expired [Steam] Braveland - Free (Normally $7.50)


Permanent copy - Add to your Steam library and keep forever.

Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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    Thanks OP.
    Overall Reviews: Very Positive (82%).

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      That's the same as saying 82% of reviews are over 50%. Big whoop. It's meant to sound impressive to drive sales of sub-standard games. The only thing steam reviews are good for is understanding whether the game is currently broken by bugs.

      From personal experience having finished this game just because I happen to be OCD at finishing things, it's mediocre. Entirely mediocre. It's not possible to recommend vs putting your time into a better game.

      Still gets a +ve for being free. But I can't recommend playing it.

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        Thanks. By the way, the math in your profile pic is incorrect, adding 15% and then deducting 20% actually results in a 8% reduction overall.


          15% = 0.15
          20% = 0.2

          0.15 - 0.2 = -0.05


          (1+0.15) x (1-0.2) = 1.15 * 0.8 = 0.92 = 8% off

          depends on what his profile pic is trying to convey. Due to lack of clarity, on the surface its only safe to assume absolute addition of 2 values which correctly sum up to negative 5%

          but we all know its referring to 20% off ebay sales

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          True. But +19% -20% = 5% just doesn't look right in an avatar!

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    Just adding a mention that Braveland heroes (which is multiplayer) is also available to play for free while its in beta it seems


    Thanks OP


    Thanks another collection.

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    This was previously given away from Humble Bundle https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/400127. Have had it in my library since and not played it… along with all the other freebies. Still, I'll get around to it one day. Really.

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      I'll get around to it one day. Really.

      Don't think so.

      I have so many paid, free games in my library never touch :o


        Yeah, when I retire I'll get around to it.

        When by then new games are all utilising VR, HDR, 3D surround sound…

        Okay, never mind…

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      I haven't even touched half of the games that I payed for, let alone the free ones haha.


        I have a brand new GameCube game I haven't played yet.
        I'll get to it one day.


      I actually did try to get around to playing some of my free games (or bought during a sale) a few years ago but encountered compatibility issues for every single one of them, so I just ended up giving up and rueing the money I spent during Steam sales.


    I don't know about the PC version but I had the Android one and it is a typical Pay to Win game.
    If this is a full version maybe they lower the difficulty setting.

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    35 cents worth of trading cards. Nice.




    Looks like a slightly funkier version of the open source game Battle for Wesnoth

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