expired [VIC] 30% off Ola Rides until 20/01/2019


Don't forget to check out taxify, Uber, Didi deals.
This may be best for long journeys (if you can find a driver)
this offered may be targeted

Get 30% off your Ola rides* and cruise through summer with ease.

Just enter promo code: 30MEL, in the Apply Coupon section to redeem.

*Offer valid for up to 15 rides, capped at $8 per ride until 20/01/2019 in Melbourne, excludes tolls. Not valid for any other offer or promotion

I've used Ola twice. First time was great. Second time the driver drove away and refused to cancel.

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    Ola sucks - first trip I ever took, the driver kept driving away from me for more than 15 minutes.
    I heard this is some sort of scam so they can get a cancellation fee.

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      The scam wouldn't work if you reported the driver because Ola can see exactly where they drove.

      I've used them three times. Once the app crashed and I lost my booking. Rebooked with no issues. No issues either of the other times.

      I'll keep using them as long as they keep releasing coupons.

  • +1 vote

    Perth experience - It was a little unreliable at first (both the app and the drivers behaviors) but now its excellent. I've done 20-30 rides without a single issue.


    how far ahead can you book the ride? want to book to the airport


      I don't think booking a ride makes a difference. A previous conversation with a driver he recommended to try and try again, then use Uber.

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