This was posted 3 years 4 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Vittoria Coffee Mountain Grown Ground Coffee 1kg $15 (Was $36.50) @ Woolworths


Ground coffee and Beans available for the same price. Saving over 50% off at $21.50.

Grabbed one of each from my local in Spearwood, Perth.

Was told they made a good cold brew, so giving that a crack.

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    Vittoria Coffee Mountain Grown

    Near Mansfield?

  • What's the normal price?

    • $36.50

    • Was $36.50

      • Previously was $36.50

        • This stuff apparently goes on special every now and then for half price. Been waiting out for it for about 3 months.

          • @muttman: Pretty often, if it's not at Woolies then at Coles. You can usually get it for $15-$18 every month or so.

  • How many rainforests felled per packet?

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      None. It's Arabica, there is no rainforest in the desert :p

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        How many oases destroyed?

        Note: I had to google what the plural of oasis was

  • Hey OP I love cold drip / cold brew - what device do you use?

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      I use a plastic 2L juice jug from Woolies / Big W. Cost $10.

      I basically chuck in coffee at a 1:8 ratio or there abouts, give it a good stir, and use a calico cloth to strain it after about 3 days, with a lacky band to hold the cloth.

      Bought 1 jug for home, and two for work, so I can have a brew on the go.

      Saves a heap

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        Have you tried Harris Coffee - it’s cheap and tastes ok to me!

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          Yeah actually the other week it was on special, got one of the "Bees knees" for like $3.50, normally $10 I think. Was quite nice as a cold brew.

        • Harris and Aldi are the best kept secrets in the coffee world.

      • Sorry what do you mean 1:8 ratio? 1lt to 8 tsp?

        • So 125g per litre.
          Or sometimes if grinding beans on a coarse grind, 250g per L.
          Then if it comes out real strong, water it down after pouring into a cup, or use less if adding milk

      • How long will a brew last in the fridge? (If it doesn’t all get drunk within a reasonabl time)

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          I've read up to 2 weeks
          Longest I've had it before finishing it off was about 10 days, was still good.

          Here is a gallery of my process

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    I like the flavour of Lavazza better but still good.

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    Don't rate it. Dark roast Aldi beans cost less and taste much better, and you can usually get a pack roasted pretty recently (just look for one with the longest use by, apparently they go by 1 year 3 months).

    • I doubt Aldi beans are any fresher (or more correctly, less stale). Anything after a couple of weeks is already considered stale.

    • Depends on personal taste. A lot of us don't like dark roast as much.

      But the most important thing is to grind your own beans, as pre-ground does not stay fresh very long after the packet is opened.
      I find the whole beans keep fine if properly stored, unlike what the coffee snobs might claim.

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    I ve been buying this, normally half-priced (from $36) one week each month or something like it, both at coles and woolies, I saw this $15 today at woolies it is a good price, cheapest ever seen

  • You can often find this stuff at pretty good prices when Woolies and Coles aren't half price at those strange 24 hour fruit and veg shops that are around the place. Maybe they need all that coffee to keep the place open.

    I know the fruit shop at Harbourtown Gold Coast and that Yuen's fruit shop in Underwood often have this at pretty good prices. It's half price so often these days I don't really need to resort to the fruit shops but it could be an alternative for people who really need some coffee and don't want to pay full price.

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    Aldi dark roast, much better than this stuff $12/kg all the time.

    • Thanks, will give it a go next time around

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      yes, this. definitely try it. Aldi Lazio is superior

      I bought an espresso machine and then bought vittoria beans. they were ok
      bought the Aldi Lazzio ground coffee. absolutely beats vittoria
      i still have a 200grams of vittoria sitting there whilst I am on my second bag of Lazzio

      • Are you comparing to the Vittoria espresso or mountain grown? Because the espresso is not particularly good.

        • I'm comparing everything vittoria sold at supermarkets. Tried them all, lazio dark roast better for my taste.
          Note: I only drink black coffee

          • @gimme: Each their own. I like the mountain grown as a cheap alternative to the fresh roasted stuff.

    • Yep I'm pretty happy with ALDI dark roast for $11.50/kg. I'm not a coffee snob, always thought about trying gourmet but never pulled the trigger.

      • I've tried all sorts including freshly roasted $60/kg ones and Aldi DR hands down the best value. It also doesn't seem to go stale as fast as others. Typically good for around 3weeks after opening.

  • @muttman hey thats my woolies too :) were there many left in stock?

    • Yeah a few bags of beans, and a fair few bricks of grinds.

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        Fantastic. I needed some new beans too! Thanks very much.

  • I have tried a few supermarket coffee beans and found Aldi's Lazzio medium roast to be quite good. It costs around 12-13 $/kg as well.

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      Can you buy these as beans or already ground? I'm looking for beans.

      • Comes in beans, there's a couple of different beans available at Aldi. Lazzio Dark Roast is my favourite and in my opinion better than any of the supermarket Vittoria beans.

        • Pretzel, are the Aldi dark roast ones 100% arabica? and what does the packaging look like? are these $12 for a kg?

          I was using the Organic beans - in a white package but they have since disappeared lovely cheap brew,

  • Yes you can grab the Beans - get the organic ones in the brown packaging,

  • Any good for coffee enemas?

    • Sounds extreme - You have a date with Big Papi in the works?

      • That depends on whether it's good for enemas or not, at that price it must be good for something?

        ALDI is good for drinking if that's your kinda thing, take a miss on this stuff.

  • Which coffee should i start for beginners?? Ive been using those instant nestle sachet ones..

    • Sumatra Mandhelin

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      Without being facetious, try this -

      But really its about personal tastes, and working out what you like, and how much you are willing to spend in preparation time, or in dollars

      You can make good enough coffee cheaply and with minimal time (the 80/20 rule), the last 20% goes into coffee snob territory.

      I hated coffee when a late teen, probably due to being given International Roast
      Only started drinking coffee really about 10 years ago, as people at work did.
      Staple at coffee shops is a flat white. Even a few years ago was drinking those sachets, but cannot go back to that now.

      Used to do filter brews, then nescafe pods (have these once per week), then pre-ground Aeoropress (still do this, maybe 1 or 2 times a week), and cold brew mostly now. Coffee's I've used have been bought pre-ground from a local coffee shop, or online ordered from boutiques like Yahava, to now back to cheaper stuff.

      • Cheers will check out the link.. i never buy cofee at the shops just hot choco..

  • Is this one as strong as their 'espresso' variety?

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