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SONIQ 75" Chromecast TV Price Reduction Clearance 50Hz $1199, 120Hz $1299 - Free Shipping to Metro Areas @ SONIQ


SONIQ TV clearance

75" Chromecast 50Hz - $1199

75" Chromecast 120Hz - $1299

Free Shipping to Metro Areas*

36 Month Warranty if you register the product

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      Plasma hasn't been produced since about 2013

      • detailed spec says 4K @ 50/60Hz.

        • Specification says Refresh Rate - 120Hz

        • All TV's that are 100Hz are actually 120Hz native. It's only for broadcast TV signals Australian models will show 100Hz. All other content is 120. Manufacturers don't make specialised TV panels for our region that are 100Hz only. Only high end models are 120Hz native panels, majority are just interpolated from 60 which gives you that extreme Soap Opera Effect even more as it can't display the inbetween frames properly.

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      i'm missing where it says plasma ?

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      Also says:
      Resolutions - 3840 x 2160 pixels @100Hz

  • geesus so cheap too bad have a tv already. if you work full time and just watch tv at night 2-3 hours, and on weekend, this couldnt be that bad, right? i know its sonic brand…

  • 120hz for xbox and 4k foxtel?

    • It does 4k and should do 100Hz
      As for why not 120Hz I answered that in a comment below

      • It would be pretty amazing if these were really 100/120hz. TV's that do those scanrates are many thousands and I thought they were only just released overseas. This is just the interpolated "soap opera effect" that should be turned off for a better image, and not really a TV I can really feed a 100/120hz signal into?

        If by some amazing chance it really is a high scanrate display, do you have a list of the resolution and refresh rates?

        • These are interpolated displays

  • I'm confused: "Resolutions - 3840 x 2160 pixels @100Hz" then "Refresh Rate - 120Hz", so lower resolution for 120Hz?

    • Does it even matter when it's quite likely you won't have the hardware to pump 4K of pixels @ 120Hz??

      • Probably just the crappy "soap opera effect" that you are better off disabling.

    • The HDMI input on that TV doesn't have enough bandwidth for [email protected] It probably can't even do @60Hz. More likely [email protected]

      The 100Hz and 120Hz would be the backlight rate. To get better "motion smoothing" they pulse the backlight at a higher refresh rate than the content. Effectively a kind of frame doubling. Some brands even pulse the top-half the backlight out of sync with the bottom-half. Not sure what that does but it's supposed to look better.

      It's very hard to tell with these cheaper TVs because they don't provide enough info about their panels. So you have to rely on TV review sites with specialised tools and high-speed cameras. And they're not likely to review these cheap TVs anyway.

      • Surely just interpolated?
        It says it supports 4K @ 50/60Hz, so it will have HDMI 2, then use frame interpolation and maybe some backlight motion smoothing. I'm not sure what you mean about it probably being unable to do 4K @ 60Hz.
        The 100Hz/120Hz distinction is just distinguishing between PAL and NTSC, and all sets that I know of that are 100Hz compatible are also 120Hz compatible.

        • I think I answered this in a comment below?

        • It says it supports 4K @ 50/60Hz,

          Yes, so they claim. That might only be the port spec. Says nothing about the scaler or the panel. Cheap TVs will often report they support 60Hz, will even support 60Hz HDMI modes, and then display at 30Hz.

          so it will have HDMI 2, then use frame interpolation and maybe some backlight motion smoothing.

          You're assuming all that and it's a huge assumption. Without a proper review of this TV using specialised tools, you're not going to know for sure.

          Remember that Soniq is a low-tier brand. They rebadge cheap Chinese TVs. What the specifications actually are is anybody's guess. Even their own reps seem to be technologically illiterate. Look at what the Soniq rep wrote in this thread:

          —> "This is due to outside factors such as the standard voltage used by Australia. If you were to use modify the TV to take additional voltage or even use it in a country with higher voltage it would display a 120Hz image." <—-

          Pure wharblgarbl. This isn't an AC powered alarm clock from the 1950s. It's a digital TV with a DC-DC power supply.

          Buyer beware.

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            @DisabledUser3057: I can confirm that we test all our models before sale and this particular one does supports [email protected] 50/60Hz

            We do indeed use backlight motion smoothing and frame interpolation through the usage of QuickMotion, other brands do the same thing but through different methods

            Apologies for the simplistic response as I don't normally handle tech issues, our support staff does
            If you were having concerns about the specifications of any of our models contact our support team at [email protected]

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    If you plan on using the 120hz as a pc monitor the max refresh you'll get is 60 @ 1920x1080p or 30 @ 3840x2160

    • 30 @ 3840x2160

      It might actually do 60Hz at 4K… who knows, prob not.

    • a 75inch tv as a pc monitor?

      • yea? you're not gonna be sitting 30 cm from it.

    • I'l be honest as someone who plays PC games I would never normally suggest using a TV as a PC monitor regardless of brand for games. They just aren't optimized correctly for it. If you were only looking to do basic tasks like web browsing and document reading then sure go for it.

      If you were looking to stream movies/TV they can work too, I do it all the time at home but only really on larger screens where issues may be less noticeable.

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        Yea, I wouldn't recommend it either, I have a 32inch UW monitor and I'm not sure if I could go any bigger.

        • Ahah I'm just happy with my 24inch BenQ monitor, I feel like I would go crazy on some of the new massive curved monitors coming out

      • The only real issue is input latency. There are several high refresh rates TV's that have just been released, for a small fortune.

  • There is no way this is 120Hz native, only interpolated.
    It would be 60Hz.

    The site is confusing to say the least as it mentions these "specs" on the same listing lol

    • 75" UltraHD Google Chromecast built-in TV 120Hz
    • 4K @ 50/60Hz - Yes
    • Resolutions - 3840 x 2160 pixels @100Hz
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      The panels are indeed interpolated using QuickMotion, so while the panel's themselves are natively 50/60 Hz QuickMotion basically just smooths the image over so it appears to be operating at 100Hz. Many other brands do this using different names such as Samsung calling it Auto Motion Plus.

      As for the discrepancy between 120Hz and 100 Hz the reasons are a little more complicated so further research should be done or contact our support team at [email protected]

      Basically, the panel has the ability to display 120Hz but in Australia at least it will maximise at 100Hz. This is due to outside factors such as the standard voltage used by Australia. If you were to use modify the TV to take additional voltage or even use it in a country with higher voltage it would display a 120Hz image.
      Despite this most manufacturers don't consider the difference between 120Hz and 100Hz to be anything of note as the difference is so minimal it is barely able to be measured.

      A metaphor the tech guys used to explain it is basically, just because you get a car that can go at 300Km/h doesn't mean it will

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        Grid frequency and Voltage are two separate components of an AC system and have nothing to do with screen refresh rate today, infact not since CRTs. Most TV's run on DC which does not have a frequency. The refresh rate is all done through electronic switching.

        The screens of todays refresh rate is tied so closely to grid frequency because they were built off the PAL and NTSC standards.

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        It would be very unusual if a model was only "100hz". The only reason retailers in Australia have ever used 50hz, or 60hz is because of the frequency of our electricity and the historic use of PAL TV and it's 50hz, which lead to our digital TV being 25hz progressive or 50hz interlaced. In reality all TV's are 60hz with multiple of that for the interpolation, just not when viewing our "PAL" based TV.

  • 3 year warranty is not bad, I have to say. Offsets the risk of the brand. Looks like they cover the cost of freight, too.

    • Our shipping for this model is free to all metro areas

      • -1

        I find it kind of funny that you've responded to a comment about shipping and have dodged all the questions over the refresh rate/resolution conundrum! :)

        • +8

          I have answered in a comment above, I had to ask the tech guys to understand a bit more sorry :/

          • +1

            @SONIQ Australia: The info on the listing was fine and those that understand how it works would of figured it out.

            My point was that it's just confusing the ways its listed.

            Just put 50/60 native and 100/120 interpolated.

          • @SONIQ Australia: Sorry to bust your chops - was mostly tongue in cheek, but probably a little unfair.
            As a sidenote, I'm already impressed at your level of involvement here. :)

      • Can I get freight cost for the 75" to 6210, WA? Rather not have to go through a checkout just to get this info.

        PS: ALL shops should put the freight before the account creation, imho.

        • Sadly your postcode isn't covered by Metro in our Courier. As such we have a flat $130 delivery fee to WA as we don't have any warehouses there:/

  • So not only melbourne, all capital city metro areas like sydney north?

  • Wall mountable?

    • Yup all are VESA wall mountable

  • Good deal! 3 year warranty at $1,299 delivered is great value. How bad could this be?

    • I would also like an answer to this from the Rep :)

      • Hopefully the answer is not bad at all :)

  • +1

    Website say $70 shipping fee

    • Where are you shipping from, give us the postcode and il double check with the shipping team

      • *Shipping To

        I'd expect the seller to handle the "shipping from"

        • ahah my bad, don't worry we don't expect you to ship to us

  • 60 shipping for me at newcastle

    • PM me the postcode and il double check with the shipping team

      • Newcastle should be under the Metro area, maybe try purchase again?

  • Just Pickup from JB HiFI if you don't want to pay postage. $1299
    Soniq UX17A 75" 4K UHD Smart LED LCD TV with Google Chromecast

    • You like the TV? What's your thoughts?

  • Is the 36 month warranty a pick up service? Or do we need to pay for postage to the repairer?

    • +1

      If the return is within 30 days there is no need to pay for postage, otherwise sadly we are unable to do a pickup service

  • I had a look at these at JB Hi-Fi just now (specifically the 120Hz version).

    They were playing Jungle Book on it and it looked really washed out. Compared it with a Hisense TV playing the same thing and the Hisense had blacker blacks and richer colours.

    I wasn't able to change the settings to see if I could get better contrast or brighter colours (and the JB assistant couldn't find the remote).

    It was hard to grasp the UHD quality of the TV because both myself and the JB assistant thought the content running through the HDMI was Full HD and not UHD (unless the screen is so bad that UHD looks like Full HD).

    Anyone else have any other reviews on it or were able to see it in a better light at their local JB?

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