expired Boost Juice - $5 Kombucha (Save $2.90) 9th Jan Only


Received this in my email today. Looks like Boost Juice is venturing from juice to alcoholic tea. Best time to give it a go when it is on specials.

$5 Kombucha Drinks valid at all Boost Juice stores when purchased through the app or mentioned in store on 09/01/2019. Not valid with any other offer. Kombucha is live and unpasteurised. Due to the natural fermentation process this drink may contain trace amounts of alcohol but no more than 0.5%. Kombucha may not be suitable for young children, pregnant or lactating women and individuals sensitive to alcohol so please check with your doctor before consuming.

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    For a better discount, just pour soda water into some bin juice.




    Highly over rated( So called healthy,)



      If improving gut health is on your new year’s resolution hot list, then grabbing a kombucha drink may not help.

      As part of a new study into 77 kombucha products available in the Perth, Cancer Council WA’s LiveLighter found no definitive scientific proof that the trendy drink benefits gut health.


        Who’d have thought?!

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          FWIW and from someone who has been making their own kombucha for several years - I'd imagine most commercially sold/mass produced kombuchas would have to be treated in some way i.e pasteurised - so that they don't overly ferment onroute to the consumer.

          Therefore a lot of the 'good stuff' would be lost.

          A 'good' balanced kombucha will with just a few extra days at normal temps end up tasting like vinegar - so these mass produced products must be altered in some dramatic way - i.e treated or massively watered down.

          So I wouldn't totally close the door on Kombucha's benefits (within reason) but is so easy to make yourself and is essentially sweet fermented tea - so very cheap to make. DYOR.

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    I haven't even been able to finish the Kombucha freebies. Why would I pay $5 for it?

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    Not a massive saving considering they have this offer on all drinks on Tuesdays. But I appreciate the post anyway. I love Kombucha, but I do like weird foods like all of the limited run chips/soft drinks/chocolate/ice creams, etc.
    Nothing wrong with a bit of good bacteria for digestive aid. Tastes nice to me too.

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    I thought they would have their own unique fruit brews

    Instead they are just buying amplfy komucha which you can get from woolies for around $3-4 a bottle and throwing some fruit in and blending it