expired [Android/iOS] Free - Mosalingua Brazilian Portuguese $0 (Was $7.99) @ Google Play/iTunes


By using the dialogue exercises, you'll be able to improve both your Brazilian Portuguese comprehension and your speaking skills at the same time.

MosaLingua was designed by a Brazilian professor and a team of native speakers and polyglots who actually uses MosaLingua on a daily basis.

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    My husband is from Brazil that's useful, OP

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    Muito bom, obrigado! :D

    PS. I tried to search straight from my phone on the Play Store and it said $7.99, but clicking the Deal link and installing via browser worked with no issues.

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    I happen to be currently learning Brazilian Portuguese (in fact, I'm heading there in two weeks!) so this is great timing. Will check this out, thanks OP!


    Mosalingua apps are great, lot of content and a deep learning method, I reccomend to check their learning tips too.