expired Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Bluetooth + LTE - $552 Delivered @ Telstra


Hey guys,

I've been hunting around for a galaxy watch and found the Telstra stores have them at $552 currently. They mentioned that if you are with Telstra, they can also spread this across 24 months (if you want). (LTE costs $5 a month with Telstra using "Telstra one number")

Most of the other places I've seen have them for around the $649 mark (eg. jbhifi, harvey norman etc.)

I'm pretty sure you can also order it through the online Telstra store.

Cellular connectivity
Android Compatible
Sleep monitoring
Over 39 exercises tracked
Water resistant and durable
Long lasting battery
Stream your favourite playlists
Samsung Pay
Daily Assistant
Authentic watch design

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    do u have to have telstra main number for this to work?

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    Not worth $552.


    $519.20 from the samsung enhancwd partnership program


    So expensive… Such a strange strategy to build a market. Although I guess flagship phones are sold for double that.

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      All Smartwatches (NOT smartbands) are around this price these days - especially flagship ones. Apple watch is even more expensive.


    Anyway of getting these LTE watches to work with providers like kogan?


      At the moment, Telstra only.

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      This uses "Soft-SIM" which requires you to take the watch to a Telstra / Optus / Vodafone shop to program specifically for their network as opposed to putting in a SIM card.

      If you want Kogan mobile, the best alternative is to get the Huawei Watch 2 LTE which is around $438 or so when it is on special on eBay from Allphones. These can take Nano SIMs like normal phones do, but runs Android Watch OS instead of Tizen like the Galaxy Watches.

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        Thanks for info was looking for esim to work on kogan ect so seems Telstra Optus n voda are the only options atm.

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          Yeah. The Big three have it and only bothered when Apple did their watch as eSIM. Tech's been out since Galaxy Gear S2 days (3-4 years ago) but eSIM support was only made available last year.


        There is no need to take the watch anywhere during setup of my 42mm LTE it asked if you want telstra one number I opted for that it telstra account opened, logged in, processed and back to setup and you are good to go.


          Only if you buy from Telstra and want it to work with Telstra. Might be different if you bought it directly from Samsung though.

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    Just a heads up for people looking for a galaxy watch, the only real benefit of the LTE version is that you can still make calls/send texts even while not connected to your phone.

    If however, you intend to (or always tend to) have your phone on hand/in your pocket/in btooth range, there isn't really any real reason to spend the extra ~$100 on the LTE variant. You can still make calls and send texts from the non-LTE version as long as it's paired to your phone.


      Agreed. I think for most people it's not worth the extra amount you're paying given the limited use and network availability. I picked up the 42mm bluetooth version a few days ago and I don't see myself ever taking or making calls from it unless I'm at work or at home. Bit weird to have people hear both sides of your conversation. I found I was able to take/make calls, while my phone was in my room and I was outside.

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      LTE is WELL worth the extra money. Bluetooth and arguably WIFI does not always give you coverage away from your phone. I often leave my phone docked at work whilst I am in meetings as an example - can still get all my messages, notifications, phone calls and emails on my watch with LTE. Well worth it for those who wanna go for a jog / cycle / exercise around the block without carrying your phone with you. Add in the extra convenience of having tap-and-go (Samsung pay or Android pay in WearOS devices).
      Once you go LTE / Cellular, you don't want to go back to any other types of smartwatches anymore because of the flexibility of an untethered wearable.

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    And with LTE The battery will suffer


      Not as bad as you'd think. My older LTE enabled LG Urbane 2 gives me two full days of medium usage on LTE. Newer devices should give 3 or more, which is way more than your phone's charging cycles.


    I'm on a Telstra sim plan, only $5 more a month to get the extra sim? And it'll be completely independent to my Note 8?

    Is the smaller one on a similar situation too? My wife wants that instead of our S3 Frontiers.


    $499 normal price For this larger Galaxy Watch, Costco (membership required)


    46mm is too bulky compared to 42mm
    I got for 549 cellular from jb


    REBEL has this for:


    Ends 11:59pm 24/01/19

    Online now or in-store tomorrow.

    They also offer afterpay to spread it over 4 payments of $129.81


    I just price matched a 46mm no LTE from REBEL with OfficeWorks for $417.24 ($547.00 > $439.20 - 5%)

    So you could possibly do the same and get this one for $493.24 (I just looked again and they may not sell the LTE version)

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