iPhone 6s 32GB + 20GB 30 Day Sim $499 + Delivery @ Kogan (Grey Import)


For those who missed out on the last time it was this price

The last good iPhone made. Features a headphone jack, plenty of screen space and enough grunt to run pretty much anything.

Possibly international version, but comes with Australian charger.

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  • +26 votes

    $500 for an old af grey import iPhone? With only 32gb storage? Ahahahahhahahaha

  • +2 votes

    Just FYI to people, this is not in any way "the last good iPhone" for those who must have an iPhone and dongle-less headphone jack then this was the (2nd) last model to do so, that's about it.


      Yup. Unless the extra 0.7in screen space is absolutely essential, the SE is a much better buy than a 6S.

    • +2 votes

      The last iPhone with a headphone jack is iPhone SE, which is inferior (hardware wise) to this phone: better fingerprint reader, front facing camera, 3D touch, larger screen.

      Not saying you should get this.

  • +5 votes

    Erm - still available at Telstra for $529. A bit more, but no warranty hassles…


  • +2 votes

    Be aware that even though this phone may work well in Australia, when it comes time to parts replacement, may need to send it back to their original country

  • +1 vote

    Probably better buy it from Myers if you are concerned about warranty and have discounted gift cards from Myers

  • +2 votes

    Who the F is buying this?

    I'd buy it for my grandma for like $100, but this much for this phone?

  • +1 vote

    A good deal but hard pass on the grey import for this model
    It most likely will be repaired here under the 12 months apple warranty but I’d take the more expensive Australian models and get 2 years warranty, well worth the extra imho

    Also just remember apple may replace the iPhone 6s with a better model as stock would surely be running scarce for this model

    I’ve seen first hand a person get a replacement 7 plus for his 6s that needed a logic board replacement as apple did a good Will exchange for him

  • -1 vote

    Plenty of screen space
    4.7 inch screen

    Good joke mate


    Bought one last Tuesday for $399 from target with $50 Optus prepaid sim. I also double checked with Optus they fully unlocked.


    Sorry but that's a ridiculous price. Yes I know it's the iPhone 6S but if you don't care about iOS/Android, there are waaaaay better android phones with much better specifications at that price.


    That's the price of a 7 !…Pass but thanks.