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Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg Front Load Washer WH8560J3 $598 @ Harvey Norman


Part of the Harvey Norman 1/2 Yearly Clearance 2019 catalogue has been released and offers are starting to show up on website. The sale starts online and in-store 8 A.M on Tuesday, 1st January 2019.

Edit. My first post. Not as low as this $538.20 deal but in case you missed out.


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  • I think this is the one I got last year when ours broke down. I got it on special at the time for about $850 I think.
    Anyway, it’s a good washing machine. Choice rates it pretty high for the price I bought it, this looks like a great deal!

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    remember that this is made by Haier, your not getting a fisher and paykel machine. your paying for the name, but getting a poor quality machine. these suffer from premature bearing failure very consistantlty

    • At least you get f&p support.

      • thats true, if you cant afford the entry level bosch machine, this is unfortunately your best option.

        • Canstar says the Miele is the best. Do you think it’s worth the $$? It rates the Simpson before the Bosch - what do you think about that?

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            @LXE3: all i can tell you is from my experience (10 years in repairing, buying and selling second hand whitegoods) id recommend the bosch over any other front loader, the german model if you can afford it. the asian model is not as good, but better than almost everything else. The miele is good, but the repair prices are very high, and in my opinion are over engineered and unnecessarily complicated. I'd reccoment asko over miele. My opinion is based on diagnosing many different broken machines, id stay away from electrolux, simpson and all the cheap chinese brands (hisense haier) Id choose LG over samsung.

            i always recommend (and i have at home) a australian made fisher paykel top loader. in my experience they are the most reliable, and do a great job of washing your clothes.

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              @cyclical: Are there still Australian-made Fisher & Paykel models?

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              @cyclical: Having an ASKO i can tell you its a piece of crap mine broke down after 3 years and had to pay $500 to get it repaired. I would recommend Miele over Bosch as having to deal with their after sales support, Miele is just more reliable and supoort is much better. For cheap models i have a Samsung which has worked flawlessly for the past 4 years without any issues.

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                @hamerix: ok, thats great, im glad you have had good experiences with some machines and not others. im telling you my experience as a technician, servicing thousands of machines in the last decade.

                • @cyclical: Excellent.Im also sharing my experience as a customer having had 5 different machines and dealing with support and after sales. Btw how can we use your service? Do you have a website?

              • @hamerix: I have the base model Samsung (399) for 4 years and hasnt skipped a beat, although I have heard they suck to repair and are basically junk once they do go

              • @hamerix: had our Asko for 15 years, midway through the motor went with a cost of $450 to replace it. Recommended.

            • @cyclical: Thanks so much for taking your time to reply. I had a Fisher &Paykel top loader and I loved it but when it died I replaced it with a Panasonic front loader. It’s starting to struggle with spinning under load so I’m checking out the specials before it dies. As a family of five, we can’t last long without a machine. I’ll check out the Bosch and the top loader FP and see what deals I can find.

            • @cyclical: Both myself and my mother have australian made fisher and paykel top loader, model GW612/712

              I am looking at replacing it with a brand new front loader because if it gets off balance, it somehow brings a whole heap of black greesy stuff into the washing and ends up making everything more dirty than when it started. (Mums has the same problem)

              Now these are old cheap machines that have never had any maintenance done to them, but now i'm thinking I might just need to disassemble it and give it a good clean.

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                @Kegsta: yes, the old fisher and paykels need to be taken apart and cleaned. it will be filthy inside. just take the agitator out, the 2 screw on the top, remove the plastic ring around the bowl and remove the inner bowl. its quite simple.

            • @cyclical: Thanks for sharing!!

          • @LXE3: Our local repair person doesn't care for them at their non negotiable RRP.

            He's a fan of Beko, F&P and Bosch, all due to ease of parts and maintenance and cheap entry price.

            I'm buying either a Beko Wmy9046 or a F&P WH8560P2 next week to replace our very hard working Samsung. Hoping for a sweet price to appear.

        • Washing machines seem like a lottery, my average priced Samsung lasted 15 years. The only repairs: fixed the door handle with wire after 10-12 years and replaced the belt after 13-14 years. Otherwise it ran well, though it got a bit more wobbly on the spin towards the end. Ultimately something went it started making knocking noises (the bearing?). It still did a few more loads knocking noise and all. 15 years seems good by modern standards, but they should last 20-30 years instead of 5-10.

          Replaced it with a German made Bosch 8.5kg one I just bought on sale, we'll see if it lasts as long as the cheaper Samsung.

          My parents love their 10kg Beko, they ran a B&B and it got a flogging for a few years.

        • @cyclical - sounds like my Panasonic is about to pack it in - I’m going to get one of the Bosch 9kg. I see there are three and I’m struggling to see much difference. I usually just get the base model as I think most upgrades are gimmicks. David Jones has it for $1479 which seems pretty good and if I can do CASHREWARDS and gift cards I can get it down to $1275ish. That’s the top model. Is it worth trying to find one of the lesser models for less $$?

      • It's not the same anymore

    • Just because Haier makes it does not automatically mean it's a bad machine.

      Fisher and Paykel can tell them for to make it and what parts to use.

      • you think the worlds largest appliance company takes advice from one of its smallest divisions?

        all im saying is that there is a large drop in quality since f&p was taken over by haier. but all the aussie made top loaders are still great.

      • naive, Haier is one of biggest appliance design and producing company, F&P comparing with Haier just like the milk bar located in your street comparing to Coles.

    • What makes you say consitantly ? And at $600 you aren’t paying for a name

  • E&S sent me a catalogue with that same price for the 8.5kg machine although it is more expensive on their website.

    • Surround yourself with quailty

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    If you price match at David Jones and get gift cards through HCF, you can get this down to $545 - not too far off the price you posted the other night.

  • Which ones are better in general, Top loads or side loads? Please share your experience.

    • Neither is better than the other overall.

      They both have pros and cons meaning the better one is the one that had more pros for you.

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        Bull crap, front load wins hand out every time. Use a lot less water, clothes come out cleaner and not tied up together like rags, and dry faster too. Only problem is the noise and shake if you want to do extra dry 1400rpm spin.

        • Bull crap, front load wins hand out every time


          Because some of the cons of a front loader are:

          • Longer wash cycles – over three hours in some cases
          • Difficult or impossible to retrieve keys, phones or other items left in pockets mid-cycle
          • Generally more expensive to buy
          • You often can't add to the wash load after the cycle has started
          • Heavy to move
          • Some need special brackets if placed on a wooden floor
          • Tend to have louder spin cycles
          • Some may rinse poorly due to their low water usage

          And some of the pros of top loaders are

          • Tend to be more reliable than front loaders
          • Shorter wash cycle times
          • Generally cheaper to buy
          • Lighter and easier to move
          • Easy to add clothes once a cycle has started
          • Easier to retrieve forgotten items like tissues, keys and phones from pockets mid-cycle
          • Generally better rinse performance

          I have a 10kg top loader that uses 102L per wash (the one in this deal uses 73L per wash but is only 8.5kg)

          With a bigger capacity I need to run it less often. Yes it uses slightly more water per kg of clothes however because I run it less often it also uses less detergent which ends up in the environment.

          It's also quieter than a front loader and because the wash cycle is faster I don't need to listen to it for as long.

          I also have solar hot water so I can fill my washing machine with free hot water.
          If I had a front loader I couldn't do this so would be using more electricity to heat the water.

          • @spaceflight: Nah, this is well off base

          • @spaceflight: I can run my front loader on 30 mins cycle. But if you really want a quick wash, just put your clothes in a tub, shake it a few times, rinse and they'll be as good as new.

            Just because it is quick doesn't mean it magically cleans clothes better.

            "I also have solar hot water so I can fill my washing machine with free hot water. If I had a front loader I couldn't do this so would be using more electricity to heat the water."

            There are washers with both hot and cold inlet, so it's not quite valid argument.

            And general consensus is that yes, front loaders are better. I am not going to discuss it here as there is plenty of info on the internet for you to decide which is better for you. The truth is people swear by something just because they haven't tried anything else.

            • @bargainparker:

              I can run my front loader on 30 mins cycle

              A full cycle for me is about 38 minutes or 16 for a fast one.

              Just because it is quick doesn't mean it magically cleans clothes better.

              Nowhere did I say that.

              There are washers with both hot and cold inlet, so it's not quite valid argument.

              Some front loaders do, yes. But when they are only taking 10-20L of water most of it will be cold from the pipes so you end up heating the cold water from the pipes in the washing machine and then heating the water that never made it to the washing machine.

              That's why cold water intake is most common.

              And general consensus is that yes, front loaders are better

              I haven't said one is better than the other.

              I've said the opposite "they both have pros and cons".

              The truth is people swear by something just because they haven't tried anything else.

              Where am swearing by top loaders and how do you know I haven't used a front loader (my last washing machine was a front loader fyi)

              You're the one swearing by front loaders.

              • @spaceflight: Would you use shorter cycle if you didn't expect it to clean as well or better as longer cycle in front loaders? Just because you didn't say it cleans better is still not a valid argument as you would expect it to be equally good or better while using less water and is quicker, otherwise you wouldn't just state pro's but con's too for the top loaders. You can't just pick one thing, it's the whole package

                I don't see what the problem is with your hot water. If you connect it to the solar hot water it is not going to take longer to reach front loader than top loader. Granted I didn't check how much hot water front loaders take, you could always fill up with hot water and avoid taking just cold water from pipes. It pays to do research and find which suits you better. Companies take time to embrace new technology they don't really think yet in terms of people using solar hot water systems. Just like how you still have to bring a converter to use overseas for your devices even though it is the same voltage, yet they couldn't just standardise it, so there is less waste with all the different plugs.

                You said con's of front loaders and pro's of top loaders. That too me looks a lot like saying top loaders are better. While you did say they both have pros and cons, you only focused on negatives of front loaders and positives of top loaders. Obviously you prefer top loaders and if it works for you, then it works for you.

                I didn't say you are swearing by, I said people and didn't mention top loaders, just saying in general how people swear by something. And yes they might have even used something else but couldn't be bothered to actually invest time to learn about it and then see whether that something is worth it or not.

                I am swearing by front loaders… I'll leave that without a comment.

                • @bargainparker:

                  Would you use shorter cycle if you didn't expect it to clean as well

                  A shorter cycle must not clean as well. If it did that would be the default cycle and manufacturers could increase the star rating on their appliance.

                  otherwise you wouldn't just state pro's but con's too for the top loaders. You can't just pick one thing, it's the whole package

                  Have a look look at my comment, I was replying to someone who said that saying neither type is better and that they both have pros and cons was "bull crap" and that "front load wins hand out every time"

                  I was pointing out that front loaders do not win out every time and that there are cons to them along with pros of having a top loader.
                  I was not saying top loaders are better. Unlike the person I replied to who said that front loaders win every time.

                  I don't see what the problem is with your hot water.

                  If the washing machine takes 20L of water for the wash/rinse then it's getting maybe 10L of cold water form the hot pipe plus 10L of hot water.
                  The washing machine then needs to heat up all 20L of water.

                  So by taking it from the hot tap you are using extra energy because you are heating the 10L of cold water, warming the extra 10L of warm water that came in and was cooled down by the initial water plus heating 10L of water that goes back into your hot water tank. This is why most (close to all I think) front loaders don't have a hot water intake. It doesn't make sense to.

                  Plus because a front loader takes longer to finish it needs to keep the 20L of water hot which uses energy.

                  A top loader might take 35L of water for a cycle so you'd get 10L of cold water and then 25L of hot water which will still give you reasonably warm/hot water. Because the cycle is shorter you don't need to keep the 35L of water warm so the washing machine doest use extra energy.

                  So for me as I have solar water the hot water is free and uses no extra energy. If I used a front loader I'd be using extra electricity to heat the water and keep it hot.

                  For a house that has solar hot water the better choice may be a top loader because of the reduced energy usage on water heating. You might use more water at your house however generating electricity uses more water so by saving electricity you save water elsewhere.

                  A top loader may also be the better choice if you have instant gas heating because heating water with gas is much cheaper than electricity and the extra water use has a very minimal cost impact.

                  While you did say they both have pros and cons, you only focused on negatives of front loaders and positives of top loaders.

                  As I said, I was replying to someone who basically said front loaders only have pros and do not have any cons.

                  Obviously you prefer top loaders and if it works for you, then it works for you.

                  In my current house I do but as I said neither is better and the better one is the one that had more pros for you.

        • Let’s ignore the fact if you get much more than 5 years out of a front loader you are doing well

          • @J5: My Samsung front loader is still going from 2005. Door latch bit funny and needed a new belt but still going today. Will never go back to a top loader.

            • @lainey13: One of few

              Not many front loaders make it to 10 or longer

          • @J5: Yeah, just leave spaceflight with his last century piece of technology, old habits die hard.

            • @lgacb08: Seems to work just fine and for a lot of reasons is better

  • Dang, but this 2 weeks ago as a second hand for 450. Would have gone for this deal instead had I known

    • Your fault.

      You should've signed up to the Krystal Ball club to make the most of these discounts.
      As a member you'll get an email every day telling you the deals to be posted on OzBargain up to 2 months ahead!

      Just go to and sign up. Membership is only $30/year.

  • Ive had this machine for 6 months and its been great!

  • Could anyone please advise which is a better machine? This Fisher & Paylel one or the Bosch one?

    • Not sure about quality but that is 7.5kg and this is 8.5kg

  • -1

    You'd be better off getting a second hand one on ebay or gumtree. There is always people that upgrade or move house ect.

    I'd personally stick with Fisher & Paykel brand. I bought a second hand F&P front loader off ebay for $480 last month and it's been perfect, you wouldn't even know it was second hand.

    Plenty available if you keep an eye out. Like the ones below for ~$450.

    • +2

      For the extra $100 or so dollars I would buy a new one.

      Someone on Gumtree isn't going to give you any warranty if it breaks in 7 months.

      • Yeah, good point.

      • Yup I bought it second hand, wish I had waited exactly for those reasons.

    • First one is a bit of a hit and miss. It could be pretty old, so unless I knew it was made recently, I'd rather pay $140 more for a brand new one. Plus, for a recent one, I'd expect to get the warranty and manual.

      Second one is ok, but keep in mind this is probably a reseller who either picks them up for free or buys them at a low price and marks up. I'd be checking how much they are usually and would run it to see if it works properly. The seller might just want it out without actually checking if there is anything wrong with it. People have been burnt before.

  • Gott this for around $850 mark last year (good guys).
    Can’t complain as this does a better job oconpared to thr whirlpool that broke down on me last year (lasted for 5 years).

  • omg…I just got a f**cking expensive one from BingLee

  • I have to call Binglee ask for refund…

  • Thanks OP. I ordered one along with the condenser dryer ( at $848 ) Condenser dryers collect moisture/ water in a removable vessel or it can be directly plumbed out of the house. The colour of the silver looks a little different in each item but I'm hoping it's just on the site. If not, it's close enough. Apparently I've saved around $900 all up and the 60cm width will easily fit in my standard door frame.

  • Are these coming out of China now??

    • Yes out of the haier factory

    • It says Made in Turkey on the Condenser Dryer which I mentioned in a previous comment, under "Specifications", so it seems possible the washer is also made there. For some strange reason the place of manufacture isn't listed for the washer. Best to contact Harvey Norman or F&P to be certain.

      • It’s a (profanity)

        They are out of the haier factory in China

        • So they have closed the factory in New Zealand?

          • @he88388: Lol more than a decade ago

            F&p never made a frontloader

          • @he88388: Haier doesn't mean bad quality, think about most of all iphone made in Zhengzhou of China. Truely F&P has long history but it has been the history now. Most of F&P share belongs to Haier, in other words, F&P now is the subdivision.

            • @pc6673: Haier owns F&p appliances 100%

              F&p appliances are a mix now
              Some are made by haier
              Some are made by F&p
              Some are a 50/50 input from both company r&d

  • I bought F&P 7560J3 washer nearly 18 months ago in the rental unit and 2 months ago it made rattling noise. F&P tech came and check, he replaced the suspensions and no sound now. It only got 6months for warranty now and if the suspension break again i have to pay for parts and labour and better replace with new one. I got this for $505 from appliances online.

    I also have miele 3 1/2 yrs old one its very reliable and after sales services is good too.

    F&P is a good valuable machine for the money.

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