expired $20 off $79 Spend ($59 after Voucher) @ Youfoodz


Not the best deal ever but very few coupon n codes for youfoodz at the moment. Works out to 7.50 meal if you get the standard 9.95 meals

As per Gandalf the Thrifty:
$20 stacks with the 70/30 pack special - https://youfoodz.com/collections/all/products/70-30-kickstar...


$110.00 (normally $122.29) minus $20 voucher = $90

Also Summer Packs are available (6 meals for $49)

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    Good deal but Youfoodz are becoming too greedy
    They lure clients in with cheap deals but I’ve noticed the quality of meals slipping then making the expiry dates on certain meals shorter etc

    I’ve always received little goodies with bigger orders but now days I can’t be bothered with them, cheaper making my own meals to my own portion sizes, maybe one or two orders in 6 months vs almost weekly

    Good if you’re time poor but I’ve definitely noticed quality changes in meals / how much meat vs veggies etc that you get

    I understand costs go up with production but it just seems to be a slap effort and customer service has slidden towards a negative way when people do have issues

    They’re getting too big too quick and a lot of poor mistakes are getting made with orders / Customer support.

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      I am a huge fan of youfoodz - but you are right. the customer service has taken a bit of a dive. I had organised someone to come pick up a few cooler boxes last week - and they were a no show. When i asked to reorganise - they stated that they were short staffed and it would be difficult to do over the new year period (fair enough). I was told id be emailed when they were able to pick up the boxes. One week later Im still waiting.

      Would still demolish the meals - I think they are tasty. Keep an eye out for salt content though - there are plenty of low salt options around but you will need to look into them.


    $20 stacks with the 70/30 pack special

    $110.00 $122.29 minus $20 voucher = $90

    Still pretty expensive though compared to earlier deals.

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    Quality and meal sizes have definitely gone down. I'm out.

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    Was a bargain at $20 off with minimum $49 after discount.

    This is now woeful


    Yeah, this is a standard email deal and not very good. I got the same one with my own code.


    almost no one is doing it now..


    So youfoodz hits us with the 20/30 dollar deals with low min spend… then in the new years, hit us with crappy minimum 99 spend. EW NO THANKS

    bring back 50% off snacks and i gladly spend min 99


    2019 New Years YouFoodz resolution…garbage coupon code/discount vouchers following a glut of consistent discounts in 2018 to make business profitable/more profitable 😂

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    I'm really unimpressed with YouFoodz this new year. They sent me a txt with a code for $20 off my order this week. I tried to use it and apparently it's for 'set and forget' - which the text message does not state at all. Call them up and get told the same thing (they won't honour it even though there was zero terms in the text message) but they also tell me it's $20 off each of the first 4 orders. hhmmm that seems ok then… go to use it with set and forget… oh wait just found out now it's minimum $99 spend - no thanks! what weasels. '

    For anyone interested thou the code is: YF-RO-4-7030

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    New min spend amount = RIP youfoodz meals, hello kitchen again…

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      I thought "hello kitchen" is a Youfoodz competitor, so I google it. I am a dumass.


        Hehe when I read YOUR comment I thought "wait did I mean to write hellofresh?!" Thankfully we both understand that first comment now ;)

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    New minimum spend now. $79 before discount (59 after)

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