This was posted 2 years 2 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Oculus Rift VR System $529, Oculus Go $269 (Delivered) @ Oculus


Same as last time. I think Amazon has the same prices loaded and should offer cashback.

If you’re considering the go ensure you have reviewed materials on the “quest” that is due next year and should be a lot more capable.

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  • Cheaper Amazon AU

  • Oculus quest is going to be double the price of oculus go so it still has a place in the market for people wanting a decent VR experience for little cost. Quest will obviously be better but you're paying for the privilege.

  • Not a deal, has been less than this price on Amazon for weeks (519 plus 10% cashback the other day).

    • It is a dea though, if you check camelcamelcamel you’ll see the regular price on amazon is $599.. the deal has been running on both oculus and amazon for about a week.

      It’s supposed to be going back to full price tomorrow.

  • I ordered one of these (this deal, direct from Oculus) on the Thursday before Christmas (around 11pm too). Saw it was coming from Hong Kong so didn't expect it for a while, but to my surpise, it arrived on the Monday before Christmas (2 working days and the weekend, over the Christmas period). Super fast shipping if that helps anyone.

  • Oculus Rift is an absolutely amazing product if you've got the PC to run it, and the time/energy/inclination to put up with the fact that's it's still early adopter hardware and can be massively glitchy at times, I love mine and use it regularly but I think you'll be very lucky to get a plug and play experience, even with a rather high end desktop I still had to buy a USB 3.0 expansion card because the roomscale senors need a LOT of USB bandwidth.

    Being said this is a very good price if it comes with 2 controllers and the sensors and would highly recommend the Rift

    The Go and Quest might have their place to some people but I've tried the go and it doesn't compare to the Rift whatsoever, would find it hard to see the value for money of the Quest at potentially double the price with hardware that will be close to 2 years old when it comes out.

    • I love the Oculus Go!

      I started my VR journey years ago with a cheap phone viewer headset, but it was pretty lame. Because of that, I wasn’t hugely interested in virtual reality when I heard about the Rift, the PS VR etc, I was somewhat curious. But I wasn’t ready to spend $500+ on a headset when my only indication was a crappy phone viewer. Im so glad I didn’t let that stop me.

      I saw a deal on here a couple months ago for a PS VR bundle, with camera, for $199. I finally took the plunge.
      It sat for weeks until I finally was bothered to set it up.
      And when I put the headset on I was gobsmacked. There’s nothing like your first time. I wish I appreciated it more. I just let my partner play, but I was in absolute awe just from the minute or so I had it on. I was warped into another universe. The first game I tried was Gnog. And I’ve since purchased it and several platforms. I love it.

      After a while of enjoying the PS VR, I decided to also buy an Oculus Go. My partner fell in love with mine, so I got him one too.
      I’ve found that we use that much more, just because of accessibility. It’s like a smart phone, it’s just laying around ready to use at any time.. no setting up or cables etc.
      I’ve barely played the PS VR since, and I kinda miss it. I’ll have to give it some love soon.

      After falling in love with the Go, we decided we will definitely be buying the quest upon the release, but from what I can gather, it may not be til June. That’s so far away. I couldn’t quench my VR thirst.
      So yesterday I caved and bought a gaming PC and Oculus rift as a birthday present to myself for mid January.
      I am so excited! I got the pair for $999 (new oculus rift, second hand computer.)
      I really hope it’ll all be smooth sailing. I’m not super tech savvy so I hope I don’t need anything else to make the rift work.
      I asked the seller to run an oculus rift test on the PC, and it passed all the requirements, so I’m hoping it’ll be fine.
      I don’t even necessarily want to play hardcore games on it, I’m more into puzzle games, psychedelic experiences, adult games, and tilt brush.

      I can’t wait!
      Your comment got me even more excited when you said the Go is pathetic compared to the rift!
      Can’t wait to experience it.

      • Oh I wouldn't say it's pathetic it's just not everything VR has to offer, not to say the Rift is but it's much closer

        And yeah have to agree, my first VR experience was the rift and I was almost in tears at how amazed I was, I already had the high end PC so the Rift was just a natural extension.

        Also make sure you get 2 games;

        Robo Recall
        and Beat Saber (would but the rift and a pc just for this game)

        at this point I've got a $5,000+ setup in my room to just play Beat Saber and Dota 2 hahaha

        • We have the HTC Vive and holy cow it's insane. It's so immersive, and indeed there is nothing like the first time you try one because you can't really comprehend what it's like beforehand, it doesn't compare.

      • You remind me-of-me when I finally ordered my Rift. Took 4 days to be delivered. I was so excited that I was waking up in sweats every goddamn night after dreams that it got delivered broken, or it melted, etc.
        When it arrived I couldn't run it because my hardware was so old; my heart sunk. Luckily, I quickly found a patch that some genius had made to ignore hardware not supported (in my case a Phenom X2). First thing I did was obviously run setup, which was an amazing first experience in itself, then installed and ran the Oculus Dreamdeck demo.

        Mind. Blown.

        I became bored after about a week because I had no input other than the Xbox controller. Eventually the Touch controllers went on sale, so I nabbed them immediately. It was like the whole first experience all over. Being able to pick things up, paint, blah blah, just incredible. Make sure you download Robo Recall. I've got about 20 games now including car and flight sims, as well as Arizona Sunshine, but nothing plays as well as this game!

        • An alternate view from a heavy PC gamer.
          I Havn't used my Rift in over a year. Though i just bought Budgets Cuts so I'll take it for a spin soon. I ordered the Rift on day one and I had been tracking it since kickstarter days (almost backed it back then). I was very excited to get one after following through the various builds until it hit CV1 and the comments on each iteration were on how the screen was improved each time .. When I finally put in on the tracking was OK, spatial sound great - but I was so disappointed with the screen resolution. When it first opens calibrates and shows you 'first contact' I was really hoping it was almost a joke and it would switch up to a higher resolution without the screen door effect to really wow you (kinda like the intro to the movie Team America where you go to see a puppet movie and it starts out with basic string puppets then switches up to the 'real' movie characters) but that doesn't happen. When I use it, it feels like playing games in 640x480 resolution. You can't read anything that isn't in 1m high letters. Its had not to see the screen door and pixels which for me stops me being drawn into the game/environment. I was hoping after two years the headsets would have been res'd up by at least a factor of two, the Quest does this to some extent - but not enough to make me buy it. The Pimax '8k' looks interesting - but its more for the Vive users ie a whole new buy-in for me.

          • @Elijha: You remind me of my brother, complaining about the resolution of a first generation device that he never paid a dollar for.

            It's ok though. When he was using my Rift I pressed CTRL+ALT+DELETE and he was digitised just like in that film Tron. That'll teach him.

            • @Wheresmyspaceship: Except i did pay 'a dollar for it'. A lot more then that actually being a day one adopter and then six months later having to pay again to get the hand controllers, then again to get a third camera to do supported room scale (and a new USB card to support the extra camera). I think I can make it clear to people its not an experience like in the movies. Is it good yes sure, its is like 'Ready Player One' - no. When people ask me about it I let them have a go, but I generally start by saying this tech is in it's 'dot matrix' printer stage its great to be able to 'print at home' but you are not printing a magazine experience on it.

          • @Elijha: This sounds like the experience my uncle had when he tried mine but he wears glasses, this doesn't sound like the common experience at all, and I'm coming from a 34" curved 344x1440p monitor too so I'm still amazed coming from a better position than most people, are you sure you got the focus/positioning right? I've read some peoples eyes don't agree with the close up screens too, could just be unlucky

    • Some commenters in other threads speculating that Quest will eventually deliver a Rift experience, wirelessly. That means it could perform as both the Rift and Go.

      • Snapdragon 835 vs up to RTX2080ti + i7 8700k, it physically won't be able to deliver the same experience because of the hardware limitations

  • I’ve purchased 4 oculus gos as gifts and I highly recommend them as an angry point into VR.
    They’re very easy to use, portable, and a great price point.
    My mother, father, and even grand mother pretty much picked up how to use it immediately and they absolutely loved it.
    My neices and nephews adored it too.

    There are a lot of games available, but this device was mainly released as a media device.
    You won’t really find hardcore games on it, but it has some fun casual games, and the prices are pretty cheap too.

    I mainly use my oGo for videos.
    The YouTube app is great, there’s an app called wander where you can view anywhere in the world in 360 degrees.. it was interesting going back to where I lived as a child, and exploring where my partner grew up in the UK too. VRchat is great to chat to people in VR and it feels so much more personal than the usual phone call. Altspace is great to meet new people are play games or hang out in themed rooms and such.
    And don’t get me started on the Adult content.
    Absolutely brilliant. I purchased all mine at full price, and I’m not even mad. Even at $299 they are 100% worth it, and a great price point that anyone can get into VR without having to spend thousands on a PC that can handle it, or spend $600+ buying a PS4 and PS VR combo.
    It’s funny because almost everyone has a TV, a smart phone, a tablet, a computer, etc, that they spent thousands on, but when it comes to new technology, a lot of people are iffy about even spending $299 on an oculus go because they don’t really know what they are getting. I wasn’t sure either.. I was worried I wouldn’t like it, but I was blown away and so happy I took the chance. Everyone I’ve showed it to has gone out and purchased one for themselves.
    They really ought to start selling them locally at EB games and big W and such, so they can have a demo one at the store. They’d sell many more units that way. As soon as people know what they’re getting, they realise that $299 is an absolute steal. That’s a fraction of the cost of your smart phone, or TV, and it’ll give you just as many hours of content and entertainment.
    Watching movies on it is like watching a movie at a theatre, and the speaker system is amazing 3D sound. It’s like a personal home entertainment system. And it’s actually nice to zone out inside a headset and be able to watch whatever you want, and not have to worry about anyone else in the house complaining.

    It’d be perfect to buy for teenagers who always fight over the TV, or people who live with room mates who want to zone out in their own space too.

    • Watching movies on it is like watching a movie at a theatre, and the speaker system is amazing 3D sound


  • Been through a Samsung Oddysee.

    Switched to Oculus Rift Touch which, while it's better I'm probably still going to sell it.

    Also own PSVR although I haven't used it yet.

    I want to like VR but it's too early still for me.

    I don't think it's going anywhere but neither is it really becoming better IMO.

    The new Oculus wireless platforms seem more attractive than Rift to me though I haven't used or want one.