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Free Cherry Ripe Ganache 47g @ 7-Eleven via Fuel App


Free Cherry Ripe Ganache (47g) for the first 10,000 who redeem the offer in the app.

You must be logged in to for the offer to be visible.

Take a screenshot after opening the offer so you can still redeem it if the redemption limit is reached (as it will disappear from the app).

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  • This is delicious. They Should make it a more permanent flavour

  • All these offers… free can of coke today, cherry ripe tomorrow, free frozen fanta from Maccas, free giant (whatever size…) slurpee for filling in a survey…

    No wonder I'm so f***ing fat!

  • Some stores don't accept screenshots. They expect you to sign into the app in front of them to prove it's from the app

    • The barcode is validated at the POS to make sure it's real so that's silly.

    • Name and shame

    • I'm confused. How do they know it's a screenshot? Do you just pull out your phone and say "just a sec I took a screenshot somewhere"

      Even if the expiry (days left) and local 7-11 doesn't match up, I've never had a problem.

      Only time I've had an issue is when I'm getting a similar product because the other one has run out, sometimes I'm allowed but most of the time not :P

  • Thanks

    Breakfast sorted

  • bring back fuel lock free coffee. its not there anymore

  • Considering this is a on going promotion for the rest of the month and im yet to install the app.

    1. Staff do not care if no other purchase is made to claim the freebie?
    2. Is that what everyone is doing? (would feel embarrassed if staff see me and think here is that guy who just comes in for free stuff each day again)
    • No purchase needed, I hit up the Melbourne CBD so I rotate 7 eleven stores daily (with 2 phones muhahaha).

    • Staff do not care if no other purchase is made to claim the freebie?


      Is that what everyone is doing? (would feel embarrassed)

      Yep. Well, what I'm doing anyway. I believe most Ozbargainers lost their dignity years ago lol. If you get easily embarrassed then don't try to bring a similar product - it won't work (most of the time).
      Hope you don't mind walking out of a store empty handed if things are out of stock.

      Luckily I've got two 7-11s walking to the train station alone.

    • No staff don't care whether or not you buy something else (in my experience)
      It sounds like you still have self respect and dignity :)
      I went with my husband yesterday in Burleigh on our way somewhere else and we both just rocked up to the counter with our cans and our phones out and they guy just laughed and put them through in the same $0 transaction.

  • The Indian staff in Melbourne CBD stores never honour these deals. They straight out refuse or make up a lame excuse like their computer machine not working..

    • Wtf really. Thats is bs. What's wrong with them.

    • I ran into issues when trying to redeem the Coca Cola in North Melbourne yesterday.

      Not happy. What's the point of these promotions if they make some people even madder at 7/11 than before the promotion?

      You'd think 7/11 would be doing all they can to prevent more reputational damage.

      • Just call 7/11 hq & report it. They have to honour it. They honoured it even when petrol was 9c/Lt.

    • Name and shame.
      I got a coke from the Exhibition St 7 Eleven near Parliament Station yesterday easily.

      And I got Cherry Ripes from the 2 King Street 7 Elevens with no issues today.

    • I had a staff member at a store in Heathmont tell me that I couldn't claim more than one voucher a day. I contacted 7-eleven facebook and they contacted the store to advise them they need to accept them.

    • There's Indian staff in Sydney and they have always honoured the deals..

      Must just be a Melbourne thing?

      The closest I've come to "not honouring" would be redeeming a free coffee + buying a $3 muffin (which comes down to $2 after purchase of a hot drink). Not sure if it's normal practice to charge $3 here.

      • Yea I've had that before as well. I kind of understand because a free coffee isn't really purchasing a hot drink. Either way, 7/11 have been good about everything else.

      • I always figured that wouldn't be honored as I'm pretty sure the deal is 'free regular coffee with any muffin purchase'. So using a free coffee voucher when the coffee was already free wouldn't work.
        Never actually tried though… $3 for a muffin and coffee is still a good deal!

    • They probably only get paid like $5 an hr poor things.

  • I just registered and no free Cherry Ripe for me 😔
    I did lock in some reasonably cheap fuel though.

  • Initially at 0320 would not go thru…..another customer in the store purchased something and then scan successful!

  • Signed in and can't see the offer. Anyone else?

  • Grabed this morning,nice freebie

  • Just scored mine too yay thanks!


    the staff at the CBD store on bathurst st are super friendly - more than happy that I get these freebies

  • So people are saying there's a promo item that actually exists?!

  • I feel that if I could be bothered going to my local store that this product will be 'sold out'

    Like magic it will be back in stock at 12.01am or when this promo is over.

    I am normally treated like a criminal by my local 7Eleven if I try and claim these freebies.

    • I normally experience the same but by some miracle there was stock today. Hope your luck changes too!

  • Surprisingly I went to a Melbourne store in the city and they had stock available (behind the counter). The lady owner was nice and actually knew about the offer when I was looking at the regular cherry ripes.

    • I showed a guy at the counter this morning and he went and grabbed all the stock and put it behind the counter, assume they want to make it easier with all the people coming in

      I’d actually grabbed the wrong type so I’m glad he knew where they were

  • This is an ongoing promotion for 26 days started from yesterday.
    I'm curious if they will offer one of every item from the fridge

  • break out the barry white and dim the lights there's going to be some cherry ripe between the sheets tonight

  • My Offers in the app are blank for me?

  • Yay I got one, limited to the first 10,000

  • Was still available at 4pm QLD time.

  • They didn't have any when I went to my local 7 Eleven.
    What a joke. Just buy the bar from Coles, it's only a dollar.
    I don't think I'll bother with the rest of these freebies unless it's a common item.

  • Went to TWO stores in Sydney and they did no stock this item at either one

  • Was told by the manager at 7-11 Harrisdale today that screenshot of the app code to redeem freebie is illegal. Apparently, one of her staff told us the other day she also received screenshot from her boyfriend to help him redeem the freebies, then how come we are not allow to do so? The app doesn't support virgin mobile users :-( , so have to use another mobile phone to log-in using wifi and screenshot the app code.

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