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1More E1001 Triple Driver in-Ear Earphone with Microphone and Remote $102.71 AUD Delivered @ AliExpress 1more Official Store


Lost my Sony XBA3 2 weeks ago (left it on the bus in Taipei).

Since then have been searching for a replacement in the below $150 range for travel and found these on AliExpress from what looks like a reputable source (3 yrs store).

Choice was between this and the Shure 215 from Addicted to Audio for $135 AUD. The 1More has been positive in quite a lot of reviews so will see when I get them.

Currently using Piston 2 temporarily. Cans do include Beyerdynamics DT770 Pro and Audio Technica ATH-M50.

Web site will list price being $66.24 USD, but when convert over to AUD my invoice shows AUD $93.36 + $9.35 GST which is $102.71. I paid using 28 degree card to prevent any extra international conversion fees.

RRP on store is $176.17 AUD for a 45% discount.


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  • Speaking of Taipei, the founder is from Taiwan. They were the first OEM EARPHONES supplier for Xiaomi.

    • That same founder was the right hand man of Foxconn who played a major role with Amazon and Apple in the company. They still produce quite a lot of the Xiaomi Pistons too ;)

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      Tried to see if anyone handed it in given the superbly helpful and honest nature of the Taiwanese but I couldn't speak much Mandarin so had trouble contacting the bus company. In the end ran out of time so hopefully somebody is putting it to good use.

  • I heard the build quality on this earphone isn't great, breaks off in about a year. I also heard the sound quality is ok. I think the VSONIC GR07 is better.

    • I can also vouch that the durability is not that good. I bought some for a friend and they also failed after a year. Sound quality is excellent though.

  • i have e1001 from last year jan..it has been more than a year and and i can confirm it is still working….but the build quality isnt as great as other .. ..the braided sleeves broken after 3 months ..i cant get it replaced as i bought it during oversea traveling..
    (IN MY OPINION) the music quality is better than se215(gf owns that) when only use phone/pc to push …se215 is clearer on vocal but too cold feeling

    • A lot of comparison write ups between the 215 and the 1More tended to give the preference to the 1More. Interesting re the cable. I guess I will have to look after it, though I tended to be quite careful with my gear.

  • Awesome earphones… bought it 3 months ago on ebay for $110 and so far so good.

  • I have these - bought for the mrs but turns out she doesn't like earbuds so they've never been used. I don't think the sound quality is that great.

  • I'd go Tin audio T2 instead for around $50, then next logical step would be BGVP DMG ($150ish) depending on how much you want to spend. The DMG's are REALLY worth the extra $50 here.

  • The cable won't last just like the xiaomi supplied by them.

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    Received the E1001 today. Just spent a little bit listening to some electronica and what great sounds. Listened to these back to back and compared them to my Beyerdynamics DT770 Pro and Audio Technica ATH-M50 and these are really good.

    They have heaps of bass, more so than the ATH-M50 and the ?sub-deep bass is quite good. The mids and highs are a bit lacking compared to DT770.

    I tend to boost the bass EQ when listening to the DT770 but for the E1001, I have to take it down and boost the mids and highs.

    They are really easy to drive and sound louder on my IPod classic 160Gb and Samsung S7 Edge compared to DT770 and ATH-M50. Will be a lot more practical to bring along on my trips.

    Finally I can see the weakness with the cable. They go into the earpieces fine but does not seem to have any reinforcement to help keep the cables from being pulled out of the earpieces by accident. The Y junction has also an edge which can be caught on table edges easily when you stand up.

    I have put a tape at the Y junction to prevent it getting caught and reckon without yanking hard at the cables, these should be fine.