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[QLD] Gas Mate Fh 14095 Portable Industrial Air Heater Fan $10 (Was $99) @ Bunnings Oxley


I wish I could think of a use. The warning label says use in well ventilated areas. Bunnings Oxley Qld has a pallet full of these.

I can't find it on their website so I presume they are deleted stock so any store with stock will be getting rid of them?

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    "I wish I could think of a use."

    when painting on the block

  • Unfortunately it's very hard to predict clearance schedule for Bunnings. You can predict for stores you frequent, depending on stock and item size, but unlike Aldi it seems each store behaves irregularly.

  • Just what we need right now in Australia. Some way to generate more heat.

  • It looks like a massive fire risk if you ask me. Otherwise, I’m not sure why people are reporting this deal.

  • Old Google photos from eBay sales etc show these as "Approved for Industrial Use Only".

    Gasmate don't list these on their site & seems ebay & other sales were years ago.

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    This product has been deleted for some time. There are a few around still and will scan for $30 at the register. Any price below this will be up to the individual store.

    • Do you have the SKU, or able to list who has stock?

    • Yeah a searchable product code would be good. Or if you can see if there are any in SE Melbourne? This would be good in the garage.

  • Too bad this isn’t in Melbourne. Great for Melbournians who need to dry out their tents/swags in the garage after camping in the rain

  • Got one from Oxley yesterday morning. Pallet said reduced to $10 but still scanned at $99, so they adjusted price to suit the clearance tag.
    Also had to go to Springfield Bunnings in the afternoon, had like 6 in stock @ $160 each https://i.imgur.com/W4kssAB.jpg
    Which leads me to believe it’s a store only deal.

  • We hired similar heaters over winter when needing to heat up a large indoor basketball court used for community meeting. Anyone keen to grab 'em to ship to Melbourne?