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Up to 80% off New and Refurbished Tech: E.g 32" TV $149, 55" Chromecast TV $499, Free Metro Delivery All TVs @ Soniq


All TVs featured on our Back to School page come with FREE Shipping to Metro areas, this excludes other non-featured TV deals
Free shipping only on specific accessories

Below are some of our offers

24" HD LED LCD TV COMBO (Refurbished)-$129 was $199

32" HD LED LCD TV- $179 was $249

32"HD LED LCD TV (Refurbished)- $149 was $199

55" FHD 3D Smart Borderless LED TV (Refurbished)- $429 was $569

55'' UltraHD Google Chromecast built-in TV 120HZ- $499 was $899

75" UltraHD Chromecast built-in TV 120Hz (Refurbished)- $1199 was $1999 SOLD OUT

Wall Mount Fit for Most 23 42 inch flat panel TV- $9 was $49

Wireless Keyboard Combo- $29 was $75

Desk Lamp Wireless Charger 4 Modes- $69 was $149

Action Sports Camera- $45 was $99

Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones- $39 was $141

Wireless Charger- $19 was $65

Rock7 Portable Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker- $29.95 was $129

All Refurbished products are tested, come with an 18-month warranty and come in original packaging. They may have slight scratches on the back or the stand of the TV and NOT the screen or front.

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  • What are the panels like on these displays?

    • The details are all on the product pages

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    Get back to school with these DISCOUNTED TVS

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      I mean you need something to do with the kids gone right?

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        No, we have OzBargain.

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    SONIQ Back to School Sale

    Which booklist are these TVs on ?

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      It's part of the "Diploma in Full-time Fortnight Streamer" program

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      If you tried hard enough I'm sure you could read books on them

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        That’s not saying much about the quality of the screens.

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    1. Could you please explain the differences between the 120HZ and 100HZ model 55" model listed at the same price? Is the refresh rate only for the TV, or for HDMI as well?

    2. Is the Chromecast that is inbuilt UHD at 4K?

    3. Does [email protected] work over HDMI? The manual has conflicting information between 30Hz and 60Hz.

    • Also interested in the answers to those questions for the 75"

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      1. The second part of that answer is yes
      2. Yes
      3. Yes

      (also for the 75" model is the same)

      As for the first part to your first question, I talked with some of our tech guys and well it seems it requires a bit more research so sorry if this isn't enough information.
      Essentially there is no difference, the 120Hz model can reach 120 Hz but likely never will due to the power supply in Australia limiting it to 100Hz. If you were to do outside things like supplement the power supply or even take it to a country with a naturally higher power supply then it could reach 120Hz over the 100Hz model which caps at 100Hz.
      However, most manufacturers are unable to visibly even tell the difference between 120Hz and 100Hz as the difference is that small that it's too hard to prove.

      They equated it to a car, just because it says it can go to 220km/h doesn't mean it will, just that it can given the right conditions

      All this is coming second-hand knowledge after asking our tech guys so if you really wanted to know, research it or you can contact them at [email protected]

      • +4

        Well that was refreshingly honest.

      • Thanks very much, Soniq - appreciate the answer. Reiterating my first question, then, any real differences between the N55UX17B-AU & N55UX17C-AU models?

      • Thanks for the info. I see you guys sell on Amazon for some products. Any reason the 75” refurb isn’t on there? I’ve got a bit of credit there that I need to use.

        • Sadly Amazon doesn't seem to accept refurbished TVs :/

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    This one seems like pretty good value: $699 for 65" https://www.soniq.com/au/shop/U65VX15A-AU-detail

  • i want a tv but i dont like these ones with 2 feet. do you have any on sale with one foot?

    • +1

      Sadly most of the new models only come with two feet :/

  • Has anyone had experience with the mini 3 in 1 cooler or something similar? I'm struggling to find reviews online. Are they able to cool down a 3x3 room on a hot night and keep it cool overnight? $39 seems like a great price for something like this if it actually works.

    • The product is actually a brand new one that came out recently. I can't confirm whether it can cool a room but I have had one next to my office now and it feels pretty good.
      The best part is that since it uses a USB charger port you can take it anywhere too

  • Was about to pull the trigger but then discovered this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3HSSf37_wc

    Not the exact same model (s55uv16b-au as opposed to N55UX17B-AU), I wonder if this issue has been rectified on this model. Any thoughts on this soniq store rep?

    • The model shown in the video is indeed 4K, the issue the customer had was that the firmware needed to be updated so it could connect to his Xbox. If he just contacted our support team it should of been fixed :O

      Our later models should have an updated firmware already

  • When does this deal expire?

    • The deals expire on the 31st

      • Ok thank you. Any idea if you will be getting any more 75" refurbished TVs before then?

        • Chances are pretty unlikely sadly

        • We still have the normal non-refurb 75" TV in stock which might be getting cleared out soon. (ie. discounted) So if you really wanted a 75" chromecast I recommend checking soniq.com in a few hours

  • The TVs have fairly low Response Times measured (around 6ms), but I was wondering if there was any sort of available statistic for Input Lag, and in turn, how it would function as a PC monitor?

    • I'l be honest as someone who plays PC games I would never normally suggest using a TV as a PC monitor regardless of brand for games. They just aren't optimized correctly for it. If you were only looking to do basic tasks like web browsing and document reading then sure go for it.

      If you were looking to stream movies/TV they can work too, I do it all the time at home but only really on larger screens where issues may be less noticeable.

      • Thank you very much. I've weighed up the pros and cons, and I've tried large 4K TVs that don't have noticeable input lag, and they're enjoyable to use. Was mainly wondering if there any specs that reflect that (on top of response time) like many other manufacturers provide. Cheers!

  • For all of the inbuilt Chromecast UHD TVs, are the Chromecasts also UHD?

    Also, what's the warranty on new (i.e. non-refurbished) products (in particular, TVs)?

    Thanks in advance

    • Yup they are indeed

      • Great thank you.

        And what is the warranty on the new (non-refurbished) TVs?

        • +1

          Non-Refurbished TVs have a 12 month warranty
          Refurbished has a 18 month warranty
          Selected TV can have a 36 month warranty if you register them

  • Site is down? I'm getting "Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error: Could not connect to MySQL."

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