Help me find a washing machine (Bosch prefered)

Have no clue about washing machines, only heard that bosch is good. Any good deals?

budget of 600 - 1200, reliable and preferably quiet. You might say the budget is a wide range, I'm not looking for the cheapest. I'm looking for the machine with the best value.

Thank you for your time.


    • Thank you, how is Asko compared to Bosch?

  • Front Load or Top Load?

    • Front loaders are more water efficient and easier to load/unload but you can't add things in once you start. I prefer the front loaders.

      • You can if you have an AddWash door.

      • You can also cancel the wash, if get it while still filling then open the door and start new cycle.

      • +1

        I have a bosch front loader and it allows you to open it during the wash to add things

      • Loading/unloading front washers might be difficult if you have older folks at home.

    • Probably front

    • top loaders require less maintenance and last longer. that's what i've been told by a retired electrical repairman. my current top loader is a little over 20 years old.

  • Yes, Bosch are very good.
    I would actually have a look on Gumtree and you will find one within your budget that is probably not very old. Get the size that suits, and the latest technology that you can afford.

    • Looking to buy Brand new, too much risk in buying second hand washing machine in my opinion.

  • I have had this - Just below budget
    for a couple of years now. Made in Germany. Pretty good unit.

    • People are saying it's Chinese made, I'm looking for a good quality washing machine that is built to last.

      • I don't believe that manufacturers make things to last anymore, regardless of brand. My Nan has the same washer and dryer for 20+ years and still going strong. Most stuff these days is flat out making it past the warranty period and then it is cheaper to replace the item than fix it.

      • My last Bosch front loader was made in Thailand. Lasted 6 years and then died (something rusted through). Bosch say that they are made to the same standard however the repairer who came to repair it told me sees fewer issues with German made machines. He suggested to leave the door ajar when not in use to help with keeping it dry inside (reduce corrosion and mould). You have to balance cost of machine against number of years you will (hopefully) get out of it.


    I have a cheaper German made model WAW28460AU which I am happy with, but I perhaps would have bought this one above if I knew about the bacteria killing ozone technology before hand…

    Also missed out on i-DOS, but that is also only on more exy models…like this one:

    • Sorry if it's a stupid question, but how do you know if it's Germany made or not?

      • Which one? I mentioned 3. If you take the model number and go to the Bosch website, it tells you.

  • No good deals on washing machines then. Is there a season for them?


    Miele and Bosch top their reliabilty survey.

  • +1

    Hi. I have a Bosch washing machine and dryer. Washer is super quiet, but the rubber door seal on my dryer warped and made the dryer unusable in under two years.

    I've read wider about similar issues. Bosch warranty/after service was not very helpful and said the rubber seals were not covered under its T&Cs. I said I use the machine sparingly and asked them if they could send me a rubber seal gratis given that the dryer was still under warranty, but they were again unhelpful and inflexible. They would under no conditions send me the part. They explained that they would need to do a service call first, initially at my cost, then they said the service call cost would be waived, but they repeated that the seal itself wouldn't be covered unless there was some other fault. It was apparent to me that the seal was the only issue and it would be less costly and time consuming to pay for a replacement part myself (about $30) than miss a day of work and probably end up paying for the part anyway. When I asked for the part, they helpfully reminded me that replacing seals was not covered by warranty and any issue was my risk. Yes, very well.

    The part (the rubber seal) came quickly, and I replaced it without hassle. The dryer has worked fine since.

    Overall, I really like our Bosch products, but I found the after service support inflexible, illogical and a pain in the ass (although Ymmv). I've had other companies will go out of their way to help you as a customer (Electrolux, and even Sunbeam recently) and that means something. From this experience, I'll likely take my custom elsewhere next time. Good luck.

  • I got my Bosch from Appliances It’s the one made in Germany. They deliver free and install. And if you have an old one they’ll take that away free.

  • Bosch washing machine WAP28482AU vs WAW28620AU

    Hi brain trust I am hoping to use the TGG ebay 20% deal to buy a 9kg washing machine but can't figure out whether it's worth spending $548 more for iDos and few other minor features. I can't see any other major differences.

    Has anyone got WAW28620AU? What's your opinion?

    • NEW Bosch WAP28482AU 9kg Front Load Washer - series 6- $999
    • NEW Bosch WAW28620AU 9kg Front Load Washer - iDos series 8 model- $ 1547
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