This was posted 3 years 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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SanDisk 400GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Card US $74.79 Delivered @ Joybuy


Was looking for a cheap 400Gb for my Switch. Noticed Joybuy had another deal going on.
$110 AUD for such a big card isn't too bad in my opinion.

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    Why do I have a feeling that these cards are fake….

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      It was confirmed in the previous deal that they were genuine.

      See latest comments here -

    • Fakes need to sell for much cheaper than this if anyone is going to bite.

      The kind of people who fall for a fake would not be paying upwards of $100 for a card.

      I have purchased 2 from Joybuy and can confirm they are real. There is a scratchie for verification.

    • I bought one for my switch in previous deal. Definitely real and filled it already.

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    I've bought cards from Joybuy before and they're legit.

    Mind you this is Ultra and not Extreme.

    • Is the extreme one up on the ultra? Would this suit a phone for high bit rate video recording?

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    Just keep in mind the write speed on these isn't great. You're looking at 5-6 hours to fill it completely. If you're moving content around a lot you'd probably be better with the Samsung 256GB U3 card which is about 4X the speed (or the Sandisk 256gb extreme).

    But if you want max storage space at a good price then this is well worth it.

  • thx op. was look for a large enough cheap card for downloading stuffs
    (notice the deal happens Tomorrow)

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    I still don't understand how the heck they manage to cram 400GB into these things!

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      Was just thinking the same thing, it's black magic.

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      And if they can do 400GB in this size what COULD they do with the space on an SSD. There is a 100TB SSD available already…

  • Still waiting for mine from 6 weeks ago .. seems to have recently left China for the second time.

    Destination : Australia - Tracking consuming: 671 ms
    2018-12-22 16:37 GUANGZHOU (CN), International departure - enroute to Australia
    2018-11-21 02:09 GUANGZHOU (CN), International departure - enroute to Australia
    2018-11-20 18:05 CN-510533, CHINA, Received item from Sender (Outbound)
    2018-11-18 Order Placed

    To be fair two of three items I have ordered through these guys has arrived in 2 weeks or less. Just this the most expensive item - and the one I wanted to gift for Christmas seems to be taking the slow boat.

    • same issue as me mate :/

      • Well got mine today. finally.

    • Holiday season mate

    • The reason is 11-11 and 12-12 both big sale period. If you buy it at 18-6, it should come up much quicker.

      • I bought a 256GB card a week before and it took 14 days, I bought a pc fan on black Friday and it took 10 days. This was in between and hassn't arrived. I'm not sure your point is valid. Also we format dates as DD/MM.

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    I bought this in the last deal mentioned (AU$98 delivered was a cracking deal). They are legit cards. Does format to 366GB on my Nintendo Switch. Which this is great for btw.

  • Speeds:

    Read: 90MB/s
    Write: 45MB/s

  • fml, i do not need this at all but so compelled to get one.. decisions, decisions…

  • i got one from the last deal. received it before Christmas and can confirm it's legit!

  • Got one from last deal from Joybuy.
    Shipping was surprisingly fast for me - about 10 days.
    The card is legit although it’s a Chineese version (all packaging is in Chineese, I assume it’s made for Chineese marked - that explains a bit lower price)
    So far so good - performs as expected.
    But I am not sure if Sandisk is going to honor a warranty if I need it.

    • Sandisk warranty is worldwide. They will honor it.

      I have returned CN cards to them before.

  • considering using this for my laptop which has low SSD storage

  • Guys please stay away from SanDisk A1 especially if you use it on DSLR or cameras. Only use it on smartphone. I don't use it on dashcam at all. 100% sure my camera supports. The popular 200gb version simply a bad product, can't say 400gb is better.

    My one burnt and melt overheating after one year of use. It's geniune card too.

    For sure has quality issue.

    I would go for Samsung instead

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      Seems like an adapter problem. Lucky this will just live in my switch in micro form.

      • Hah I tell you it's not the adapter. I used the same adapter before no issues for all other cards

  • These are legit. I bought 1 from joybuy and am using it in a pc, works very well for storage.

  • Showing up as $118.12 for me?

  • Price is back down

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