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[Switch] Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition $30 (Free C&C) @ Target


Hi all,

Target is selling Hyrule Warriors for Nintendo Switch for $30. Website says limited stock so be quick.
Free C+C otherwise $9 delivered.

Hundreds of hours of entertainment if you're into Musou games.

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • Amazon?….

  • Tempted for the co-op mainly. The co-op on the Wii U version was awful FPS-wise from what I've seen, but it's seemingly improved in this version. Just not sure this is my kind of game though, not super into mindless hacky slashy games.

    Edit: A few left at Hollywood Plaza, Adelaide. They don't have signage showing that it's on sale, but it scans at $30. Cheers OP, picked up a copy!

    • +4

      "Just not sure this is my kind of game"

      5 minutes later: "picked up a copy".

      +1 Ozbargain exp

      • Can't resist a good bargain and potentially good co-op fun.

  • Thanks OP.

  • +5

    Ordered at Target Ebay and paid with discounted gift cards. Selected C&C at my nearest store. Thanks OP

  • I'll give Target another shot, since they have a habit of cancelling the order 5 days after placing it.

    Went through eBay this time. However, I still think they will cancel lol

  • +1

    Also found Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for Switch marked as $30. Doesn't appear to be on website so stock may be limited.

    • +1

      Good pick up. Strange it doesn't show up on search. My local store had about 10 - i put one on reserve


      • Ah nice find on the website, yeah I couldn't find it on search or via category.

      • Worst game ever, it's just so slow, I think it was essentially an emulator that had all these ROMs, even at $30 wouldn't buy it.

  • eBay Target order for Hyrule just got cancelled, oh well.

  • Order got cancelled due to insufficient stock, and the refund came back to my gift card.

  • Just picked one up from ST Mary's, theres one left if u ring them they hold it for 48 hours

  • 1 copy left in Bendigo Target.

  • +1

    Can someone please post a receipt or finish date of the sale so jb can price match?

  • +1

    was able to get JB to price match Hyrule warriors. Cost me $20 as I had a $10 voucher. The one I ordered from Target will probably be cancelled.

  • My closest Target with stock was 40km away don the highway. Fortunately EBGames price matched for me.

  • Target at Helensvale (Gold Coast) still had two copies when I bought mine about an hour ago.

  • +1

    The local EB Games didn’t have any copies in stock but I managed to get Big W to price match. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, ordered from Target Ebay but they cancelled on me, rung up local store and had them hold it for me until I can pick up.

  • +1

    Now $30 @ Amazon.

    • I hope Amazon do the same price match for Octopath and Bayonetta 2.

  • -1

    Picked up 2 Copies and Octopath Traveller, thanks for the heads up OP

  • +2

    This is funny.
    They accepted my click and collect and send me confirmation email only to send me a cancellation email in the same minute.

  • Order got cancelled even though I did click and collect early in day haha. Guess they sold off all their physical copies to people who went in store and don't bother reserving games for collection when payments are taken.

  • Order cancelled!

  • My order cancelled too :(

  • My order was also cancelled. I've just been to Target at Gawler, SA. There's 1 copy of Hyrule Warriors left.

  • OP got their order cancelled?! What how, you must've been one of the first to order

    So far i haven't gotten a cancellation email. I had a chance to order at amazon for $30, so if my order gets cancelled I'm gonna be mildly pissed

  • Got in pretty early and still got cancelled. Can't even get it from Amazon anymore either. Feels bad man.

  • Thanks, got one click and collect.

  • +1

    Yep, order cancelled. Lucky I got the Amazon order. Target are useless, just keep putting your prices down. That's all you're good for. We can't even support you because you keep cancelling orders.

  • Found 2 at my local today, price was not marked, had to manually scan

    • Lucky you!
      All the ones around me didn't have stock when I called and I had my click and collect cancelled.

      I see a few people price gouging on various classifieds on it which is sad when a lot of people missed out

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