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iPhone X / Samsung S9 Case $2 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Kase Amazon AU


No. 1 Best Seller on Amazon AU , Limited Time Offer or while stock last

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Anything for Samsung S8?

  • excellent single amazon review :/

    • The review isn't glowing either!!

      • The box it came in is sturdier than the case.

        No. Not glowing.

  • KASE Thinnest (0.02')

    At this sort of thickness it's really more of a skin than a case, but I guess the addition of the raised lip which prevents the screen from contacting the surface when you put it face down is better than just applying a phone skin.

    • 0.02’ is 1/4” or about 6mm… seems thick enough for me…

    • It doesn't look like there's a raised lip for the screen, just for the camera.

  • So, for free shipping, I’ll need to by 25 of these cases…

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      And can you send one to me

    • Or have Amazon Prime. Worth it IMO.

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        I dont buy enough garbage $2 items off Amazon to make it worth it. Everything I buy off Amazon is well over the $49 cut off. And I’m not signing up to Prime for my free month for free shipping on a $2 case I could get off AliExpress for the same price.

        • Totally fair. Each to their own I guess; I only originally signed up because I got 50% back from Amex so figured it was worth trying out at least. Most things I buy are below the $49 cutoff and I find Prime Video pretty decent so it's worked out well for me.

  • Slim cases don't provide much protection. The S9 itself already comes with a TPU back cover. May as well use that.

    • A case like this would basically only protect the phone from scratches and smudges. And if that's all you need, at least this one looks slick compared to the tacky cover that was included. Pretty slippery though.

      • I think the included one is fine. It's a clear case so you still see the original colour of the phone you bought. And it's not hard plastic so it will absorb some of the shock if it lands cover side down.

  • iPhone link?

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      Go to the site, it's at the bottom of items others bought

  • thx got one

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