This was posted 2 years 6 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PC] Battlefield V for $44.99 + Various Other Titles on Sale @ Origin


There are a bunch of titles on sale at origin store at the moment, including the new battlefield for half price. Not a bad deal.

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    Some other games here: (not the best sale ever but it's good if you want to play some games right now)
    BF1 - 4.99
    The Witcher 2 - 2.99
    Cities Skylines : 8.73
    AC Odyssey - 44.97
    AC Origins - 29.98
    The Crew 2 - 29.98
    DA: Inquisition - 7.49
    Mass Effect Andromeda - 9.99
    Titanfall 2 - 9.99
    Mirrors Edge Catalyst - 7.49
    I'm genuinely surprised by how many non EA games are on Origin. I always thought of it as a dedicated Battlefield launcher.


      LOL, Origin has been around for much longer than battlefield… you do know it is EA owned right?

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        I know it's EA owned…that's why all the EA games have been on there only for the past few years. I just never realized how many games are on there because last I remember there wasn't much to play except EA games.


    Thanks. Got bf1 and bf5
    Bf5 is a monster download when you're only doing <1mb/sec.. might take a day


      Yep, it's about 50gb


      When I thought I finally downloaded BFV after two days I got hit with the biggest FU and got a 11GB update before I could play.
      Just warning you incase that happens to you.