$15/Day Car Hire with Free Tank of Fuel Cairns to Sydney Airport @ Jucy Car Rentals (Relocation Sale)


Jucy car rental is offering $15/day Crib hire for anyone looking to travel from Cairns to Sydney.

Sometimes we need to get a vehicle from one JUCY branch to another and when we do, we offer JUCY lovers like you amazing prices, just to take our wheels from A to B! Be sure to read all the information carefully about our relocations as specific dates, locations, vehicle types and terms and conditions will apply. Relocation specials are available online only.

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    If you specifically needed to get from Cairns to Sydney this is great, but if you're looking at it as a cheap holiday option its not as lucrative as the relocation deals with imoova so check that out as well. They have a camper relocation with $100 free fuel from Cairns to Sydney and only $1/day. The imoova campers are usually better than the jucy ones which are often 20 year old toyota vans sprayed with rattle cans.