The Burgers Are No Longer Better at Hungry Jacks?


I've been a long time lover of burgers at Hungry Jacks but have found the size and taste has dimished enormously over the past 6 months.

I have purchased from at least three different stores.

Wheras previously I would be struggling to fight temptation when passing a HJ's store, now I have a real sense of dissatisfaction.

Am I imagining this?

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    Now that the burgers include the sweat of underpaid interns, I lost my appetite too.

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      Really? I personally like the added saltines.

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        the tears of underpaid teenagers is the main reason i go

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    Been thinking that for a while too.
    There's less lettuce and sauce, the burgers are dry and are just really kinda bland, though I remember they used to taste so much better.

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      There's less lettuce and sauce

      I dislike lettuce on my burger. Well, an excess quantity of it. I have had to start asking for no lettuce on my burger because they have been putting so much on!

      And as for sauce, I don’t know what’s wrong with my wife, 🤐 but she doesn’t like mayonnaise or barbecue sauce on her burgers. Actually, she doesn’t like mayonnaise, ever. And she’s noticed how much goes on when she forgets to ask for no sauce.

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    Luv their vegie whopper before, but the quality has gone down. On the other hand, their new vegetarian burger? Tasted like styrofoam.

    • Do they even have Veggie Whoppers anymore?
      The last time I asked for one they handed me a Vegan Burger instead.
      Despite having twice the veggie patties, it somehow tastes worse? I don't get it.

      As for their chicken burgers, I miss their Chicken Crunch Burger.
      I tend to go to KFC or the local fish shop if I want a nice chicken burger though.

      • Do they even have Veggie Whoppers anymore?
        The last time I asked for one they handed me a Vegan Burger instead.
        Despite having twice the veggie patties, it somehow tastes worse? I don't get it.

        Customise your burger. Get real cheese instead of the vegan cheese. That’s the main problem for me.
        You can also get the real mayonnaise instead of the vegan one, but I don’t mind the vegan one, so I don’t change it.

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        I hate the new burger. I buy it but mod it. Remove one patty, change cheese and Mayo to normal items.

        Tastes as good as the old one because its same :)

        EDIT: HELLO old thread, still relevant. In the same year haha

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    I've actually noticed this!

    Most HJs now make their burgers to order, but it often still doesnt taste as fresh as it did before (years ago when they made lots of burgers and threw it down that "burger holder" to the counter staff).

    Since in see them put together the burger inside, I can only assume it's the ingredients that aren't fresh.

    Worst one was HJs on Swanston St (towards Flinders) in Melb where they obviously reheated the whole burger in the microwave because the lettuce was warm and went dull colour, plus the sauce was also hot!

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      The burgers don't have time to marinate in the hot box anymore.

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      I've gotten a pretty consistent level with my burgers since they started making them to order compared to the cold, stale or even ill inducing burgers I received when they used the 'burger holders'. These prior issues made me and my family nearly give up on ordering at Hungries, so it's a somewhat decent improvement. I have however, received a bacon deluxe burger that had chewy and hard bacon the other day…

      When I was 12-13 and younger they 'might' have tasted better in flavour, but nostalgia may play a part here(family didn't really have the cash to waste so it was a treat and maybe that's why having bad burgers were so disappointing)

      Sorry for the long ramble :)

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      The official procedure is to cook the meat, store it in a pan for 20 minutes, and then make the burger
      If it doesn't get used, it gets discarded, and new meat cooked.

      But the meat thats thrown out gets recorded, and head office yells at the store manager if its too high.
      What ends up happening in reality, is the meat gets kept, sometimes for hours. Thats why it tastes soggy.

      Best time to go is either after the lunchtime rush, when everyone else has used up the old meat, or to request that fresh meat be used, which adds 5 minutes.

      • I guess I usually buy in the morning at a high turnover CBD store, or my local when it's been recently cleaned and new stock is in? Oh well…

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          Well the lunch time rush is the biggest, but there's a few sweet spots. At 10.30 they switch from breakfast to regular, so they put down a whole lot of meat then. And around 6pm there's a lot of dinner patrons, so thats a good time too. All other times.. its a gamble.

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    On the contrary, I feel hj has improved in the same timespan. Their new vegan burgers are awesome! Double patty and yum.

  • Worked at HJ's for 3 years from '89 to '91. I sometimes miss having a Yumbo or a Whaler and I think the Chicken nuggets were a lot better back then, but the standard burgers like the Whopper and Bacon Deluxe are exactly the same now as they were then. I've always asked for heavy mayo on burgers though but they do charge extra for that now. I do like the new vegan burger and I think the Tendercrisp is better now as a burger than what the chicken burger was back then

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    Please. Every fast food joint has gone down the gurgler in the past few years.

    The only reason I still go to Hungry Jack's is because it's cheap and the competitors (which are more expensive) don't fair any better.

  • The worst is Chapel St, Prahran. They microwave the burgers.

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      Don't they all? Microwaved a burger from 7/11 once and my whole world came crashing down around me when it tasted exactly like a HJ burger.

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    get an ultimate whopper with pineapple..
    then u can shut this thread down.

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    The last burger I had at HJ's was the Spicy Chipotle Angus and I have to say it is a damn good burger (although the fried jalapenos were a bit soggy). Had a Whopper a while ago and it was still decent but a tiny bit drier than I remember it being.

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      That was a good burger, it was a real stand out.

      • Yeah it's really good! Had it twice in two days because I liked it so much haha.

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    If people are in Melbourne I recommend these guys. A tad pricier than HJ but the burgers are absolutely delicious.

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      It's like a website from 1999

      • The place is kitted out like the 60s, so the website is more modern.

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    10 years ago the i used to hold the burger in two hands… now it's down to one hand.
    In another 10 years you will hold it in one finger.

    • LOL… this!
      I thought my hands were getting bigger with age.
      Obviously the burgers are smaller at Hungry Jacks :P

  • I hope you all making a feed back. I don't think HJ reading ozb.

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      Yes, submit feedback. Last week, my Big brekky wrap came with no Hashbrown and they charged me 30c when I wanted a sauce swap (bbq -> tomato ), someone responded and is going to mail me some vouchers.

  • Meh. I only get the Bacon Deluxe (no tomatoes) and they're almost always a treat. So I can't say I agree with you, OP

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    Why waste your time discussing the finer details of HJ's?

    Go eat at a local independent burger joint…SO much better

    Although outdated now, I was following this for a good few years - you get the idea.

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      +1 This

      Worst case go and get a burger from your local Fish n Chip shop. A lot of them make an awesome burger with the lot.

  • The burgers were never better are hungry jacks.

  • The Whoppers in the two HJs we visit in Sydney are fine. Quite yummy. Personal taste I think. They certainly are cheap enough with frugalfeeds vouchers!

  • The Angus Burgers are Hungry Jacks are next level, its also simple to ask for something fresh if you are give a crap cold burger.

  • The bacon deluxe are tiny now…or I've gotten bigger

  • Screwing over interns with $4/hour - I'm now a former customer

    • In at least the last 10 years I've only seen the HJ's burger makers work at what would be worthy of $4 an hour pace anyway.

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      Do people just parrot what the media tells them to parrot?

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    Last time I went to Hungry Jack's I ordered the 2 x-tra long chicken classic burgers with extra lettuce and tomato. They charged me $2 more for the tomato and extra lettuce. The burgers they gave me had no tomato and barely any lettuce. I was on my way to meet someone and couldn't go back, so I took a picture of it.

    This was at the Macquarie Centre Hungry Jack's.
    Never again.

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      As said above, did you send feedback directly to HJs? It certainly is worth it, IMO.

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    BOYCOTTED since they decided to USE underpaid dole workers @ $4 PH & fire/not hire/not give hours to their regular staff. F-HJ!

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      Aaaaand now those interns are on $0 PH. Good job?

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        A bad deal is worse than no deal. You learn that at business school

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          Only because of opportunity cost. The interns are interning at HJs because they have nothing else - otherwise they'd already be doing that something else.

          • @HighAndDry: the expense of their regular staff who were "sacked" - which would not/should not have occurred in the first instance.

            There are no winners here.

            • @zeggie: Ok and? If you can be replaced by someone cheaper who does the same job, chances are you will be. That's not just a HJs thing, that's a "duh, everywhere" thing.

              • @HighAndDry: Aaaaand now those former employees are on $0 PH. Good job?

                • @zeggie: Not really - I'm not trying to protest them losing their jobs. And it's not as if boycotting HJs will give them their jobs back either.

              • @HighAndDry: This is the GOV'T using tax dollars to create a "slave" labor force in place of living-wage jobs.


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    The burgers are better at Carl's Jr. Considerably more expensive though.

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    I only go to HJ for their free chips and drinks from their shake app thing haha

  • I love the double cheeseburgers at hungry jacks. Where I live in Brisbane, they are always good and fresh.

  • Where do I sign up for the internship program ? I heard the pay is decent

  • HJ's has always been rubbish. I can't eat anything like HJ or Macca's.

  • Yep, not sure what happened. Taste like nothing now.

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