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1,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points for Filling out Form and Taking a Call from Qantas Insurance


You can get 1,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points for making an online inquiry and taking a call from a rep about Qantas Health Insurance. No commitment necessary.

There are also big sign up bonuses if you join, but that'll depend on the policy and so on IF you take it.

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  • Again?

  • Great - I might sign up just for the points and let Old man Lenny answer the phone call on my behalf….

  • Anyone have any experience with Qantas Insurance? I'm currently with Bupa but considering switching for the points.

    • I have.. it's actually through nib from memory.. i don't dislike nor do i like them i guess. i barely use my insurance.
      However, points are worth it and i do remember a health fund were trying to switch me and couldnt match what i was getting at qantas.
      Maybe have a deeper look into it

      • They do seem a little more expensive like for like, however I am looking at taking pregnancy off our account so will save some $$$ anyway.

        I'm thinking Ill make the switch for three months, collect the 60,000 points and then join back up to BUPA via the 6% cashback link.

    • Received an email from Qantas insurance recently. They will have a lower price increase in April. Will wait and see what offers they have, currently with Medibank and also consider to switch.

  • Nib are a terrible insurance policy if you actually have to use it. Their rebates are very low so the gap for most procedures will be almost like being uninsured.