Free .TK Domain-Name

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So, which Country do you think has the Most Registered Domain-Names?

.IN? nope
.CN? nope (but they're said to be #2)

It's .TK

To register a domain name is Free for 1st 12 months (renewable OR ReReg'able?)

Apparently, you've got to find a way to renew or maybe every 12 months,but - if you do - it's supposed to be Free
essentially forever.

(Oh, some (eg, short) Domain Names are Not free… They can be quite costly…)

So, for those wanting to fiddle with servers but don't want to buy a domain name, until you're ready to take your experimental site live. Here's a domain that'll save you a bit of coffee money (or more).

Visit: http so://dot.TK (expect to be redirected)

Who says there's nothing left for Free in Life? :~)

PS Which other registrars (if any) offer free domains?

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