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No need to side load iview anymore. Just sign up to the iview beta on abc web page (you'd have to search for it as i can't remember exactly...
10/02/2019 - 10:26
They are open to the public just like any store, but to get the discount you have to be invited.
04/02/2019 - 23:39
Anyone have one of these and a Dyson and can comment on one vs the other?
28/01/2019 - 20:52
Terrible terrible deal. These are great when the deal works out to be sub $6 a meal.
25/01/2019 - 09:59
Anyone know if eb games will match Amazon?
19/01/2019 - 00:56
They're all rubbish flavours
17/01/2019 - 18:44
Was a bargain at $20 off with minimum $49 after discount. This is now woeful
13/01/2019 - 18:49
So are you saying this is better or worse than a Dyson?
12/01/2019 - 00:28
Not really worth it at $15 off. Meals are great at sub $6 price point but any higher and it's hard to justify
30/12/2018 - 00:10
Nah they used to 'blend' them in with the ice cream
27/12/2018 - 15:56
Christmas roast pork is my fave by far. found the Fried chicken a bit tasteless tho.
20/12/2018 - 11:20
Ichiran is over rated hype. You should try the tsukemen at Tetsu in Shibuya
14/12/2018 - 17:38
Yeah I think that was the early Xmas code. That was a good one
14/12/2018 - 15:58
Agreed. Had it the other day and was upset I only ordered one
13/12/2018 - 20:03
yeah its pretty much like manila. just not as tourist friendly.
11/12/2018 - 14:08
im not even vego and i like this deal
11/12/2018 - 13:35
Just had the lasagne and it tasted nice, found it a tad dry and could have done with more cheese/bechamel. But I guess if they did, the...
10/12/2018 - 14:44
Unlucky... I also just tried the spag bol and found it nice if a little on the sweet side.
09/12/2018 - 23:05
Yeah I like the lamb too
09/12/2018 - 22:52
The teriyaki chicken with Tokyo potatoes is rubbish too. Sunday roast chicken is amazing tho
09/12/2018 - 22:52
I never got that and in fact this GOLD12 code isn't working lol
09/12/2018 - 22:49
Do you have to pay for shipping tho? Free shipping if over $109
09/12/2018 - 17:01
Flying out 13th Feb 2019. Any chance you could extend activation date?
02/12/2018 - 19:34
village must be desperate trying to compete with Hoyts product. Hoyts refurbed cinemas and seats are now far more superior than village....
28/11/2018 - 09:53
what about using ping pong balls?
26/11/2018 - 11:49
ahhh... right. so you'd need to cut the lid yourself I imagine?
26/11/2018 - 11:42
when you say cook with lids, how do you put at lid on the pot with the unit in the pot?
26/11/2018 - 10:51
I have both and I prefer the mibox as its dedicated and the remote has no lag
21/11/2018 - 10:27
you dont have to return the assembled one... just return the new one and present the old receipt
08/11/2018 - 11:16