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Moleskine Lineage Black Leather Horizontal Wallet $19.99 + $9.90 Delivery (Free on Orders over $59) @ Milligram


Huge Moleskine products sale on Milligram

Moleskine - Classic Vertical Device Bag - 15" - Black

Moleskine - Lineage Leather Zip Wallet - Black

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    Bought some stuff, thanks!

    I signed up to the newsletter for 10% off. Code was THANKS10

    Free shipping over $59 spend too.

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    The real deals are in the stationery and artsy stuff I think

  • why when i add stuff to my cart does it say

    You have no items in your shopping cart.


  • Thanks OP! My partner and I both got a new wallet and a few fancy books to give away as work gifts this year. Used the code above and for the further discount. Cheers

  • Cheers, I gotta wallet - my last one was looking raggedy. BTW, for anyone interested, there are different coloured wallets on sale but they cost 5 bucks more. Thanks, OP.

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    Seems like a great deal but I am proud to say that I resisted the temptation

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    I stopped using wallets. It's liberating

    • Where do you keep your cards?

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        maybe Ozbargain online shopping is all he needs. Also gets women to pay on first dates, then he buys scoopon deals online and prints them out if they're worthy.

        • Is that a scoopon in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

      • +1

        Google pay and other apps for other cards. In Vic I don't even need to carry a D license so I just store an image. Only archaic thing is Myki which I keep inside the phone case but that may change this year hopefully

        • Are they changing Myki cards or just wishful thinking?

          • +2

            @shrodes: testing/piloting an app at the moment to do away with physical cards. Anyone's guess as to what/when anything happens.

        • What are the other apps? Very interested

          • @clownyfish: Medicare, stocard, freq flyer apps. I'm sure there's tons more that i don't use.

      • I got a phone case that holds a credit card, license, and a $50 note: it's great! Just one thing to remember.

    • User name checks out?

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    Thanks mate, heaps of stuff on sale, not just Moleskine. Heaps of rhodia and clairefontaine (my favourite) notebooks on sale too!

    Bought >$59 just for the free shipping.

    • +2

      I bought 6 Rhodia notebooks that I have been eyeing on!

  • How’s the quality?

    • I don't think many, if anyone at all, will be able to answer that until they receive their order; Moleskine are mainly known for expensive notebooks, not leather goods.

  • +2
    • Nice link. Glad I didn’t know about it when I placed my order; I would have purchased a discounted Crumpler bag I definitely don’t need.

  • Anyone keen to group buy? I am eyeing on a card wallet but shipping kills the deal =/

    • Put a non-sale expensive pen in your cart, pay with PayPal. Free shipping above $59

      Then return the non-sale pen, shipping paid for by PayPal.

      A bit dodge, but this is OzB afterall….

      • Yeah figured that lol. Bought an rrp zipper wallet for the wife anyway. See if she likes it.

  • I hate how they keep the "Back soon" items on their product pages

  • Bought a few things plus the wallet. Thanks OP.

    • Make sure you're happy with size of wallet.

      • Good point. Lucky I paid via paypal.

        • No return on sale items?

          • @dangerdanger: True ah well there’s always ebay.

          • @dangerdanger: AMEX has buyer protection. Will refund if the merchant refuses to accept refund on an unused item.

            • @lostn: I did not know this!

              • @dangerdanger: AMEX issued cards only. Not bank issued.

                There are other great perks like extended warranty, theft protection, and smartphone screen insurance.

                • @lostn: That being said, not all Amexes will offer those perks

                  • @kerfuffle: The free one does. Just get the free one.

                    • @lostn: You need to be more specific as to which free one you're talking about. :| My Velocity Escape Amex is free, but it doesn't offer smartphone screen insurance.

  • Thanks OP great dealios.

  • Thanks OP, spent $120 which didn't even plan earlier this morning! :)

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    Make sure you check out the size (and also thickness of ones with button closures) of the wallets before buying. Pull your current one out to compare. Most are very big.

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    thank you OP this is genuinely a great sale, i got wallet, couple of notebooks and a pen.

  • Thanks OP, great sale. Bought new wallets for my wife and me.

  • Great find OP thanks.

    Snow White ruled is now sold out …had to replace them with Barbie!

  • Thanks OP! Ordered a wallet and the notebook bag.

  • +1

    Got a partial refund as there was a system error with one product, still pretty happy though. Spending money on stuff I don’t need again but that’s Ozbargain for you :).

  • +1

    Note: Wallet out of stock - got a refund.

  • Thank you chnach i got several notebooks at a heavy discount.

    (i have a very particular giftee that i kind of have to get them for because they're one of two things they ever want.)

    speaking of; a question for anyone…

    i don't get what is so amazing about these moleskine notebooks?!
    why are they so popular? why are they so expensive? what makes them better than any other notebook?

    • +3

      i don't get what is so amazing about these moleskine notebooks?!
      why are they so popular? why are they so expensive? what makes them better than any other notebook?

      As someone who's been using them for a decade, I'll answer them. They're popular because marketing. They're expensive because they can charge the price for them and (sadly; I always get mine at a discount where possible unless it's a limited edition one), there are suckers who are happy to pay RRP for them. I always cringe when I see someone buy one in a retail store, knowing that Book Depository have them far cheaper. These aren't notebooks you chuck away after you're done with them, these are to keep for years to come.

      Are they better than any other notebook? Well, they beat the Spirax for sure. But if you're like me and abuse them with daily use, they'll fall apart or disintegrate. Notebook purists would probably use Rhodia or Clairefontaine though, especially if you use fountain pens. I use Moleskine for my yearly diary/planner because I like the Weekly Notebook format.

      • +2

        Well said. Moleskine are cheap if you buy from places like milligram on sale. They're for every day use.
        The clairefontaines are for when I want to do some proper writing. Speaking of which, my local Officeworks was clearing away all their clairefontaine stock a couple of years ago and I picked up heaps of a5 clairefontaines for $2 each.

        • @dangerdanger i have the same questions i had about moleskine about clairefontaines if you wouldn't mind answering?
          especially; what makes them better than any other notebook?

          • +2

            @bargain huntress: Moleskine is iconic but I don't like them for fountain pens. The paper is rough, ink bleeds through it. Even rollerballs can bleed through it or feathers (ink runs sideways on the paper like a feather). It's cheap paper, sold expensively.

            Clairefontaine is silky smooth, noticeably thicker stock than Moleskine, fountain ink / rollerball ink won't feather or bleed through it, lovely ivory colour to it depending on which notebooks you buy. Rhodia are on par with Clairefontaine, but I don't like their formats (they're big on vertical flip-pads).

            Why don't you buy a few and try them out? If not, Officeworks have all three brands if you want to thumb through the kinds of paper.

            WARNING : can be addictive.

            • @dangerdanger: thanks very much.

              those are both good ideas.

              also in case you did not notice - the sale posted here on milligram also includes a few items from those 2 brands.

      • thank you very much for your answer kerfuffle

        these are to keep for years to come
        with daily use, they'll fall apart or disintegrate

        that sounds terribly incompatible.

        Notebook purists would probably use Rhodia or Clairefontaine

        do you know why?

        • Ink runs smoother and less bleed through. I don’t know any other reasons as I’m not a notebook purist; I suggest you do your own research if you want to know more about why people use expensive notebooks.

  • Received my order today. Great value for the Pakistani leather. Nicely packed too.

  • Received the wallet today it's very nice not larger than your normal size wallet as someone mentioned earlier. Wished I bought more.

    • How many wallets do you need?

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