit pricey compared to JB (but they ship with Toll 50% of the time) and especially Amazon with Prime which ships with AusPost as well.

    • Got it too.

      Well now they get none of my money.

  • They called me today and said that it was a mistake and i had to come into store and pick up the $10 if i want a refund.

    The order is still listed in my account.

    I wonder if i just leave it until the release date and try to pick it up.

    • I got the call today as well. My plan is to leave it till the release date and try pick it up as a last resort. If they still don't honor it, I'll just get the refund.

      • I'll wait for the junior to be at the counter.
        It's changed to: Disney - Toy Story 4 hamm Coin Bank - Loot

  • LOL @ EB thinking people in 2019 will pay $90 for a PC game.

    As others have said, also got the call and will be getting a refund.

  • Yeah just got the dreaded Phone call just then also.

    What I can gather from what he was saying there was some company wide email alerting everyone of the incorrect SKU, and all orders at the moment are currently preordering the piggy bank (With them contacting us as a courtesy call to transfer over to the $90 game If we desire..)
    So even if you didn't get a call or email it's unlikely to go unnoticed if you decide to wait and try to pick it up.

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