5 Days Free Global Wi-Fi @ United Networks


Free 5 days Global wifi when downloading an app and using the promotional code.

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United Networks
United Networks


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    1. Eligibility

    1.1. The Columbus Direct Free Wi-Fi powered by United Networks (the “Free Wi-Fi”) promotion (the “Promotion”) will be held from 26 November 2018 to 31 March 2018 (both dates inclusive) (the “Promotion Period”).
    1.2. The Promotion will be administered and run by Columbus Direct and is open to eligible policyholders
    1.3. Individuals who successfully purchase a valid Columbus Direct travel insurance policy during the Promotion Period, without any cancellation, will be entitled to access to the Free Wi-Fi. For the purchase of a family policy, only the main policyholder will be eligible for access to the Free Wi-Fi. If a group policy is purchased, each insured will be eligible for access to the Free Wi-Fi.


    This seems like a scam


    My cousin had a columbus plan, but I can not see why it would not work for others?


    New Zealand?


    Cousin did this in England when they come to Australia and it worked amazingly.

    Don't believe it. Just look at the crappy coverage map.


      Just thought someone might like it. :) He had a gr8 time using it.

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        A great time using it?????
        Seems a little exuberant a description for access to wifi. I guess being able to freely view donkey porn can have that effect on people.


    I looked at the coverage map, it literally only showed me Free Wi-Fi that's already available (hotel lobbies, RSL clubs, a store's customer Wi-Fi…)

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