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Protein - 10% Off New Customer Orders @ VPA Australia


Code: VPAFAM entitles a new customer to 10% off.*

I think this is a fair offer but I usually think it's a better idea to see what they're offering on their 'frugal friday' deal. In the past I've ordered protein and their frugal Friday offer would be another bag of protein makes for easy value usually around the $20-30 mark

Long time lurker, first submission.
I'm not affiliated with VPA, I just make the effort to only source protein Australian or New Zealand products because we have better cows and legislation. Put in like 3 orders and these codes came with all of them.

  • *Notable that this can't be stacked with other codes which kinda sucks

At the moment I'm using
Gogood protein from the black friday 50% off offer but most of my other sups are VPA

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  • Just a heads up with Micellar Casein protein if anyone thinking of buying it. It is marketed as "Micellar Casein - night time protein" however it a mixture of WPC and Casein. Bit of a false marketing IMO. I've reached out to their customer service about the month ago and they haven't got back to me regarding the ratio of the mix.

    Always used BN in the past and I think I'll stick with them for future

    • I didn't even notice. I got some this week. I just called them down to ask for the % breakdown.

      I may even get a refund based on the answer. does bn have good discounts?

    • Flavored
      72% casein
      24% wpc


  • I have moved away from VPA. THe last three orders they have messed up and cannot meet delivery time lines.

    I feel the company has either changed management or has not scaled up to deal with their growth.

  • I have switched over to VPA from being a long time Bulk Nutrients fan because apparently BN have changed from A/NZ dairy to US dairy products.

    • Big deal breaker for me. Thanks for the info. Got any confirmations?

      • I saw it in another protein post and then checked my latest batch of BN WPI.

        There's a sticker over the "Made in Australia from x% Australian ingredients"

        It says 0%.

      • Natural WPC - Australia
        Standard WPC - USA
        Natural WPI - USA
        Standard WPI - USA
        Casein - Australia and New Zealand

        • Is this information readily available or did you have to ask them for it?

          Frankly I'm annoyed that we even need to ask these companies for this information.

  • New code FAMILY10 for 10% off over $100