This was posted 2 years 2 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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SCA Engine Crane 1000kg & Engine Leveller 540kg - $226 (Was $454.95) @ Supercheap Auto


I thought this was a good deal for those who might be in the market. A saving of just under 50% compared to buying both at the normal listed price.

Previously on sale as a package for $249 back in October 2018.

Majority of reviews are good for both on the SCA website.

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  • My partner often works on cars as a hobby and does his own repairs.. would this be a good gift for him? His birthday is coming up and I’m a complete car noob. Thanks.

    • What sort of work do you see him doing on his cars?

      If he's likely to want to pull the entire engine out of a car then yes, absolutely, it's a perfect gift.

      If he typically just does oil / fluid changes and replaces components which don't require the engine to be removed from the car, he probably doesn't need one.

      I have one because I've got spare engines for both of my cars and I need a crane to move them around. I need a way to lift them onto stands when I want to work on them as the engines weigh a few hundred kilos and can't be moved by hand.

      • Thank you so much for the detailed response.
        I’ll consider this for his birthday in late jan.
        He’s currently working on a skyline but he has two vans that he wants to fix up and completely rebuild one with the others parts.. so this will be perfect!
        Thank you!

        Now that I think about it. I remember him grunting and going crazy trying to move the engine of the skyline. I’m pretty sure he ended up doing it himself unless the guy upstairs came down to help. Which is super concerning because he could very easily do his back in one day.
        I think this could be exactly what he needs. Excellent!

        • Yep, sounds like just the ticket if he's tinkering with Skylines etc. as lots of engine swaps are possible with those types of cars. Also the van setup he has sounds similar to the two old utes I own (one runs as a daily driver, the other I use for parts).

          The last day of the sale is January 11th so you'll want to order it before then.

          Ironically when you get it home you'll probably need someone to help you move the three boxes it comes in as two of them are quite heavy!

      • +1 vote

        because I've got spare engines for both of my cars

        2018 model year Volkswagens?

    • No, not unless he's an experienced hobbyist and can rebuild an engine.

  • Unless he is lifting engines out it will probably just sit in the corner gathering dust. This is probably the sort of thing you need to ask the person if they need it or not before buying it.

  • Agreed with above, this is a good price though!

    Bought one, thanks!