expired Mass Effect Monopoly $19.01, Skyrim Monopoly $23.01 @ EB Games


I noticed someone on reddit recently posted a copy of their Skyrim Monopoly with a $23 EB Games sticker on it so away I went.

Mass Effect Monopoly - https://ebgames.com.au/loot-227728-Mass-Effect-Monopoly-Loot (Home Delivery still available/Click & Collect are mostly regional stores)
Skyrim Monopoly - https://ebgames.com.au/loot-227725-Skyrim-Monopoly-Loot (Widely available - I C&C'd mine)

Great prices for both. Mostly $40+ everywhere else. Especially Mass Effect Monopoly as I bought mine from the Dungeon Crawl firesale years ago when they were supposedly being shut down.

Also have a look at the other monopolies if anything else interests you - https://ebgames.com.au/any/any/any/any/any/any/2/0?q=Monopol...

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    Skyrim Monopoly? Todd Howard can't be stopped

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    Just a reminder that Monopoly is one of the worst games to play. It's 95% luck based, takes too long, causes arguments and excludes losing players. Board Game Geek gives Monopoly a rating of around 5.5/10, which is incredibly low. You shouldn't entertain a game below a score of 7/10.

    Don't buy Monopoly for your kids. Don't buy monopoly for anyone else. We are living in the golden age of boardgames, yet nostalgia pushes families to accept bland, 1 dimensional games with terrible mechanics.

    From Catan, to Codenames, from Scyth to Viticulture and Secret Hitler - buy a board game that you will play again and again. Here's the top boardgame titles.

    As a general rule, any boardgame purchased from a Target/Kmart will be terrible.

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      Just a reminder that Monopoly is one of the worst games to play. It's 95% luck based, takes too long, causes arguments and excludes losing players

      I have fond memories of playing monopoly
      Have played newer games but still like to play monopoly occasionally

      there is a shorter version of monopoly as per the rule books
      also if you are playing by the rules- where is the scope for arguments?

      Don't buy Monopoly for your kids

      why not? I've recently introduced two games to my kids- monopoly and King of Tokyo
      they seem to like both, and play both at different times

      yes there are newer games available
      they cost a lot more and just because one person likes it or board game geeks likes it does not mean everyone will like it

      I could buy eg ticket to ride for close to $80 when not on special
      for that price I could get monopoly + scrabble + pictionary
      of the three kids may like at least one; but if I spend $80 on one game, and if the kids don't like it, it will sit on the shelf collecting dust


      Catan comes in at ~306 if sorted by ranking but number one if sorted by number of votes according to that Top Board Games chart.

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      Probably gone a bit hard here. Scrabble is one of the simplest games going around and is endearingly still both popular and enjoyable. I was able to play Scrabble with my brother from a young age (I think he was about six) whereas unsupervised we probably wouldn't have been able to manage or appreciate a game like Ticket to Ride or Catan.

      Monopoly is actually a pretty good game for kids, because it teaches them a few terms/concepts that they might not otherwise have access to eg mortgage, rent, income tax etc. That was my first exposure to them anyway.

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      While I agree with the general sentiment here, maybe dial it back from 11 lest you sound like a douche.

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      Sounds just like real life.


      I fine the negotiation part of buying/selling properties to each other as the core let-down. My bros and I are far too stubborn to sell for anything less than 10x the property price, which just causes a stalemate….

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      So just like Mass Effect, it won't end well?


    About 7 years too late….


    Miranda front and centre, well played marketing team.