Nvidia RTX 2060 - Thoughts?

New RTX card from Nvidia, available Jan 15th. On par or better than 1070 Ti performance wise, though the ray tracing aspect is a tad worrying.

$599 for Founder's Edition with 6GB memory which is around $150 lower in RRP compared to the 1070 Ti.

It will have FreeSync support, of course, and should come with free Battlefield V as well.

What are your thoughts? Yay or nay? Personally I'm willing to wait a few months for the next gen AMD cards and see how they compare.

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    RTX 2060
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    RTX 2070/80
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    GTX 10xx
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    Vega 56/64
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    Waiting out for 2050 / Vega II


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    Yeah navi

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    GTX 1160


    Yeah wait for the next gen stuff on 7nm.


    Apparently it beats most benchmarks over the 1070ti. So that's cool.


    There was leaks of a GTX1160 with the same specs but minus the turing, so should be cheaper and unless you really want the ray tracing features there's no reason to pay the premium.


    Don't really care about ray tracing, it's a cool feature, but I doubt many would use it. At $599, I think it's expensive. But given that's a Founder's edition at release, I think you'd find the cheapest cards hitting $500 or so not after too long. At that price, I think it'd be an okay buy, but certainly not good value. I have a 1070 Ti and I don't see any point in upgrading to the new cards. To be honest, I'd rather just get a used 1080 for better performance.

    Personally I'm willing to wait a few months for the next gen AMD cards and see how they compare.

    Always been disappointed by AMD GPUs, their CPUs are killing it, but their GPUs haven't been competitive for a while now. The R9 290(X) was their last great card. The Vega series just weren't competitive. I didn't see any reason to get a Vega 56 over a 1070 Ti, and similarly, a 1080 was better (and cheaper) than a Vega 64.


      Vega II will cause Nvidia to drop prices, or release a barstardized card to complete.

      Nvidia always releases the flagship first at a very high price to milk the market. They are like the Samsung of computer hardware.

      At the moment you have to compare it to last gen cards. It won't look so impressive when the full range is available for sale


        To be honest, AMD haven't been much better with the whole milking the market thing.

        Right now, Vega 56 is $599 or so, and Vega 64 is $749. With the RTX 1060 non-Founders cards coming in under $599 with better performance than a GTX 1070 Ti, the Vega 56 is just far too expensive. You can say the same thing with the Vega 64 vs. RTX 2070. Perhaps Navi will change things, but they said that with Vega too.

        To be honest, the fact that things have been so quiet with AMD's GPUs don't signal anything good. When a good product's about to hit, there's always rumours, hype, announcements…etc. just like the Ryzen 3000 series right now.

        I actually think the best AMD GPU is the RX 580, but of course, they had to go and screw it up with a pointless RX 590. For the price, the RX 580 is the best card you can buy but Polaris is an aging architecture now.


    We won't have to wait long for news from AMD, they have a keynote at CES this Thursday at 4 AM AEDT.

    I like the RTX 2060 but 599 is too expensive. Damn exchange rate..


      Nothing major to report from the AMD keynote. At least not in the price range of the RTX 2060. They introduced a 699 USD new GPU.


    It's an odd card because it is on par with the 1070ti, but you have to pay more for it because it has raytracing.

    However, if you turn raytracing on with this card, your FPS drops by half.

    Like, I don't see the point of getting this card for ray tracing coz it'll be slow, but if you want 1070ti performance, just get a 1070ti coz it'll be cheaper.

    If it ends up being priced the same as a 1070ti (but probably won't), then it's an easy decision to get an rtx2060.
    But at the moment, I'd rather get a gtx card over a rtx2060.


      Is the 1070 Ti really cheaper? Staticice lists the cheapest 1070Ti as $610.


        Sorry, I looked up the GTX1070.
        RTX2060/1070TI look like they'll be similarly priced.

        If you can wait for the GTX1160, hopefully that'll offer the same performance as the RTX2060/1070TI (minus ray tracing), but with a lower price tag.

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    Im hoping amd does something decent in the gpy game and finally gives Nvidia some competition.


      What AMD needs is a proper high end GPU that competes with at least the 2080. Get them proper recognition in the high end.


    Looks good…but realistically ray tracing isn't something you want on this card. Wait for the rumoured/leaked 1160, should cost less.

    As well as Navi/RX 3xxx of course. Announcement (if happens) should be tomorrow.


    My GTX 960 2GB struggles with X-Plane 11 so I am looking for a new card but I do not want to pay extra for ray tracing which I will not use. I want to use max settings. Any recommendations?