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[Android] Dungeons of Rune $1.59 (Was $3.19) @ Google Play Store


Hi OzBargainers,

My game, Dungeons of Rune has been on the play store for a year, so today I'm putting it on sale for 50% off.


It's a single player, first person dungeon crawler game with some unique mechanics (see the Play Store listing for details).

Some cool features:
* Excellent Touch Screen controls (actually my preferred way to play)
* Controller & Mouse/Keyboard Support
* Cloud Saves, Achievements and Leaderboards
* No IAPs (i.e. no microtransactions)
* No ads

I'm very excited to put it on sale. Never thought I'd be posting my own deals to OzBargz!

Sorry iOS people. I'll be working on releasing the iOS version soon(TM).

Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Is it like runescape? Is there a free trial?

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      Nah, it's not like Runescape.

      It's more like Legend of Grimrock with a bit of Fruit Ninja thrown in.

      Differences with Runescape / Dungeons of Rune
      * MMO / Single Player
      * Overworld + Dungeons / Just Dungeons
      * Third Person / First Person

      Themewise, maybe it's a little like Runescape (I haven't seen Runescape in 10 years though haha). It's got a lot of your typical dungeon enemies - Skeletons, Mummies, Spiders, Bats etc

      There's a youtube trailer on the Play Store page with some gameplay in it.

      There's no demo, sorry. I figured it was cheaper then a coffee at full price so didn't think a demo was needed

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    Bought it for full price, I don't use my google credit so you can have it lol

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    Yeah, have some of my credit too, bud.

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