Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Starter Kit $150 (RRP $299.99) + Free Shipping @ Australian Geographic


Same price (and free shipping) also available at Co-op Bookshop

Description taken from AG Website:
Have you always wished you could roll with the Fast & Furious crew? Now is the time to live your dream, with the special edition Anki OVERDRIVE Fast & Furious Kit.

Get ready, it’s time to race the Fast & Furious. Inspired by the movies, you can now use your compatible smartphone to battle the Toretto crew, racing high-tech robotic Supercars modelled on Dom’s Ice Charger and Hobbs’ MXT. Upgrade with weapons also inspired by the movies!

Welcome to the Family

Race against the Toretto family, or your own as you work through missions, survive massive explosions and come up against intelligent opponents.

Meet the fam and their Supercars:

Dom is the fastest. Racing in his Ice Charger, if you happen to win – it’s because he let you.
Hobbs is a fighter, and he brings that to his driving. Dare to challenge him in his monstrous MXT.
Letty is fierce. Often winning loot from battles, she’s good.
Tej has the speed to win, but don’t let him distract you. Often choosing to run interference, he’ll hack cars and play the puppet master.

Unrivalled Supercar Tech

These are more than cars. Anki Supercars are robots programmed for nothing less than a hard fight, whether it be in race or battle. Every Supercar is packed with all the latest cutting-edge features to make for an optimal experience. Features include:

Optical Sensor
Dedicated 50MHz CPU
Two high performance motors for precision manoeuvring with one-millimetre accuracy.

Hobbs’ International MXT is ready. Protected by plated armour and fully-equipped with a rocket launcher, he is tough, he’s steady and he’s capable of destruction. Look out!

Dom’s Ice Charger wasn’t built for kindness or charity. It was built for speed. Dom has no issue playing fast and loose, the Ice Charger coming complete with a grappling hook to slow down potential opponents.

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    Are these worth it? I’m kinda tempted…


      Like you, I am tempted… I'm keeping my eye on the price drops - I will 100% get one when the price gets a lot closer to $100, but I am tempted to pull the trigger now at $150.

      If you are an armchair racer (eg. Scalextric) then I would say it's worth it - embrace the future. Otherwise it's just another bargain to add to your collection!

      Here is a quick review video

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      I was very tempted, back in October last year, when it was advertised at $199. But I didn't pull the trigger then for the same reason I won't now.

      Anki officially discontinued support and development of the app at v3.4.0 (May 2018). That was just six months after they declared the previous generation "Anki Drive" end-of-live in November 2017. Buyer beware.


        So is the system discontinued or superseded by a newer model. Its hard to tell from the Anki Website, you seem tobe up on this so any insight would be appreciated TIA

        • +2 votes

          Seems like they may be only focusing on the Anki Vector now. It would be awesome to see that tech go into the next generation of their cars

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          The system has not been discontinued per se, but the last manufacturing date seen in the wild has been June 2018. My guess is that it's on the way out as a part of their product line. Their focus for CES 2019 (which kicks off next week) will be consumer robotics, AI/cloud service integration and edutainment products.

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      i'd pay $50 for it, highly likely bored after one hour or so.

    • +2 votes

      At this price yes! I started with the plain set, and have slowly ended up buying extra straight, bend pieces, jump section and then bought this set when it was on sale a while back. The basic track you get is okay but prob get a little bored in the end as too small. I have built tracks that extend out of the room and into the hall way. The rails are a must have as they save a lot of time getting up and putting the car back on the track and cleaning the car tires. Cars are easy to control as they mostly stick to the path and turn automatically. You control some of the turning and the lane switching and speed. I've built tracks going up into the undershelf of the coffee table. Its pretty cool seeing the cars fly out from the other side and land. Also have ended up collecting a lot of the cars and trucks. The truck can jump too. When it tests the track the truck will stop, but you just put it on the other side and it will keep going and finishing mapping. Then when you are actually racing the truck will do the jump. Prob give you a good 6 months of regular playing when friends come over. Not played so much now though, but still gets taken out. I would use all your old spare phones to install the software on, so you can just give to friends to start playing. worst thing is waiting for 30mins for everyone to download and setup accounts. the vibe is totally killed by then. Also the fast and furious edition and normal version have separate software, so your upgrades to the cars dont carry across between versions. All up, I have ended up with the normal set, FF set, 2 extra straight kits, 2 extra bend kits, the jump kit and the crash kit and all the vehicles. So there's a lot of track. With 4 friends playing over drinks, it is pretty entertaining. Of course every piece has been bought on sale :)

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    Doesn't seem like a lot of track for $150. Seems waaayy overpriced @ $300.

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    Seems like a good concept. But after watching a few youtube videos they seem rather un-inspiring.

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