Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold 4.5kg Bag Protein Powder Multiple Flavours $126.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest its been in a while and seems to be across the range atm.

get in quick, they usually sell out.

Don't forget cash rewards for another 5% off.

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    Protein Powder for those like me who doesn’t know what this is


    Seems like a rip compared to their list deal, $80 I think it was. Still cheaper than elsewhere though.


      if you buy it from any store / ebay at the moment, most are charging $159.99 a bag

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        Yeh that's what I mean. Shows how much of a good deal the last one was. Not to humble brag though, lol.


      I would say (and this is globally) those are the exception to the rule,

      That is so (profanity) cheap and prob wont happen other then maybe once a year

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        If you're happy to pay almost $30 per kg, go right ahead.

        Me on the other hand has not paid over $22 / KG for WPI over the past few years.

        Just means you need to do a bit of searching but deals better than this can be found.

        Price is not bad, it's just not a "bargain", let alone an OzBargain


          This one is not even WPI, its just concentrate.


          Hi TilacVIP

          do you mind me asking where you get your protein from? I usually buy from Bulk Nutrients and thats the price I pay for WPC.

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            @Breadie: check these places out. If you have a friend or 2, help's to buy in bulk to save. Usually I'm getting 10k + an order.

            Professional Whey - http://professionalwhey.com.au/
            Pure Protein Australia (mostly get them via eBAY - got their WPI really cheap a few months back)
            MyProtein - only buy on big discount days


              @TilacVIP: cheers mate. Will check these sites out :) thanks you!


              @TilacVIP: Thanks for the recommendations. I'm seriously looking at buying from Pure Product Australia via eBay. (Pure PRODUCT* Australia, right?)

              4 x 3Kg WPI (flavoured) @ $50.96 each (automatic store applied 15% off for 4+), less another 10% eBay PAPP10 = $15.29/kg for 90% WPI. Unreal.

              Only problem is, I haven't tasted them before, and that's ALOT of protein to drink in case I don't like it.

              How does their WPI taste? and mix? Any criticisms? Certain flavours that are widely liked? Can't see anywhere on their site to get samples.

              Really appreciate your help/advice.

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                @wodtha: When it comes to taste, its a case of 'to each their own'. What one person thinks is good, the other may dislike.

                Having said that, from personal experience with over maybe 30 different brands I've tried, the Pure Protein (Choc & Vanilla) are about a 7 out of 10 for me. Flavour is quite nice but a tad (not overly powering) sweet.

                Alternatively I usually go for the unflavoured WPI wherever I can, as I have options to add my own flavouring (eg. cocoa, stevia, a shot of coffee etc) & in some cases, you get more protein per gram in this variant. All the Pure Protein powders I have tried mix really well, no issues there.

                Those prices yuo got are insane, at $15.29 per kilo for WPI, about as low as I've seen. Makes the above GOLD's deallook quite expensive.


    Bought one thank op


    The Warrior from Chemist Warehouse is still 1/2 the price of this.

    Maybe a bargain for this brand, but not for Protein.

    PS: I used this for a few years back in the mid 2000's, i used to pay $89.99 back then.

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    still overpriced compared to better quality product.. dont get why people buy this stuff.

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    Knowing amazon drops this to $80 here and there won’t have me buying this for a cent more. Still have my bag from the last sale, it’ll probably last me until it’s $80 again and I’ll grab another cause it tastes delicious


      Yeah. Fair call, this would be mainly for someone who wanted it sooner rather than later. Still a semi decent price though.

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    Can get a couple of dollars off at Amino Z. They do a 10% off price beat. You will have to copy and paste the amazon link to show them where it it cheaper



      Tried cookies and cream and only takes $3.20 off the price and not the 10%, bringing it to $123.79

      EDIT: it's 10% of the difference, my bad :(


    I'm waiting for the $80 deal

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