What Is Your Favourite Airfare Watch?

I would like to know what's everyone's in OZB favourite airfare watch? I don't know if one exists but I am after something that can:

  • Let me to choose flexible dates and suggest which dates with best price
  • Preferably one that includes time limited promo as it came up



    Google Flights

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      Thanks … I have used Skyscanner before … I don't know if that's coincidental but the price movement for months wasn't much at all.

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        Skyscanner prices seem to only update if people search specific days. If you are searching monthly to “find the cheapest date”, then it’ll appears to only show the dates that have been searched before and then averages it to all the other days in that month. If you are searching specific dates then I’ve found it’s pretty accurate (minus baggage and seat selection fees).


          Thanks for your info @jjjaar. I guess that explained it.

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            @peuwayaqdq: The best option for accurate prices across a number of weeks tends to be the airlines themselves, which is a pain because it means you will have to figure out all the airlines doing your route, but it will be more accurate.

            An easy way to find out the airlines, however, is skyscanner search, though this can often not include some budget carriers.

            An alternative is to find the airport you are after on Wikipedia. Oh the the wiki page there is a section for “Airlines and Destinations”, just CTRL+F the name of airport you wish to fly into, and it’ll show you which airlines operate that route. This will also identify any seasonal routes (e.g. beachside cities in Europe that have more flights from May-October)

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    Breitling Cockpit B50 QANTAS Airlines 95th Anniversary Pilot Limited Edition


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