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30% off Store Wide on Anti-Snoring Mouthguards at The Sleep Guardian


Don't let their dreams get in the way of yours!
Put an end to the nightmare of a snoring partner with the anti-snoring mouthguard.
Save up to $120! 30% off store wide until Jan 31 2019.
Discount is applied automatically at check out.

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    Hope my wife doesn't see this. It's hard to justify spending $300 when my snoring doesn't bother me…

  • Can these mouth-guard also be used for sleep bruxism?

  • Valentines day present sorted for the missus.

  • after seeing a sleep specialist, doing an overnight sleep study and using a trial mandibular advancement device (basically the putty impression) which worked, I'd gone to a dentist to get one of these fitted. they quoted $2,000 which I did not have and at the time, I couldn't see any other products, so I was stuck using the trial device for a year.

    I slept better as well as my then partner - I was really surprised how much more awake I was, but it was really gross and you couldn't really clean the thing.

    $300 is pretty cheap and I'm tempted.

  • My personal experience with oral device to treat snoring was quite bad. Woke up hurt my lower teeth. Saliva built up and still have mild snoring. Now I am opted for CPAP.

    • Me too. Forked out around $1500 after insurance for a mouth splint thing and couldn’t bear it, it was just so uncomfortable and made my jaw sore in the morning. Ended up using CPAP. Not exactly comfortable either but the wife is happy.

      • I failed cpap and am booked in for surgery

        • How do you fail cpap ? And how is the surgery compared to cpap option ? I rather go under knife than having a machine connected to me during sleep !

          • @dondiego: Many found cpap to be uncomfortable. Hence, fail the machine therapy. Last resort would be surgery, I suppose.

          • @dondiego: Surgery 40-80% success, lasts at most 10yrs. Not without risk

            • @dangerdanger: Cpap has many issues.
              I had the full face mask.
              Tight fitting mask, leaking mask, moisture in the tube that makes a high pitch noise that sounds like a mosquito an inch from your face or air forced into the stomach.

              I trialled it for 3 months and didn't get more than 4 days in a row of use.

              I have large tonsils so surgery is apparently a good option. I also have a nose issue which affects my breathing and is a future surgical option. I have a friend who saw the same doctor as me and his options are facial reconstruction to open the airway or a tracheotomy.

              Just make sure you see a good specialist.

              I saw Professor Stuart McKay at Wollongong. We tried another device before we decide on surgery. So he wasn't pushing surgery.
              I highy recommend him.

              Also, if your apneas are much worse on your back, look at a positional device like nightshifttherapy. I am currently using it.

              • @Bugs: I saw the best Dr in Adelaide. Brilliant. Top reviews on websites were true about him.
                Glad you found a good dr

                • @dangerdanger: Thanks. That is usually the hardest part, finding the best doctor.

                  He was the second Sleep Apnea ENT i saw. The first one said he could cure my apneas but I was in and out.
                  Stuart had a much more thorough examination and explanation. He suggested to try something else before surgery. And he was the only one that identified that my apneas are 75% on my back. The sleep doctor and first surgeon didn't notice or maybe it interfered with their treatment.

  • Not all snorings are due to sleep apnea but people with sleep apnea mostly snore .I feel some sort of charlatanism with sleep studies as every single person I have seen doing the sleep study was told that they have failed and have sleep apnea and need urgent solution!

    • Doesn't help almost all the 'home' sleep study centres are run by… the same shops selling CPAP machines. such a conflict of interest…

      Choose a good sleep dr who isn't involved in that side of the 'business'.

      • That doesn't necessarily help either.

        I was told that a sleep study isn't always reliable or gives false results. For example, with all the wires and the environment during a sleep study, you don't always sleep like you do at home, you feel restricted and don't want to move much incase the wires come off. My apneas are 75% while i am on my back.

        My sleep doctor insisted that cpap was the only thing I can do. He said surgery won't help at all.

        As a last resort after failing cpap I see a surgeon to at least rule out any other treatment, so I would have to fix my mind on cpap and buy a machine.

        Because of my physiology he said surgery would decrease my apneas by half and with sufficient weight loss would essentially cure my sleep apnea.

        Definitely get checked by a surgeon if you have big tonsils like me

  • Much, much cheaper here http://www.snorersfriend.com.au/more_purchase.php

    I use these and they stop my snoring most of the time.

  • So what do we think, get it or not?

  • I can't seem to bring up the discounted price on the cart when checking out. It says the voucher will apply at checkout but its charging me the full amount.


      Hi CptHowdy,

      The original price for the Silensor-SL Anti-Snoring Devise is $399.99. With our 30% off January promo the price is brought down to $279.97. This price appears at checkout as the promotion is automatically applied. Apologies for any inconvenience, and enjoy your silent nights ahead!

      Sleep Guardian

      • I have tried it again. Its coming up as $499.95 and no discount is being applied at checkout.

        Happy to send you screen captures.


          Hi CptHowdy,

          Thank you for following up - this has now been resolved!

  • So at discount this appliance is still $80 more than a SleepPro custom (also a semi-tailored device). In what ways would Sleep Guardian claim theirs would be worth the additional expense? Or if you're not familiar with the competitor product, what might you suspect would be superior about yours?