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50% off 5kg Bags of Aussie Dog Food. Now $25.00 was $50.00
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Australian Dog Food is made in Australia from all natural farm sourced ingredients, delivering animal health and well being from the inside out. Aussie Dog Food is infused with a patented formula that is shown to have a beneficial effect on the Gastrointestinal tract ('the gut') of dogs.

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Australian Dog Food
Australian Dog Food


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    Mainly wheat. There's much better foods around for the price. Pet Food Reviews give them one star. https://www.petfoodreviews.com.au/dry-dog-food/australian-do...

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    Wholegrain wheat and or sorghum, beef (derived from meat and meat products), yoghurt, fats and oils (derived from beef), salt, vitamins and minerals (including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 B5, B6, B9, B12, D3, E, H, K), natural preservatives (including citric acid, buffered white distilled vinegar, white distilled vinegar) and herbal antioxidants (including amorphous silicon dioxide, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, vegetable oil, natural mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract, green tea extract and spearmint extract).

    need i say more


      " infused with a patented formula " got that right! i will keep my dog alive thanks, plus grain ruins my labs coat.


    to my fellow commenters
    no use complaining here as OP ignores us
    He will be back in a couple of months with another "bargain"

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    We would love you to check out our current reviews which come from verified purchasers:
    Aussie Dog Food Product Review

    If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us anytime at sales@aussiedogfood.com

    The Aussie Dog Food Team

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    Don't know how it compares to Supercoat or competitors, but it can not be a good dog food in any way, just from the ingredients. I would never feed the pooch any junk like grains and whole meal etc. Yuk


      Supercoat is rubbish too. Anything you can get at Woolies/Coles is certainly not recommended.


        Anything you can get at Woolies/Coles is certainly not recommended

        Applaws is actually available at Woolies/ coles AND is recommended


        That's why I only compare this stuff to Supercoat, coz they are considered comparable


    The sad thing is that being the low quality food that it is their normal prices ~$100 a kilo puts it up with the premium ones like good ole blackhawk


    Don't know why you straight out bag it. Have you tried it? I have my 3 dogs (Cattle and 2 Border Collie's) on it, and they are super healthy and their coats are fantastic.

    Stool's are a good indication of the health of a dog (just like humans!).

    I gave it a go and it works for my dogs. Also is Australian made. All the retail dog foods come from 2 or so companies. Look it up.


      We're straight out bagging it because it's overpriced for the ingredients and a diet heavy in grains and carbs is not good for dogs.


        So what do you feed your dogs? Just curious.


          I change it around a bit but she's currently on Meals for Mutts dry food and I got a delivery of some K9 Natural cans today from the Petstock sale.


      Don't need to try - you can look at the ingredients and see it's no good.


      All the retail dog foods come from 2 or so companies. Look it up.

      Ivory Coat- Real Pet food Co
      Black Hawk-EBOS
      Stay Loyal- independent
      Meals for Mutts- independent
      Hills- Colgate Palmolive
      Royal Canin- Mars

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