Japan Ski Trip

I am taking my 19 year old Son to Japan (Tokyo) in February and want to do a 3 day snow trip, can anyone recommend a good package with good access from Tokyo ?

We are beginner skiers so just after the experience and beginner runs.

I have tried looking online and its' all a bit confusing where and how to book.

Much appreciate any advice.


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    I went to Akakura in Jan last year. Nice place, quite easy to get there from Tokyo and quite popular with Australians.


    Thanks trex, who did you book through?

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    We're going end of feb as well, flying in/out of tokyo.Doing 5 nights at nozawa onsen, then a couple nights in nagano, then another 4 nights in echigo yuzawa. Easy access via shinkansen from tokyo, many locals do day trips eg to gala yuzawa from tokyo as the station is right at the lifts.

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    if you want to book tour for convenience…you do pay for that luxury

    there are plenty of organisations which speak English more than happy to take your money
    cant really recommend any as i wouldn't use them myself…part of the fun is doing it yourself

    as mentioned above
    Gala yuzawa is probably the most easiest to access
    if you are going to go…avoid weekends =)

    some reading material

    as beginners the only advice i would give is…if you have any inkling to go skiing again…get lessons (also some youtubing before hand doesn't hurt)
    its worth the investment also feeling of progression is awesome
    you'll ultimately have more fun on the mountain overall and not to mention be more safe not only to yourself but others around you

    English is catered for at many resorts

    also allow time to get rental gear sorted out

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    How beginner are you? Can you do green runs at thredbo/perisher?

    In general, ski resorts in japan are "easier", due to the plentiful snow / lack of ice.

    For a cheapish, english friendly deal, consider Hakuba valley, staying around Happo One, and getting lessons in English from Evergreen.
    You can book a bus from Tokyo straight to hakuba valley, or for the full experience, catch a Shinkansen to Nagano, and then a bus to Happo bus terminal.


      Cheers, I can do Green runs no worrries, my Son is a first time, but he skates etc so dont see that being a drama. I think the Bullet Train would be part of the fun.

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        Yes, taking the bullet train is lots of fun. It might not be cheaper to buy the JR rail pass so be sure to check and compare against the individual fare with online calculators like this.

        Tokyo especially has a mix of many different rail companies (Tokyo Subway, Japan Rail (JR), Keisei etc), each with its own lines, tickets and fare conditions so it can get pretty confusing. If you plan to stay in Tokyo for a few days be sure to check out Tokyo Metro's 24-hour, 48-hour and 72-hour passes here. These passes can only be purchased at Narita Airport and select few locations.


    Anywhere around Nagano works as you can get the Shinkansen to Nagano and the train/transfer. My favourite in that area is Nozawa Onsen, but at this late point in time you might not get accommodation. Myoko Kogen isn't too bad either. Stay in an onsen area - it is so good for post-ski muscles. If I struggle getting accommodation, Liquid Snow Tours are my go-to.

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    I'm doing 2x 3 day trips in February.

    First one to Mt Naeba/Kagura (closest real resort you'll get from Tokyo) and Hakuba.

    If you're just doing green runs, then there's nothing that beats the convenience of Gala Yuzawa. Only resort with it's own bullet train station.

    Depending on the timing that you go, Chinese New Year may be in full effect, extra busy on weekends too.


    Have booked at Nozawa Onsen thanks for the advice all, much appreciated, looking forward to it.

    Now while I'm at it, what are the must do's in Tokyo?

    I am very keen on whisky and craft beer and whatever else Tokyo may bring, travelling with my 19 year old Son.

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    Be aware only limited international ATMs for getting cash (7Eleven store is most common). See: https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2208.html
    Tokyo Guide: https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2164.html
    Metro map: https://www.tokyometro.jp/en/subwaymap/

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