Review That Brand "Kogan"

Review That Brand "Kogan"

Let me know your positive or negative review of the brand Kogan.

If you have purchased an item from them, What was it?
Was it cheap and nasty or very good quality?
Would your recommend buying their appliances?

Personally I would say no, I had a friend who purchased a TV from them and the audio was out of sync with the TV, and had backlight bleeding, once replaced from warranty the same thing on the next TV, I know you may think it's the location, but it's not, as it was then replaced with an LG TV and there was no issues.

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    I've never bought any big ticket items from them and I'll keep it that way.

    Smaller things (under $100), I'd consider if they're significantly cheaper than somewhere else.

    The combination of grey imports, hit-and-miss customer service and earlier reports of them supplying items that are not necessarily brand new have really put me off.

    Yes, there are warranties and ACL etc, but to me, I'd rather pay an extra bit of money to try and avoid having to "invoke" my rights blah blah. You might get the item in the end, but it'll probably cost more in time wasted.


    Bought my Samsung S3 from them ages ago, was pretty easy, took a little while to arrive but worked well. Bought an LG phone after and it came with an Asian to some other EU instead of Asia to AU plug, had to take a photo to prove it and they finally sent a replacement, that was a bit of an annoyance for like a 2 dollar fix.

    In terms of brand themselves though I really like Hisense TVs, so the Kogan ones have always felt a bit more inferior, I've only seen them in a hotel and I was very eh about how it worked. I remember ages ago I swear the CEO used to post on whirlpool? Used to say that it was as good as any other TV because they used Samsung panels straight from them. I think this was back when they used to say they have lower prices of any competitor or else they'll give you the item free, and the next day jbhifi changed the price of a tv and a bunch of people claimed a free one lol.

    I bought a dehumidifier recently from them though, so far it seems alright and was cheap enough (Kogan branded) I wouldn't say its great but you get what you pay for I guess. I'd probably be okay for under $150 items, but I wouldn't buy more premium items now.

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    Super negative. Bought 2 or 3 times. Super disappointed. Will never touch. Becareful when looking at the website photo they make $20 like worth $1000 items then discounted to $100 so people will buy thought of getting a bargain.


    3 32" TV's bought over a three year span (different models).
    oldest one would be around six years. newest was xmas 2015.
    all OK (just OK, not great).


    I've bought bits and pieces, such as cable or air filters. I was going to buy something else just this morning, but notice they don't have Shipster anymore. It became more economical to get it from another supplier.

    By the way OP, the last sentence in your post should have been at least four sentences.


    Bought 2x TVs and some trinkets on clearance.

    Most of their stuff is rebadged items you can get from other suppliers - e.g. their waffle iron is identical to the Aldi one I have, and not only was the Aldi one cheaper, I didn't have postage to worry about. Looking at everything else on their site indicates I can find a better item, cheaper, on eBay or SuperCheap or anywhere else.

    Picked up a 46" a couple of years ago, and replaced with a 55" recently (toddler smashed in screen). They were not flashy TVs, and the quality is expectedly lower than my Samsung 48" (which was triple the price). However, in terms of actual value for money, I was quite satisfied. Nobody else could offer me a 55" UHD for $430, let alone free delivery when it comes up.


    The Kogan TV comparison debate is like the Android vs iPhone debate. You're comparing a $500 4K Kogan TV to a $2000 4K LG TV and a $1000 iPhone to a $200 budget Android Phone. When you should infact be comparing budget to budget or expensive to expensive.

    Kogan go around different OEM/ODMs and find products that they think are good and will make them money. Then it's simply slapping their logo on it. I know a few of the companies quite well that do this for them like one of their Atlas laptop manufacturers. It's interesting to note that for the Atlas range they're using several different factories.

    I've had good experiences with Kogan TVs over other budget TVs like the Target Platinum special ;) I've also found that they have good quality equivalents of big brands. Take this foot massager from HoMedics for example. Kogan used to sell this one for $49-$69 and it was identical every way except appearance. A real Bargain!


    Have bought 2 TV's from Kogan, 1st one was 8 years ago, its still going strong with a little burn in and lighting issues that are only really visible when the picture is dark. The second I bought 2 weeks ago for $430 55" UHD TV, not mind blowing picture quality by any stretch but very good for $430. Overall I've had a pretty good experience with Kogan.


    I've bought a kogan branded tv and a phone, both have worked pretty good. they're just rebadged asian cheapies, so you get what you pay for


    Bought a dual monitor vesa mount about a year ago. Has worked fine apart from leaving an indentation in the desk it's mounted on, IKEA $100 desk however.


    I bought an air fryer from them, it works great (it's been about a year). I also regularly buy their mobile plans when they go on sale. I've only had to talk to their customer service once, that was for the Sim not activating, but they sorted it out within a few mins.

    I think they are a pretty good brand, not amazing, but still good.

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    Very happy with Kogan mobile. Yet to buy anything else from Kogan.

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    Kogan tv, had it 8+ years, started to play up. I emailed them asking for flash file. They emailed it back next day with instructions. Flashed tv and all good again. TV is actually pretty good for a $700 55" TV at the time. Sound isn't great but picture is fine. Also got faulty GoPro (line in LCD screen) and they refunded no issues.

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    Might have been a deal from here (free shipping) so I took a punt on a 50" TV, received September. Screen is dead five months later.
    Sound works though!


    i have a Rechargeable Kogan Stick Vac works really for for picking up kids mess crumbs etc so i don;t have to drag out the corded for $59

    Also have a Kogan Air Conditioner 4.7Kw i got for $353 works a treat on those hot summer days.

    and i got a 2 Different pairs of Kogan Headphones for $30 each both have excellent sound and good battery but both are really uncomfortable to wear one is really loose and keeps falling of even on the smallest size on the headband.

    and i was going to buy a 55" 4K tv but chickened out after reading reviews and ended up paying double for a Hisense.
    all up i would recommend them for small appliances not sure about TV's as i have never seen one in the flesh.


    I’ve bought a few applicances from Kogan and I feel like they can be a hit or miss, but generally you get what you paid for. Here are a few things I’ve bought from them and my thoughts:
    Kogan 24’’ full hd TV - Picture quality is watchable (I’d give it 5/10) but sound is absolutely terrible and you better get some cheap speakers. It still works and had it for about 5 years. I love that it has a built in dvr thing for a TV that cost less than 300$ at the time.

    Kogan Air Purifier - I think it was their first try at a purfier and its not too bad, can’t really tell but I do get allergies from dust mites that was why I wanted to try it. It still works but could no longer get filters as kogan discontinued them so its pretty much useless now. Bought it because it was cheaper than others and was about $80 I think.

    Kogan slow cooker - Just terrible, the pot starting to deform and the rubber on the glass cover is peeling off in about 4 months.

    Kogan mini dehumidifier - Sorta work but very low capacity for really small rooms and quite noisy.

    Kogan air fryer - Mixed feelings on this one. It feels more like an oven compared to air fryers as I have a philips one and bought the kogan one because I wanted one bigger but yeah its design was not well thought out. For example it is top heavy with the glass and controls at the top, if you use the rotating basket its a bit hard to take out as it would be hot, and it ‘cools down’ right after cooking something and pretty much cool down the food inside if you dont take it out quickly.


    Has anyone on OZB ever bought a dishwasher or washing machine through kogan? Can't seem to find any threads

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