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Bitdefender 2019 - 75% off. Antivirus Plus $17.49, Internet Security $25, Total Security $30


This is a good price for Bitdefender 2019. Highly rated in the tech community and 75% off!

Antivirus Plus $17.49

Internet Security $25

Total Security $30

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  • Purchased a 1 year subscription for Total Security. However it does not stack with a 6 months free trial :(

  • Microsoft's free AV has to be one of the best.

    • Good luck with Zero day attacks with Microsoft AV, it's been rated useless for Zero day which is what hackers use these days. Malware and virus days are gone, now more sophisticated, accidental click on an ad is enough to exploit your machine. Bitdefender protects you against that crap

      • None of the analysis looks at the massive attack surface AV provides on top of the existing OS. I still have some faith in MS to integrate its own systems. AV is pretty much useless against targeted attacks

        Edit: do you know that 0day attacks are exactly that. They are totally new and undetectable. Plus, stop clicking on ads

      • BTW I didn't neg you.
        Some security experts have stopped using any AV products for a few years now. I'm just lazy and have the good fortune of being poor. But I was still hacked because of my stance against the apartheid regiem in Israel.

    • have you tried with Kaspersky free and which one has best detection engine ?

    • Windows is a virus

  • nice deal thanks. Bitdefender is the best of the best on all indepedant lab tests

  • anyone buying this, make sure you sign up to free 6 months first, then top it up with this. You get 1 and 1/2 years for $30 that way!


  • Hmmmm getting 50% discount when I click the link with my phone.

  • My kaspersky sub is going to end in a month. I will give bitdefender a try.

  • The 6mths trail appears to be not working anymore. This was reported in the above link. Had two go at it myself…..no emails :(

  • Thanks OP. When I entered my activation code it asked if I want to ‘replace’ my current subscription, which has about 130 days left. So I backed out of the process and came here.

    Does anyone know if it stacks/extends the current sub, or actually does replace it?


  • It would have to be good to beat Kaspersky which I bought from an OzBargain link two years ago.

  • All prices coming up twice the price for me (eg Total Security is saying $60 down from $120), what am I doing wrong?

  • Hey guys just because something is discounted from an inflated price does not mean it is better than the free stuff. Hand in your badges

  • to use BD do you need to create an account or can you just input KEY and activate product?

  • Anyone here purchased Bitdefender for their MacOS?

    I had a look at the features comparison, seems like there are a lot more feature on the windows counterpart than Mac. Makes me wonder if it is still worth getting for Mac.


  • lol on Ebay i got Bitdefender Total 3 years 5 PCs for $45 bucks. This is a rip off compared

  • Family Pack is included in the sale. $40. Unfortunately it's no longer unlimited number of devices.

  • Why must one create a bit-central account to use the product? eww.

    call me old fashioned but what happened to the days when you just put in your key & the product works no cloud accounts no email activation no nonsense.