PNY Elite-X Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive for US $24.99 (AU $34.74) + Delivery via Amazon US


Pretty good deal for this tiny USB3 stick me thinks. Cheapest ever on camelcamelcamel.
Reviews are generally good, with some one-stars because their sticks died.

Blurb from website:
The 128GB Elite-X Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive features read speeds up to 200MB/sec & write 100MB/sec.
Long-stay, micro-sized, low profile design can remain connected to PC or laptop for maximum convenience.
Backwards compatible with USB 2.0

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    Why buy from US when you can get 128GB USB 3.1 here in Australia for $34? That's 74c cheaper and fast delivery.


      More than 74c because the US will incur shipping unless you spend over $50 I think?

      Amazon really need to lift their game. I'm a Prime member, we should get free US shipping too. I think they can afford it.


      good point… didnt find this one earlier. my bad :)


      Are those sandisk ones better than they used to be? Overheating pos.


        The USB plug on the Sandisk FIT drive now looks like it is made of plastic, so you may not feel the heat as much, but it's probably just as hot inside.

        I don't like USB drives with plastic USB plugs, they break too easily.

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    Do these tiny thumb drives, like the sandisk, still suffer from overheating?

    I note sandisk looks to be made out of less metal parts so less heating but the ones I have all fail after a bit of use due to overheating.


      Here's an option that shouldn't overheat. Buy a tiny micro-sd card reader that is the same size as a fit drive, like this one for $5:

      Add a 128G micro-sd card, e.g. Samsung Evo Plus 128G can be bought for around $29 on special.

      Total cost: $34, same as this deal.

      Only limitation is that you will be limited to USB2 transfer speed, of about 40Mbytes/second. For most people, that's not much of a limitation.

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