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Huawei P20 Pro $809.44, Huawei Mate 20 Pro $1120.64 Delivered @ Amazon AU

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • that seems too cheap to be true

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      Sold by Amazon. It's gucci

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        Says its Mobiciti if you look in the comments, so I dunno what their arrangement with Amazon is.

        • It said by Huawei in the product title.

          Comments may not related to this listing.

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          These are direct from Amazon

  • cheaper than iphone xr :D and miles ahead in terms of value, god help Apple

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      Be careful their always lurking…

  • was about to post this but was too busy selecting a case :P

    • Which case did you end up choosing?

      • Did not end up purchasing any case from Amazon as the selection was limited and was at a higher price point. Still looking.

  • Great price !!! Wish they would also discount the Huawei mid range phones …

  • Thanks, bought one.

    • Does it provide TAX INVOICE??

      • yes, amazon provides them pretty easily.

        • Where can I find it?

          • @DisabledUser249845: You'll need to be on the desktop sitehttps://www.amazon.com.au/gp/css/order-history/ref=nav_youraccount_orders
            Then at the top right of a particular order is the invoice link

            • @gibbles: OK thanks. I was trying to find on amazon app. So thanks again

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    I don't like big phones but the battery life of the Huawei Mates make my pants feel funny

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      Is that a Huawei mate in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

    • They truly are the budgie smuggler wearing Adonis of the smartphone world as far as battery life is concerned. My viagra taking Mate 20 Pro goes 2 days. My previous S8 and S9 went all floppy before the day ended.

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    The listing doesn't say anything about the spec. Does anyone know if it's dual or single sim, and rom size?

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      Never mind I found it, dual sim 128gb.

      The dual sim 8gb ram 256gb version is on ebay for $1210, but need to be new eBay plus member.

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        So become one :-)

      • Thanks for sharing the specs but are you referring to the P20 Pro or Mate 20?

        Actually - where did you find the specs?

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          Mate 20 pro.

          I just googled the core name.

  • Anyone has idea regards to warranty? seems like the seller is Amazon Au. So if there'an issue , what does one do?

    • 24 months local manufacturer warranty. Its aus stock.

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        Aus stock should be single sim though??

        • This model is dual sim.

  • Good phone, my work mate has one of these and I have the note 9. Personally I think the note 9 is better though XD

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      Which one?

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    5% cashback + 10% GST return = $952 that's really awesome value.
    However, I'll still go for the $74 Optus 30GB plan + 10% off HN deal for the payment over 24 months

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      Not sure if I agree with you.
      68x24 is 1632. 1632-1060 is 572, divided by 24 is $24.8.

      Aldi mobile has 9gb unlimited plan with telstra and unlimited international calls for $25. There is also catch mobile for $5 per month.

      And this is dual sim…

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        Sure but the Optus plan is 30gb/month, but yeah it's Optus

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        If anything your maths has just highlighted the value of the Optus deal?

        Buying the phone for the current cheapest price means you are paying less than $25pm for 30GB data and unlimited calls, admittedly its on the optus network not telstra, but 30GB is significantly more than 9GB you listed with the Telstra wholesale network.

        • +1

          Optus's coverage is fine for me. I would normally consume more data monthly than 9GB, plus Optus offers free streaming data on Spotify and I don't need to make a lot of international calls. Anyway, I simply prefer the 24-month payment over paying $1200 upfront.

          • @AkiraSaito: What if you break the phone, won't you be stuck paying for a phone that's broken?

            • @nomadspartan: You buy a phone and break it, you end up with a broken phone anyway. You still have to pay for your month to month mobile plan and get another phone

        • Agree, if you consider the time value of money in the calculation the optus deal gets even cheaper.

        • They are very close. But optus is single sim, the firmware is locked and less frequent updates.

          If you need 30gb, it's worth it, but aldi has international calls and telstra. Extra gb is another $5 with Woolworths.

          Finally if you ever need to leave optus, say a new phone comes up at 18 months with super deal, or you want to leave the country, or whatever. the exit fee for mate 20 pro is $66 a month.

          I also haven't factored in gst…

          • @DisabledUser225214: I got the phone today. It's dual sim and it's not locked.
            Sure there is less flexibility in a locked-in contract and there will always be a new plan beating up the old ones.

            • @AkiraSaito: I thought you prefer optus plan than outright?

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        That's why I choose the Optus deal, despite the interests for splitting the bill over 24 months, I cannot find any plan near 30GB per month for $25. BTW I don't need the unlimited international calls.

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          Catch Connect is $17/mth

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    It would be perfect for me if it had a headphone jack. It even has USB-C to HDMI which is one of my required features. But I can just imagine searching for my headphone adapter and being all pissed off at myself for buying a phone that doesn't even have a headphone jack. Upvoted anyway, great price, but I'm gonna have to get an S9.

    • Future phones will soon not having headphone jack anymore I guess. This Mate 20 Pro is better than the S9 and especially unbelievable battery life. But yeah, tech changes too fast nowadays, just stick to what you really need.

    • The Mate 20X has one if that helps and is around $1200 from wondamobile.

      It's also 7.21", but only IP54

      • Not to mention a massive 5000mah battery too.

        • Yep. I can easily get away with charging every 48 hours or so if I'm not gaming on it.

          It was at 100% battery 12 hours ago when i unplugged it from the charger. An hour ago when I started using it it was still at 95%

          Brilliant phone

    • My Mate 20 Pro came with a USB-C to 3.5mm adaptor in the box. You can't charge the phone (except maybe wirelessly?) while using it, but it's something.

  • if i bought mate 20 pro from the allphones using the 20% ebay code and it's already been shipped, ya'll think i can return it and just get this one? it's so much cheaper!!

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      Cant you just price beat with eBay?

      • +1

        Amazon au is in the list.

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          ohh never knew about this, perfect! i emailed as the call and chat services are currently closed, so hopefully the amazon price doesnt change anytime soon..

          thanks a lot !!

          • @chabo: Grab a screenshot and catch the chat support the earliest tomorrow

            • @r0xz: will do!

              • @chabo: Did you do it? I did it.

                • @DisabledUser247630: talking to the ebay employee currently, and it is the MOST frustrating experience ever. They are telling me that they can't accept the $1120 because that's the price if you have amazon prime only, and they can only look at the mobile citi price which is like 1425??? my god

                  did you call them? or did you send a message?

                  update: talked to another ebay rep and they gave me the price match

                  • +1

                    @chabo: I chat with them, they dint do it then called them and and they did it, $977 eventually, thats what I told I would pay a months ago, under 1K. Happy for you mate.

              • @chabo: Did you manage? It's different model,isnt it?

                • @DisabledUser225214: in the end i managed to get a price match, and got a coupon for $150. So i don't think it's a different model. But i had to talk to 3 different reps so i guess just keep trying until you get someone who gives the voucher!

                  The first person refused as they didnt want to accept the $1120 as you needed amazon prime to get it (this was very frustrating lol..)
                  second person wasnt experienced on how to handle a price match if i used a code in the original purchase so she said she'll forward it to a manager,
                  and then finally the third person said everything checks out and that they'll give me a voucher.

                  good luck!

                  • @chabo: With the voucher I bought another $150 ebay gift card.

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    Thanks for this, OP.

  • can you tax refund on amazon aus ?
    If so how do you do that ?

    • +2

      Yes. They have ABN. Check the invoice

      • -1

        How long does it normally take, its been 50 days and yet havent got TRS back.

        • +2

          my TRS normally takes less than a month.

          • @AkiraSaito: Thank you.

          • @AkiraSaito: Yeah same. I was still on my overseas trip and i could see in my bank statement that my trs has been paid.

        • The TRS wrote back to me "it will take 60days" due to Holiday season!!

      • No such invoice whenever I place orders just purchase and order receipt. It is not a proper tax invoice

        • You could say try email them and ask for a proper tax invoice.

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