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Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds $298.40 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seems the best price currently and with CR it comes down to $283.48

Inlcudes a 30 Night FREE trial offer from Bose, If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, return your product to us for a full refund via cheque or EFT. Terms & Conditions apply (see Amazon listing for T&C's)

JB & Myer have them at $379

Not as good as https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/425097 ($257.72) previously posted

Camelcamelcamel shows its the best price ever on Amazon

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Got a pair 20% off at the Bose Store (Westfield Sydney Tower) yesterday. Not sure if their Boxing Day sale continues today. ~A$303 (incl. GST)… just in case you wanna walk out with your purchase instead of waiting till next week to receive it.

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    Was 249 yesterday on Amazon

    • Just checked camel…that is Amazon US…so $249 USD

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        Was definitely Amazon Australia because I had put it on my watch list…then forgot to go back online until after the deal had been 100% purchased. Then it went to the price you are now advertising. Still a good price, just not the best price.

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          ahhh ok…cheers…just found it was a lightning deal yesterday.

  • Colleague had these and said one stop working and he had to return them.

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    Would have been perfect for Christmas day at the in-laws.

  • I had this, not recommonded to you guys

    • why? Im thinking of buying a pair….

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      Can you recommend them though?

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      Very detailed feedback cxy, extremely helpful

  • I bought mine last Ebay Myer sale. Been using for a week, it's good for falling asleep but I don't feel like I've been getting as good sleep as I usually do. Couple 8 hour+ sleeps this week I've woken feeling really tired. Side sleeper but im not too bothered by them being in.

    So YMMV is the go, and just send them back within 30 days OF THE PURCHASE DATE (no delivery date)

    • That's what i'm thinking…give them a try for 30 days to see if they work.

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        Not sure if a sleep specialist will be able to help with the school bell that rings 4 times a day which usually wakes me up at big lunch (Shift worker) Also don't think they'll work on the noisy neighbors.

        The point of these is to prevent environmental disturbances, not fix sleep problems.

  • Seriously, is this a joke?

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    Why spend so much when you can buy foam plugs to put into your ears that cost about 20 cents each ?

    • The idea is good but I sent them back in the trial period, the sounds are too unnatural and actually kept me awake.

  • I also sent mine back during the trial period.

    I do believe it was a good attempt, and Bose probably made an earphone as comfortable as they can be.

    But… they were not for me, for various subjective and objective reason.

    Everyone is different, so my advice is to only consider these if they come 30 days free trial.

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    My partner snores quite a lot (at times, epic level, according to snore lab app), saw a sleep specialist, spent one night having (expensive) tests that came as "low level snoring" because my partner didn't snore that much on that specific night. We had been sleeping in different bedrooms for 12 months because I couldn't sleep well (lots of interruptions during the night). I previously tried white noise in the bedroom, the 3M ear plugs and silicon molding "plugs", the results were not great (still woke up because of the snoring, sometimes the plugs will fall, sometimes they will hurt, not effective).
    I think 300 is a lot of money even for good headphones, and I was very resistant to the idea of spending that money, but I decided to give the sleepbuds a try considering the 30-day testing period.
    I've been using the buds for 10 days and the results are impressive. There are two modes:
    1. You control the noise using the app, which means that you have to activate Bluetooth, start and stop the tracks. Not a big issue but not very practical, from my point of view.
    2. You set-up one of the tracks (using the app) and, aftet that, the buds will play the noise immediately after removing them from the case. They will stop when you put them back into the case.

    *Either way, you have the option to set up a timer instead, if you want the buds to play the track for a limited time (for sleep induction, for example, you can play for 1h, 2h, etc.).

    I set the volume slightly above the recommended one, the result is great. I am a side sleeper and I sleep without interruptions for around 8 hours. I am not disturbed by my partner's snoring even when the snoring is epic (now, sleeping on the same bed). The plugs don't hurt and don't fall out.

    You have to choose the track that is good for you, I found some of them terrible, one in particular seems to be a poorly recorded noise but I like rain, waterfall, river and things like that…

    I have been using the Nokia Steel as an average sleep tracker and my sleep quality has improved substantially. In summary, no interruptions, and I have been waking up feeling well-rested.

    I understand these sleepbuds are not for everyone but if you have problem sleeping, particularly if you live in a noisy street or have a noisy partner, I would recommend you give them a try. Beware that you might not wake up if someone break into your house or if your dog is barking, etc.

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